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Oregon UFO Sightings in 2009

This page aggregates and analyzes all UFO sighting reports made in Oregon during 2009.

How many Oregon UFO sightings were there in 2009?

  • There were 80 officially reported UFO sightings in Oregon in 2009.
  • In 2009, Oregon ranked #17 on the list of states with the most UFO sightings for that year.
  • Adjusted for population size, Oregon ranks #9 in the list of states with the most reported UFO sightings in 2009, with an average of 2.34 reports per 100,000 residents.

Oregon Cities with the most UFO Sightings in 2009

Rank City Number of Reports
1 Portland, OR 11 UFO Reports
2 Eugene, OR 7 UFO Reports
3 Springfield, OR 4 UFO Reports
4 Salem, OR 4 UFO Reports
5 Brookings, OR 3 UFO Reports

Oregon UFO Sightings Analysis

We analyzed all 80 UFO sighting reports in Oregon from 2009 to identify possible patterns and gain insight into the phenomenon:

Oregon UFO Sighting Reports in 2009

This is a sampling of 20 Oregon UFO reports from 2009, presented as they were submitted other than paragraph breaks added for easier readability where necessary.

You can click the 'Report' link to view the original report along with any photos that may have been submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

La Pine, OR

Full Report Text:

Crafts seen in Oregon~No question U.F.O's Was outside, walking dogs like I do every night ~ I am an avid Star-gazer (just for fun) and started to see something looking as though as if it were falling from the sky.

I kept watching and noticed that there were a couple more of them, at first I thought they were meteors falling.but then they changed direction.I ran inside and grabbed my son who was in the living room.

by the time we had gotten back outside they had moved instead of going directly West to traveling Southwest. My son counted and He came up with the number of Four crafts too. They were disc shaped.

and traveling like a group of geese a "V" grouping. What made it a little scary is that we then saw two fighter jets, (or military air planes) going towards the four U.


but then slowed up almost once they realized that the objects were above them.(and that is how we realized also how actually close they were to earth's surface is by the jets ratio to the ground an! d where they were in perspective~it went Stars.crafts.

Military planes.ground/us)) They (the military jets) then too changed their direction almost like they didn't know what to do.The whole incident couldn't have lasted more than 7-10 minutes, we both came inside after they all moved further away ot of site from where we couldn't see any longer.

We came inside talked it over, almost in shock like "did we just see what we thought we saw?"~~it was one of those moments that we won't ever forget. That is how I came to your site, wondering if anyone saw or heard anything in the sky at that see what , if anyone knows, it was.

I have replayed this moment in my mind.and there is NO other explanation other than it had to be a U.F.


12/29/09 9:00 PM

UFO Shape: disk

Lasted: 7 minutes


Beaverton, OR

Full Report Text:

A fleet of UFOs coming from the moon were seen entering our airspace over Beaverton, Oregon. After work (two AM in the morning) I left walking home from the fast food restraunt I worked at on Hillsdale Highway. Walking home I take the usual route Hillsdale Highway then SW Scholl’s Ferry Rd.

then home a few more turns afterward. But that walk home, I stumbled to an extraordinary amazement in the night sky. Sometime between 2 AM and 3 AM in the morning I was standing on the side walk next to Raleigh’s Elementary school staring at an awesome site above me.

In the sky above me I saw a fleet of UfOs coming from the moon into our airspace miles above me it was extraordinary. These lights were all in a coroneted formation heading north. Aircrafts looked bright and cylinder in shape and there were perhaps 1000 that I was seeing.

They all looked as if they were going fast maybe 65 mph or 70. They all disappeared behind. The artificial clouds that were scattered far apart in the sky.

It happened on December 7th 2009th. Event Lasted less than 25 minutes.

12/07/09 2:00 AM

UFO Shape: formation

Lasted: 0:25


Klamath Falls, OR

Full Report Text:

Hwy 140 bright glowing light that followed for 45 minutes stopping abruptly and creating patterns. When traveling towards Klamath Falls Oregon on hwy 140, from White City, Oregon, my fiance and I witnessed a bright glowing light that looked like a star, hovering very close to the tree line. As we focused on it the light seemed to follow us.

When we became were aware that it really was following us we pulled over. It stopped as we did. At that time it would dart up and down and back and forth.

