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All Reported UFO Sightings in Missouri

This page aggregates and analyzes all UFO sighting reports made in Missouri.

How many UFO sightings have there been in Missouri?

  • There have been 2,753 officially reported UFO sightings in Missouri from 1969 to 2023.
  • Missouri ranks #15 in the list of states with the most reported UFO sightings in the USA.
  • Adjusted for population size, Missouri ranks #21 on the list of states with the most reported UFO sightings, with an average of 0.84 reports per 100,000 residents.

Missouri Cities with the most UFO Sightings

Rank City Reported Sightings
1 St Louis, MO 285 UFO Reports
2 Kansas City, MO 179 UFO Reports
3 Springfield, MO 114 UFO Reports
4 Columbia, MO 96 UFO Reports
5 Independence, MO 62 UFO Reports

Missouri UFO Sightings Analysis

We analyzed all 2,753 UFO sighting reports in Missouri to identify possible patterns and gain insight into the phenomenon:

20 Most Recent UFO Sightings in Missouri

These Missouri UFO reports are presented as they were submitted other than paragraph breaks added for easier readability where necessary. You can click the 'Report' link to view the original report along with any photos that may have been submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

St Louis, MO

Full Report Text:

Lights appearing and looked like they were blinking/watching me Looked up after getting off work at the night sky admiring the bright full moon and witnessed lights appearing out of thin air a few formed triangles. These lights were not FAA lights with the typical red and green flashes. These lights appeared out of thin air and blinked.

As I gazed more and more, even more lights appeared. I do believe I genuinely witnessed an incident. I seen strange things before and tried to get insight into it but no leads.

I truly believe we as humans have been visited and are continually visited by an advanced biological entity. I have countless experiences of what I seen over the years. What happened at the small Missouri town during an outdoor football game truly secured my personal research.

I know they exist and they may very well be living amongst us humans. I do not have physical proof but will be working on getting that taken care of. I know this is very wordy but I know what i saw over these years and no government entity can tell me otherwise.

Please take my inquiry as serious as a stemi.

09/03/23 12:00 AM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 30 minutes


Independence, MO

Full Report Text:

Pinkish light, singular or pair. Would appear for ~10 seconds, vary luminosity then disappear. Noticed glowing pink luminous object appear, disappear, then re-appear.

Checked starlink schedule online, did not find any visible starlink matching the time and date. These were mostly stationary, sometimes a single point, sometimes two close points. Most stars visible, no discernable cloud cover or lightning.

Trained weather spotter and drone operator. Spotted from ground while at work on night shift, completely sober. Minimal luminosity to intense luminosity over a span of 1 second, maintaining medium luminosity for 5-15 seconds, then returning to barely perceptible luminosity for ~15-30 seconds.

Have spent many hours outdoor at this location and time over the past 5+ months and have not observed similar phenomena.

08/31/23 3:00 AM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 15-20 minutes


Bonne Terre to Desoto, MO

Full Report Text:

2 Very Bright Orb Lights Close together Driving NB 67 , bonne terre around Eagle Estates trailer park and St Francois state park, on the left side towards the NW sky, seen 2 Huge Orbs of light close to each other. One abit higher than the other. very very bright and then would slowly dim out to the point where you could not see them whatsoever together.

It lasted maybe 5 minutes. It was hard to see while driving since the trees were in the way. Bright whitish lights.

No flashing erratically or anything like that. They werent moving either. No way it was a plane or drone.

I seen a couple planes go by very high in the sky flashing red etc. will try to get pictures next time.

08/31/23 2:20 AM

UFO Shape: orb

Lasted: Maybe 5mins


St Louis, MO

Full Report Text:

At 37000 ft. Over Missouri saw 3 to 4 lights rotating around each other. The lights would fade and dim.

Tracked the sighting for 100s of miles. Also saw 2-3 shooting star like objects in the same vicinity. The rotating lights were east of the Big Dipper.

08/30/23 3:30 AM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 45 min. to an hour


Licking, MO

Full Report Text:

Lights in my backyard every night Almost 2 years ago my husband and I moved to Texas County Missouri from the St Louis Illinois area. I knew immediately there was something different about my property, and a 13 acres that we lived on. I've always grown up in a haunted house my whole life a famously known haunted house but never had I had seen what I have seen since I've lived out here.