Stopping abruptly unlike any other flying object could. As we continued to travel south on 140, we kept track of it following us. Whenever we would stop, it would do the same thing as when we first stopped.

Finally reaching Lake of the Woods, which is 45 minutes from where we started, it stopped once again. This time it was dipping in the sky, skipping as it decended. Almost a smile pattern.

After it once again darted in the same plus pattern, it then started to come very close to my vehicle. I got frightened and took off very quickly. It seemed then to just disappear and fade into the sky.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date may be approximate. PD)).

12/01/09 6:00 PM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 45 minutes


Monmouth, OR

Full Report Text:

Four rounded lights were located along the side , along with a luminating bottom on the craft and a rounded top and bottom. This craft was seen to the South or Monmouth, Oregon, possibly located in Benton County to the North or Corvallis, Oregon. The craft held still for 30-60 seconds at which time it slowly moved to the West a very slight distance (possibly 20 yards).

The lights were located along the side (I saw four) rounded lights, along with a luminating bottom on the craft. Light illuminated around the craft slightly and the round lights appeared to be white or yellow. It was dark outside and this was not a star.

It was clearly a UFO, not any airplane or helicoptor.

12/01/09 2:00 AM

UFO Shape: disk

Lasted: 3 minutes


Salem, OR

Full Report Text:

Triangular craft hovered over Wallace Road then took off towards other side of Salem While driving in West Salem around 6:30 at night we spotted some bright lights that were less than a mile in front of us. As we got closer we noticed it looked like it was flying pretty low, sort of hovering over a section of trees for a few seconds. We drove past it with it on the passenger side of the car and it started to fly away towards the downtown area, almost like it noticed that we saw it.

It looked like a solid triangle with three steady white lights on the bottom, one on each corner positioned to shine down. It also had red and white lights on the top that were blinking at different times and creating a glow around the top. It didn’t seem like it was very big, maybe twenty feet wide at the most.

We tried to turn around and follow it but it was gone pretty quickly.

11/04/09 6:30 PM

UFO Shape: triangle

Lasted: 2 Min.


Coos Bay, OR

Full Report Text:

Glowing green light near street intersection spotted, then shoots straight up. I’ve had weird, unexplained things happen to me over the years but on 11-02-2010 it was visually strange. It was a clear night and I had just left Fred Meyers store at about 8:30 pm As I was driving up Central Ave.

toward Ocean Blvd. I thought I saw at the top of Central and Ocean a green light over the flashing yellow light. My first thought was oh no they didn’t put a stop light up here! But as I got closer I realized that the light (the same color as a green traffic light) was bigger and higher up then the flashing yellow light.

It looked like it it was behind the Methodist church where there are big power lines. It wasn’t like a regular green light because the light glowed and moved around, like millions of fireflies. Now my curiosity as to what I was looking at kept me driving toward it.

Just as I realized what I thought it was there was a flash and it shot straight up in the sky leaving a yellow trail of something that had been shot! out of it. I was so shocked at what I saw! You hear about them but you never plan on seeing one. Total time from seeing it to it vanishing was about 30 to 45 sec.

I went home as scheduled and told my children who believed my story. I didn’t give it much thought after that. A week later on 11-07-2010 I had just gotten out of my car from work and again it was around 8:30 pm when for some reason I looked up over my apartment.

It was again a clear night and I saw a white star move. I continued to look at this ‘star’ which as high as it was I figured it was over Empire Lakes which is behind my apartment building complex. As I continued to watch the star it started to glow bright and get larger.

Then it shot off north leaving again a yellowish trail behind it shooting south. I was shocked but not surprised. This also took about 30 to 45 secs.

Again I went in and told the kids that I just saw another one. Again they believed me. The only thing that really makes all of this weird is that two days later I woke up at 10:00 am.

Everyone in the apartment, including the cats were still asleep. I found this odd as my 9 year old granddaughter who slept with me at the time is usually up at the crack of dawn. My cat Yuki cries at the door at 9:00 am every morning like clockwork to be fed.

I was the only person awake. Gradually, everyone was up and about and seemed sluggish. I discovered that I didn’t feel well, had a headache and my throat and windpipe were extremely dry, like bone dry.

My lymph nodes in my throat were swelled up to bursting and I had three horizontal cuts on the bottom right side of my mouth. I felt like this for about five days. I didn’t get checked out by a doctor as I didn’t have any health insurance at the time.

I do have an appointment in March and I will ask the doctor to check out the marks in my mouth. Previously in 2003 to 2004 I had lived off Seven Devils Road in a secluded spot on the ocean on Tokyo Lane. I didn’t write down exact times of the things that happen to me while the kids and I lived there.

I was constantly plagued by the Coast Guard helicopter flying directly and very close to my house at 2 or 3:00 in the morning several times a month. When I say close I mean just over my roof top! I thought that they may be rescuing someone but there were never any reports of vessels needing assistance and they weren‘t near the water. One time I woke up to what I thought was a spot light over the house and thinking the Coast Guard was at it again.

I got up out of bed to flip them off. Just as my feet hit the floor I heard the Coast Guard coming? The light went out and I got back into bed to hear the Coast Guard once again fly as fast as they can from the station, south toward Bandon. I woke up one time with every joint in my body on fire.

When I say joint I mean every place that a bone connects to another bone. This lasted for about 20 min. and then the pain faded away.

It was an uncomfortable feeling living there and night time was always stressful. I was fatigued all the time, the children said they felt like they were being watched. We left in 02-2004 and the children and I were grateful to leave and move back into town.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter where you live. I have shared this with very few people. My friend in California believes my stories and is greatly concerned.

Hopefully, this will help and in some way be another piece of the puzzle.

11/02/09 8:30 PM

UFO Shape: circle

Lasted: 30-45 seconds


Sweet Home, OR

Full Report Text:

I dont know what it was, it was like a darker fog surrounded by the lighter fog, then it. blew away. There was no wind that night.

I was walking home from a friend’s house. It was late. There was a bear sighting earlier that evening, which is rare.

I’ve lived here 8 years and I have never heard about any bears coming into city limits. I decided to walk home anyway. I was pretty damn paranoid most of the way.

I did not want to run into any bears so I kept my eyes open a little bit more then usual. Anyways… when I got home I grabbed my keys out of my pocket and walked up the ramp, I triggered the security light. I knew it would happen so I didn’t pay it any attention.

I got to the door and put the keys in and I heard our neighbors dog come out barking. I looked out and for second I thought I saw some random guy standing over by the fence where the dog was just kind of chilling there, not looking my way. I let it go went back to unlocking the door but something wasn’t right.

I looked back and the dude was still there only this time it looked like he was looking back. I got the door open looked inside cause the T.V.

was on, looked back and he was gone but it looked like a trail went from where he was up into the fog. I was freaked out. And then up in the air off to the right of my vision it looked like a thicker section of the fog just kind of blew away.

It was a light fog but I swear it was thick fog in that spot one moment and then it was like the rest of the fog. It looked like a gust of wind blew that part away. I knew the guy chilling over by the fence could have just been anybody.

That can be explained but the way the fog was thick and then it wasn’t… like the thick fog moved away through the light fog. There was no noise other then rain, it wasn’t windy either, not even a breeze. I am creeped out more then I have been my entire life.

I don’t know if this sight is official or if anything taken seriously is investigated or whatever. All I know is I can’t explain what the hell happened with the fog. I told you about the story as best I could and as short as I could so you would take me seriously.

I thought you should know I was already a little paranoid that night, and it was late. I know what I saw, a section of the fog in the sky was thicker then the lighter fog around it… then it blew away and then that section was the same as the rest of the fog. I’m going to every legitimate looking sight I find and telling them.

I know what I saw, and it was not natural. What you do with the info is your business.

10/22/09 3:15 AM

UFO Shape: other

Lasted: 40 Seconds


Brookings, OR

Full Report Text:

Very solid dark object in the sky. I was photgraphing another object at the time. I think it was chasing the dark one.

Tonight I was just transferring pictures from my old camera to my laptop. After transferring the photoes I opened the file with microsoft picture viewer. Two of the pictures I took were of the night sky.

as my fiance and I were On vacation. In Brookings Oregon at Harris beach look out Parking lot on top overlooking the entire ocean The sky was clear as a bell. I took a picture of what I thought was a bright star or rogue satellite.