I started seeing strange lights in the sky the beginning of Last Summer as well as my mother-in-law in all six of her children in our blended family. But nothing has been like the summer my husband's niece moved here from Florida the very beginning of Summer when I lost my 18 year old daughter she was murdered in Illinois she came to be with me and and help me get through things. She had never seen a UFO or a ghost but the summer she has.

We have got to the point where we sit on the porch every single night it's our favorite thing to do we don't go out we're young still well I'm 40 and she's 31 but our favorite thing to do in the whole world right now is sit on my back porch and watch UFOs because they come every single night in all shapes and colors and sizes they form pyramid triangles in the skies a lot of times they look like they're coming out of a Mothership that we can't see because there's so many coming out we watched three of them form in the sky three big bright lights and then come together to the one in the middle as one I kept telling my husband about this he thought we were crazy he goes to bed quite a bit earlier than I do pretty much with the birds this whole summer he has thought his niece and I were actually crazy we kept telling him what we were seeing and I've noticed a pattern and I know exactly what's going to happen when it's going to happen every night just by watching every single night in my backyard this summer like I'm telling all my friends from Illinois and family that come out to see me and support me because of my loss what I sit and experience every night I don't think anybody really knew what they were getting theirselves into or what they ever thought they were going to see but in the last two weeks 22 people from Illinois have been out to my house and camped in my backyard and we have all sat in my backyard and watch them start and they'll go for hours and fly around my Skies. A total of 36 people this Summer that have come out to visit me have seen these lights in the sky and when I tell them what pattern it's going to go in that's exactly how it goes it's almost like they know I'm watching them too I just need somebody with amazing cameras and video that can come sit on my back porch and experience what we are experiencing out here in Texas County Missouri they say Piedmont Missouri is the hotspot for UFOs they have nothing on Licking Missouri last night my husband and I at 8:45 p.m.

walked outside on our back porch and there was two of them in my backyard closer than they ever have been and brighter than they ever have been and then the show started shortly after that there's one that keeps coming back over the left field and it goes down into the woods I'm pretty sure they live in the woods we see them flying up all the time from the woods we've also seen a giant ball of light almost looked like the sun coming out of my woods and disappearing over our head until like another vortex I can't explain it it sounds crazy I just need to get the story out where I live there is no ambient light and a lot of strange things going on a lot of strange recordings that we've got of noises in our Woods that are not from this Earth trust me we googled everything we could but I have plenty of footage night visiting camera footage video videos on our phones from this whole summer as well as several witnesses thanks for reading my story and I hope to hear from you guys.

08/28/23 8:45 PM

UFO Shape: changing

Lasted: Several minutes


Warsaw, MO

Full Report Text:

UAP caught on game camera IR mode UAP caught overnight on game camera along with picture of buck. Image has a bright orb to the left with a trail & larger circle extending above the buck’ head. This is not in an area where someone would be hiking (especially at night) and the buck does not respond to the object.

The camera is in IR mode at night. There is no artificial lighting In This area and no power sources.

08/21/23 12:27 AM

UFO Shape: orb

Lasted: Unknown


Hunstville, MO

Full Report Text:

While taking the dogs outside me and my husband looked up to look at the stars and watch the metorite shower. Me and my husband were looking at the stars and we noticed 4 dots that looked like stars, they started close together then started moving away from each other. They spread out in different directions.

one stopped moving for a minute then continued its course. One changed direction completly. The other two continued on their original course.

All 4 dissapeared after about 1-2 minutes. We saw more orb dots that looked like stars moving slowly for the rest of the time we were outside. The other ones we saw never changed direction or stopped so its possible the other ones were airplanes however they did not look like the airplanes we did see.

The ones that im sure were airplanes have blinking lights the unidentified objects have no blinking lights and looked like silver orbs.

08/12/23 9:23 PM

UFO Shape: orb

Lasted: 1-2 minutes


Kansas Coty, MO

Full Report Text:

Enterered atmosphere broke into several fireballs. Looked to go to ground. I thought it was a jumbo jet crashing.