It was pretty so I took a total of 6 pictures, 4 that I deleted at the time because I thought they were just bad pictures. Tonight I noticed in the two remaining pictures. a Long, square, cigar shaped "thing".

its not really cigar its kinda boxed but in irregular not so perfectly even on all sides. The thing covered the bright object I was aiming at to take a picture of in the first place. Anyway I dont know what to think of the pictures I am not an expert photographer, nor a ufo buff.

maybe its something, maybe its not. The odd t! hing that I noticed their were no lights, flashes, glowing etc. The norm by ufo sighting of all sorts shapes and sizes.

But the creepy thing that disturbs me. just What if "aliens" are smarter than to use lights but absolute darkness.

10/20/09 10:40 PM

UFO Shape: formation

Lasted: 5 minutes


Creswell, OR

Full Report Text:

Light blue colored light moves and zig zags in the sky then disapears in Creswell Oregon. 10/14/09, 10:00 PM I went outside to let the dog out when I caught a bright light blue colored light in the eastern sky. It was motionless for about 30 seconds, then shot through the sky twords the west at a high rate of speed.

The light traveled across the sky and then stopped just as suddenly. The object remained still for about 5 seconds before making a zig zag pattern then disapearing into thin air. After checking this site for any other related sightings in the area, found that the exact same discription of what I saw was reported 10/14/02.

Whats the odds on the seeing the exact same thing on the exact same day 7 years apart. People thimk Im crazy, but I know what I saw.

10/14/09 10:00 PM

UFO Shape: fireball

Lasted: 45 seconds


Bend, OR

Full Report Text:

viewed for 3 minutes a pulsating circular object which moved very slowly above some trees 12 miles east of Bend, I observed a round light that gently pulsated at its core out of my north facing dining room window. It moved horizontally very slowly above the trees. I watched it for 3 minutes then proceeded to grab my keys, wallet, and camera with the intention of driving over to it to get some pictures.

I came back to the window to check its position before leaving only moments later, and it was gone.

10/13/09 7:03 AM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 3 min


Portland, OR

Full Report Text:

Silver objects flying near the sun I was laying at the pool of my apartments. I flipped over to lay on my back and put my hand up to the sky to cover the sun when I noticed a small, bright silver flying object going across the sun at a pretty quick pace too fast for any airplane). I thought it could be anything as it went very quickly out of sight.

I kept my hand up to see if I'd see it again and for the next half hour or so I continued to see these, all staying very close to the sun, not seeing more than three at a time. I called my boyfriend to go outside and see if he saw any and he did. He called his father who liveds in Tualatin to go outside, and he saw them too.

They never stopped flying around the sun but we went inside because the sun eventually hurt our eyes. We would have taken pictures, but it wouldn't work because the sun was too bright.

09/27/09 3:00 PM

UFO Shape: circle

Lasted: 40+ minutes


Oregon City, OR

Full Report Text:

Strange orange lights in sky over oregon city flying north to south. 6 Strange Orange lights in sky moving from north to south for apx. 2 minutes than disappeared.

It was silent, there was one aircraft in the air flying the opposite direction and appeared to be below the spheres. Me, my family and 5 of our nieghbors were outside and all witnessed it.

09/26/09 8:50 PM

UFO Shape: sphere

Lasted: 2 minutes


Springfield, OR

Full Report Text:

big,hovering triangular object with multiple lights lit under it gliding at low altitude on a clear,calm night i was on my way to work on jasper road,rigth after 58th street.i had just gone past t traffic lights on 58th street and was now slowly accelerating on jasper road.after the lights,the road is just a little elevated so you have a wide and open view of the sky.

As i was driving,something came to my eye.I noticed a triangular shaped object,with six amber lights or so and a middle yellowish-blue blinking one in the middle.What made me notice it is that it was gliding/hovering at prety low altitude,steady speed and it caught my attention because there's no airports close around and it didnt make sense to me why there would be a low flying aircraft right there.

I pulled my car to the side and since i had a wide clear view,i decided to look a little closer at whatever was slowly hovering ahead of me.and by no means was it a helicopter because there was no blades whirring and no noise coming from it.I had just slept for 7 hours before getting up and ready for work! so i was fully rested,awake,sober and straight minded at that point.

I watched this thing slowly glide while emanating no noise from it for a good minute and a half or so.If i could approximate,this thing was probably 1/2 a mile away but from that distance and by what my eyes were telling me,it looked pretty huge.this just happened 2hours ago so forgive me for the way im writing all of this down but im still awed,dumbstruck and scared from whati saw.

i will never EVER forget that moment as long as im living and breathing on this earth.

09/20/09 9:30 PM

UFO Shape: triangle

Lasted: 1-2 minutes


Seaside, OR

Full Report Text:

Slow moving, multi-colored and unexplainable by me, a longtime resident. At about 8:00 P.M.

,my wife called me out on the porch to witness strange lights in the Northern sky. To the naked eye, I noted it was about 30 degrees above the horizon,flickering in three distinct colors, and moving very slowly to the East. We went inside, but returned to the porch about 30 minutes later, to find it not visible.

As we continued to sit on the porch, my wife noticed it was again visible. We saw that it had moved horizontally only about 5 degrees in maybe 38 to 40 minutes. I retrieved my digital camera and zoomed in on it.

What I saw were 8 to 10 lights of various sizes, some round, some irregular in shape. I snapped a picture and the resulting image showed 2 lights, one above the other, the top one being larger than the bottom one. By this time, it was 9:30, and the lights became obscured by trees.

That was the end of my sighting, but I think I'll go down to the beach to see what else I can see. If so, I'll get back to you. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star? PD)).

09/15/09 8:00 PM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 1.5 hrs.


Lyons, OR

Full Report Text:

bright light moving slowly across the sky & suddenly disapears A bright non blinking light was moving slowly across the sky It made no sound It suddenly dissapeared & 2 seconds later a bright shaft of light shot down from where it had just been. We are both college educated professional people. We watch the planes fly over most nights as we sit out on our porch This object was not travelling in the usual flight path.

It was difficult to judge how high or far away it was. We were looking towards the NE skyline. This is the second time that one of us has seen a strange light hover & dissapear but as both of us witnessed it this time we thought we would report it.

09/13/09 8:15 PM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 30 seconds


Salem, OR

Full Report Text:

Four large orange spherical objects with a diamond shape "halo" in long arc overhead. Four objects were spotted overhead in sequence. They faded as they moved from NW to SE and SW.

The objects were large and orange, larger than the space station appears. They looked like large meteors, but did not follow typical trajectory. One was followed by a small object that did look like a meteor.

The last object was particularly strange as we saw it through the tree line near the horizon and it then traveled overhead. We have video of the fourth one, but it is shaky due to the zoom. The entire event took about 5 minutes.

The event occurred during a back yard gathering. The witnesses (about a dozen) were mostly college professors and school teachers. The object appeared to be a sphere surrounded by diamond.

Oddly, the sphere is clearly brighter on the back edge of its directions, contrary to what one would expect from atmospheric entry. This was also the north side of the sphere two hours after sunset and was clear even at the western horizon, ruling out solar reflection. I am not suggesting that this is extraterrestrial, we simply cannot determine what it is.

09/11/09 9:30 PM

UFO Shape: sphere

Lasted: 5 minutes


Gresham, OR

Full Report Text:

UFO seen over Gresham, OR. It was a black orb that was tumbling through the air at a high rate of speed. I was standing in my street playing football with my two sons, 13 and 10.

My 13 year old and I were standing next to each other talking and it was abnormally quiet outside. As a matter of fact, it was so quiet, I could hear the high school band playing at the Friday night game which is over a mile away. I need to preface this email and state that I am a professional at trade and without giving up my occupation, let's just say my credibility is very high.

Anyway, I was standing next to my older son and I happen to look up and coming from the east was an object. What I couldn't understand is why this object was moving so fast. As it drew closer, the process of elimination in my mind quickly narrowed it down to a UFO.

By no means am I a believer in the whole alien conspiracy thing but I have NEVER seen anything like this before. I quickly yelled at my son and told him to look. My son quickly looked up and said, "dad, what its that.

" At this point, I w! ent into defense mode because I could not explain away what I was seeing. This object was sort of like an orb. Based on the altitude, I was say it was about 8-10 thousand feet up.

It was black however it TUMBLED through the air. I could see this thing rolling and the sun was going down and at one point, the object reflected light and it illuminated the object better. I have NEVER seen anythings like this before.

What was even more strange was the object was not emitting ANY sound. It was dead silent and at that point, you could hear anything. We live within 15 miles of PDX airport in Portland, Oregon and I know the flight paths of airplanes that come and go.