Broke into several pieces that maintained fire. Looked to go to the ground. Maybe Overland Park, KS?.

08/10/23 5:50 AM

UFO Shape: fireball

Lasted: 8-10 seconds


Glencoe, MO

Full Report Text:

Fast, Dark, Disk Shaped UFO -- Bluff View Trail, Eureka, MO, 7/30/2023 6:33:44 PM - 6:33:49 PM Last evening I was mountain biking to the top of Bluff View Trail in Glencoe/Eureka, Missouri. I got to the top and took 5-10 pictures of the view over the Meramec River. I didn't notice the UFOs in the images until I got home.

The object only appeared in the 2 attached images within 5 seconds of each other. It is clearly moving south to north towards me at a high rate of speed. I checked my other images and there are no birds or objects in the sky.

Based on the map it moved over 3+ miles in about 5 seconds., I'm estimating it was moving at over 2000 MPH. I didn't even see it in person, only after the fact on my photos.

07/30/23 6:33 PM

UFO Shape: disk

Lasted: 5 Seconds


Sullivan, MO

Full Report Text:

We saw a long white tic tax type cylinder with rounded edges hovering above the tree line. My kids and I were carpooling home in 2 cars from St.Louis, MO to Springfield, MO headed west on I-44 when we saw a long white tic tac type cylinder with rounded edges hovering above the tree line.

I instantly turned my phone towards it that was on a mount and I thought started recording. I first spotted an enormous long cylinder shape right above the tree line probably less than a few miles away. I noticed skydivers parachuting near by and thought this might be the plane that dropped them but then noticed the object was too far away from the skydivers to have dropped them and the more I looked I noticed the cylinder object was about the length of several large airplanes, and obviously not a small plane to drop skydivers.

I would say the object was half a mile to a mile long. It was enormous in length. Solid white, with rounded ends, like a giant half mile long propane tank hovering in the sky.

I was blown away. I went over a hill and the object disappeared behind the tree line, when I got over the hill the object was gone. The skydivers were still there.

My teenage son who was driving behind me, called me on my cell phone right after it disappeared and said Dad did you see that! I was so happy that he had seen it too. I said yes and I got it on video but then I looked down and I noticed in my excitement I had forgot to hit record on the phone. I was so sad.

I then asked my son what he had seen? He said that he was driving and noticed a white circle light in the sky and asked his sister who was also in the car with him if she saw it. At first she did not, but then after scanning the sky she saw it too. They both said then the object started moving left in the sky as a circle of light and then instantly became a giant line in the sky they said.

They also noticed the parachuters but also noticed this object was miles away from the parachuters. I felt like the object was almost watching the skydivers, and if the skydivers were wearing cameras or if anyone was filming them coming down from the ground below they had to have caught this giant object on camera somewhere. Anyways my son said he saw it turn from a bright circle to a long line and then he said he looked again as he was driving and it was gone but my daughter said she watched the line move left in the sky and the rapidly take off like it had propulsion and disappear.

I called the skydiving place to ask if they had any witnesses but they said they would get back to me and that was a few days ago and I haven’t heard back. 3 of us saw this but I think the reason I could make out it’s cylinder shape and rounded edges was because I was a few car lengths ahead of my kids and had the advantage of being closer to make out more detail. I can’t think of anything more except to say I know that highway was pretty busy and I am quite sure that other motorists had to have seen it as well.

If I held my finger up to the window and tree line a normal plane would take up about a quarter inch of my finger, this object was easily a full inch of my finger long. Extremely long and that was from miles away, I can’t imagine how big it really was.

07/17/23 10:27 AM

UFO Shape: cigar

Lasted: 30 seconds to a minute


Lesterville, MO

Full Report Text:

Triangle shaped units flying in rapid speed. Craft 1 appeared first and flew in a zigzag fashion then craft 2 appeared then #3 Flew in rapid succession. Appearing then disappearing quickly and flying at speeds and heights I’ve never seen.