This thing was moving at a VERY HIGH RATE OF SPEED and in a flat east to west direction. I have never believed in UFO's in the past but I will now argue with any skeptic till I'm blue in the face. We were able to watch the object as it maintained the same altitude and speed until it many miles away.

My son a! nd I are changed people. We have not stopped talking about it! . The o bject is scared in my mind and again the strangest thing besides its speed, and shape, was the fact it did not emit any sound whatsoever.

It literally tumbled through the air and was basically rotating around itself.

09/11/09 7:32 PM

UFO Shape: sphere

Lasted: 4 solid minutes


Elkton, OR

Full Report Text:

Two triangluar-shaped craft filmed near Elkton, OR I filmed two objects. One of them was visibly a solid, triangular-shaped object. There were three white lights on the back, a light on the front tip of the triangle, red and green flashers on each back corner, as well as a VERY bright white strobe on the bottom.

They moved slowly from south to north at an approximate altitude of 10,000 feet or less. A vague "engine" noise was heard only when objects were directly overhead. A complete description of events, including the full video and still photo enhancements, is available on my blog at http://www. (Note: One of my blog readers in Southern Oregon apparently saw similar objects just before I did. His comments are posted to the blog.

I prefer to maintain the images and video on my blog only and do not wish to have them published elsewhere. You are welcome to refer visitors to the blog to view the stills and video.).

09/09/09 8:45 PM

UFO Shape: triangle

Lasted: 5 minutes


Tigard, OR

Full Report Text:

I witnessed last night, two very distinct bright lights traveling east at 9:22pm PST. I live in Oregon. The lights were equdistant apart and moved at the same speed and were extremely bright Then the first one disappeared, while the trailing one kept on and then also disappeared at the same point in the sky as the first.

They looked like satelites but they were so bright! Then the disappearing thing threw me off. Do you have any idea as to what these were? ((NUFORC Note: ISS and Space Shuttle in formation. PD)).

09/08/09 9:22 PM

UFO Shape: circle

Lasted: 20 seconds


Springfield, OR

Full Report Text:

Two lights flying in loose formation disappear in sudden vertical climb. At approximately 2125 Pacific Daylight Time, September 8, 2009, I was leaving a friends home walking to my truck. I noticed two bright, -2 to -4 star-like objects in the western sky.

At first I thought they were stars but their obvious motion eliminated that possibility. The second thought was that they were aircraft, possibly jetliners at high altitude. But their apparent path, traveling from west to east eliminated that possibility as well.

(Commercial aircraft at altitude DO NOT normally travel from east to west over this area. The normal path for commercial air traffic is north-south, generally traveling between the major west coast airports of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Aircraft heading east from this area do so at lower altitudes taking off from the local airport the turning east.

) Viewing conditions were clear, with no clouds. The two lights were the brightest objects in the sky while they were visible. I called my friend over to view these objects and she was startled at their apparent motion across the night sky.

We thought they might be satellites but that was dispelled when the lead light changed course from a west-east direction to a north by northeast course. Having had years of observing satellites, (I’m old enough to have seen Sputnik’s first crossing of the Pacific Northwest sky) the speed of these two lights was much faster than a normal satellite. Their apparent altitude was within the atmosphere but very high up.

I say this because there was no “twinkle” as with the other star objects visible at the time of this sighting. These two lights were traveling at identical speeds. The lead light was ahead and north of the second as viewed from the ground.

The first light passed in front of the Big Dipper. The second light, from our viewing location passed below the Big Dipper and farther south than the first. I would guess the observed separation to be between 40 to 60 degrees north to south and about the same west to east.

Shortly after the first light changed course it went vertical. In less than ten seconds it disappeared from sight. From our viewing point (I’ll send the actual Latitude and Longitude if you like) the first light disappeared just a little west of the constellation Cassiopeia.

Right after the first one disappeared the second light changed course the same as the first. Then it too went vertical and in less than ten seconds disappeared. The second light followed the same vertical course as the first.

There was no sound accompanying these two lights. We listened long and hard to try to hear the faintest of sounds but heard none. These lights might have been military aircraft but the vertical acceleration argues against that idea.

Also, for two military jets to go vertical at such velocity would have required a considerable burn from their engines. No engine noise or glow was seen. Once the two lights went vertical they faded from sight.

Thanks. ((NUFORC Note: ISS and Space Shuttle in formation. PD)).

09/08/09 9:20 PM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 5 minutes


Oregon UFO Sightings From 2009 By Shape

This is a standardized set of shapes a UFO report can be filed under.

Shape / Appearance Sightings % Of Total
Light 20 reported sightings 25.00% of all reports
Triangle 11 reported sightings 13.75% of all reports
Sphere 9 reported sightings 11.25% of all reports
Circle 7 reported sightings 8.75% of all reports
Disk 5 reported sightings 6.25% of all reports
Changing 5 reported sightings 6.25% of all reports
Other 4 reported sightings 5.00% of all reports
Unknown 3 reported sightings 3.75% of all reports
Fireball 3 reported sightings 3.75% of all reports
Formation 3 reported sightings 3.75% of all reports
Chevron 2 reported sightings 2.50% of all reports
Flash 2 reported sightings 2.50% of all reports
Oval 2 reported sightings 2.50% of all reports
Egg 1 reported sightings 1.25% of all reports

Oregon UFO Sightings From 2009 By Month

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the month the sighting occured in.

Month Sightings % Of Total
July 15 reported sightings 18.75% of all reports
September 13 reported sightings 16.25% of all reports
August 12 reported sightings 15.00% of all reports
May 6 reported sightings 7.50% of all reports
January 6 reported sightings 7.50% of all reports
March 5 reported sightings 6.25% of all reports
June 5 reported sightings 6.25% of all reports
December 4 reported sightings 5.00% of all reports
October 4 reported sightings 5.00% of all reports
April 4 reported sightings 5.00% of all reports
February 4 reported sightings 5.00% of all reports
November 2 reported sightings 2.50% of all reports

Oregon UFO Sightings From 2009 By Weekday

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the day of the week the sighting occured on.

Weekday Sightings % Of Total
Wednesday 16 reported sightings 20.00% of all reports
Sunday 14 reported sightings 17.50% of all reports
Saturday 13 reported sightings 16.25% of all reports
Tuesday 13 reported sightings 16.25% of all reports
Monday 11 reported sightings 13.75% of all reports
Friday 9 reported sightings 11.25% of all reports
Thursday 4 reported sightings 5.00% of all reports

Oregon UFO Sightings From 2009 By Date (Top 5)

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the date the sighting occured on, limited to the top 5 dates with the most sightings.

Date Sightings % Of Total
09/08/09 3 reported sightings 3.75% of all reports
07/18/09 3 reported sightings 3.75% of all reports
07/24/09 2 reported sightings 2.50% of all reports
09/11/09 2 reported sightings 2.50% of all reports
08/05/09 2 reported sightings 2.50% of all reports

Oregon UFO Sightings From 2009 By Time

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the time of day the sighting occured during. We took logical 4 hour windows in order to split the day into early morning, morning, afternoon, evening, night, and late night buckets for this analysis.

Time Of Day Hours Sightings % Of Total
Night 20:00 - 23:59 42 reported sightings 52.50% of all reports
Late night 00:00 - 03:59 17 reported sightings 21.25% of all reports
Evening 16:00 - 19:59 9 reported sightings 11.25% of all reports
Afternoon 12:00 - 15:59 6 reported sightings 7.50% of all reports
Early morning 04:00 - 07:59 4 reported sightings 5.00% of all reports
Morning 08:00 - 11:59 2 reported sightings 2.50% of all reports

All Oregon Cities with reported UFO sightings in 2009

These are running counts of how many UFO sighting reports were filed per city in Oregon, in 2009

City Number of Reports View Reports
Portland 11 UFO Reports Portland UFO Sightings in 2009
Eugene 7 UFO Reports Eugene UFO Sightings in 2009
Springfield 4 UFO Reports Springfield UFO Sightings in 2009
Salem 4 UFO Reports Salem UFO Sightings in 2009
Brookings 3 UFO Reports Brookings UFO Sightings in 2009
Medford 3 UFO Reports Medford UFO Sightings in 2009
Beaverton 2 UFO Reports Beaverton UFO Sightings in 2009
Port Orford 2 UFO Reports Port Orford UFO Sightings in 2009
Albany 2 UFO Reports Albany UFO Sightings in 2009
Milwaukie 2 UFO Reports Milwaukie UFO Sightings in 2009
Christmas Valley 2 UFO Reports Christmas Valley UFO Sightings in 2009
Hillsboro 2 UFO Reports Hillsboro UFO Sightings in 2009
Grants Pass 2 UFO Reports Grants Pass UFO Sightings in 2009
Vale 2 UFO Reports Vale UFO Sightings in 2009
Bend 2 UFO Reports Bend UFO Sightings in 2009
Ukiah 1 UFO Reports Ukiah UFO Sightings in 2009
Hermiston 1 UFO Reports Hermiston UFO Sightings in 2009
Newport 1 UFO Reports Newport UFO Sightings in 2009
Forest Grove 1 UFO Reports Forest Grove UFO Sightings in 2009
Monmouth 1 UFO Reports Monmouth UFO Sightings in 2009
Sweet Home 1 UFO Reports Sweet Home UFO Sightings in 2009
Tigard 1 UFO Reports Tigard UFO Sightings in 2009
Lincoln City 1 UFO Reports Lincoln City UFO Sightings in 2009
Elkton 1 UFO Reports Elkton UFO Sightings in 2009
Coos Bay 1 UFO Reports Coos Bay UFO Sightings in 2009
La Grande 1 UFO Reports La Grande UFO Sightings in 2009
Gresham 1 UFO Reports Gresham UFO Sightings in 2009
Saint Helens 1 UFO Reports Saint Helens UFO Sightings in 2009
Roseburg 1 UFO Reports Roseburg UFO Sightings in 2009
La Pine 1 UFO Reports La Pine UFO Sightings in 2009
Astoria 1 UFO Reports Astoria UFO Sightings in 2009
Lyons 1 UFO Reports Lyons UFO Sightings in 2009
Seaside 1 UFO Reports Seaside UFO Sightings in 2009
Klamath Falls 1 UFO Reports Klamath Falls UFO Sightings in 2009
Happy Valley 1 UFO Reports Happy Valley UFO Sightings in 2009
Madras 1 UFO Reports Madras UFO Sightings in 2009
Oregon City 1 UFO Reports Oregon City UFO Sightings in 2009
Yamhill 1 UFO Reports Yamhill UFO Sightings in 2009
Garibaldi 1 UFO Reports Garibaldi UFO Sightings in 2009
Willamina 1 UFO Reports Willamina UFO Sightings in 2009
Canby 1 UFO Reports Canby UFO Sightings in 2009
Beaver Creek 1 UFO Reports Beaver Creek UFO Sightings in 2009
Cascade Locks 1 UFO Reports Cascade Locks UFO Sightings in 2009
Creswell 1 UFO Reports Creswell UFO Sightings in 2009
Forest Groce 1 UFO Reports Forest Groce UFO Sightings in 2009

Other Years with Reported UFO Sightings in Oregon

These are running counts of how many UFO sighting reports are filed per year in Oregon.

Year Number of Reports View Reports
2024 11 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2024
2023 95 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2023
2022 99 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2022
2021 97 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2021
2020 241 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2020
2019 134 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2019
2018 101 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2018
2017 127 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2017
2016 171 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2016
2015 216 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2015
2014 228 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2014
2013 189 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2013
2012 181 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2012
2011 116 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2011
2010 85 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2010
2009 80 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2009
2008 93 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2008
2007 113 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2007
2006 79 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2006
2005 108 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2005
2004 93 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2004
2003 94 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2003
2002 97 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2002
2001 116 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2001
2000 99 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 2000
1999 106 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1999
1998 59 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1998
1997 39 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1997
1996 29 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1996
1995 74 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1995
1994 12 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1994
1993 6 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1993
1992 6 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1992
1991 5 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1991
1990 6 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1990
1989 7 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1989
1988 3 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1988
1987 5 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1987
1986 3 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1986
1985 6 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1985
1984 3 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1984
1983 3 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1983
1982 1 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1982
1981 8 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1981
1980 6 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1980
1979 5 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1979
1978 7 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1978
1977 7 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1977
1976 6 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1976
1975 2 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1975
1974 3 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1974
1973 3 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1973
1972 4 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1972
1971 2 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1971
1970 2 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1970
1969 4 UFO Reports Oregon UFO Sightings in 1969