Friend saw it first then I saw and we watched for close to five minutes. They continued to fly and started coming down lower and then disappeared. An orb was then in the trees behind us and remained steady.

That orb was in trees for nearly an hour appearing then disappearing. No sounds were heard from the orb and it stayed in same spot for duration. My co-campers witnessed and the camper family next to us saw it as well.

They even extinguished their campfire to see more crafts throughout the night. The next day another family on-site said they saw the crafts too and spoke about it although unprompted by my party.

07/14/23 12:30 AM

UFO Shape: triangle

Lasted: 4 mins


Osage Beach, MO

Full Report Text:

Took video of fighter jet flying low over the lake of the Ozarks. Upon review saw number of strange craft could not explain I was at my family lake home that morning and hear a loud jet flying low over the lake. It isn’t uncommon to hear jets flying in formation as Whiteman Airforce Base is located nearby and regularly fly patterns over our lake However, this was a single large jet flying at a very high rate of speed and making very quick maneuvers that I thought were irregular.

I was thinking I should have videoed it. About 15 minutes later I heard the same loud jet sound and grabbed my iPhone and began to video the jet. I took 2 separate videos, one after the other, but only saw, what I thought was the military jet, flying very fast and low in the clips.

Two days later I watched the videos and noticed things in the videos. A fuzzy halo type object that seemed to follow the jet and I had no explanation for but was in both videos. And extremely fast moving objects that I never saw while filming.

Upon slowing down, frame by frame, I felt this couldn’t be explained. I didn’t feel it was an insect as the scale didn’t suggest such. And the rate of speed and the different ones were perplexing.

I’m not sure as to what it is I saw or caught on my phone. But I couldn’t explain it.

07/12/23 9:18 AM

UFO Shape: changing

Lasted: 11 minutes


Defiance, MO

Full Report Text:

Witnessed a tic-tac/cigar shaped object while taking my dog out Tic-tac/Cigar shaped object headed in a controlled SW direction. No sound. At times it appeared to be glowing.

Color changed from metallic to white multiple times and it looked like the object was possibly rotating.

07/10/23 8:29 PM

UFO Shape: cigar

Lasted: 2-3 mins


Kansas City, MO

Full Report Text:

Light floating in the cloud and beams of light rotating out of the cloud Was walking at the park with a friend. We both saw a light moving around in a cloud in various directions like as if it was searching something. We walked around to the other side of the cloud and saw beams of lights rotating inside the cloud.

Then it disappeared after watching it for 30mins.

07/07/23 9:20 PM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 30 mins


Waynesville, MO

Full Report Text:

I was driving eastward on Old Route 66 and I saw a orange/golden color in my left peripheral. That’s when I looked and took photos On July 4th 2023 I was on my way to Walmart with my wife and kids. While driving I noticed a flare of orange and gold color in the peripheral of my left eye, when I looked I saw a small object moving through the sky from east to west (right to left).

I then pulled the car into the center lane and took two pictures of this object and I also recorded one video. Once I realized that I was holding up traffic, I pulled into the Sonic parking lot and attempted to visually relocate the object but I wasn’t able to. The address for the sonic restaurant is 1030 Old Rte 66, St Robert, Mo.

07/04/23 8:50 PM

UFO Shape: changing

Lasted: 3 minutes


Wright City, MO

Full Report Text:

3 triangles hovering over I-70 I was driving eastbound on I-70 in a somewhat rural area. I was talking on the phone and idly looked up at the sky and noticed what looked like 3 perfectly triangular clouds. It was somewhat overcast / partly cloudy, and these 3 perfect triangles were in front of the overcast sky - the same color/texture as the clouds.

However, what caught my eye was that they were perfectly sharp/straight, identical in size, and equal distance apart as well as not moving. I was so puzzled and kept blinking and trying to adjust my eyes because it made no sense to see such perfectly straight, sharply angled geometric clouds. It was impossible.

The middle triangle began to sort of dim, almost like a flicker, and then all three of them disappeared instantly. They did not fly away, they did not blow away - these 3 triangles completely disappeared in the blink of an eye. I was left feeling deeply confused, fearful, and in shock - it is hard to explain in words what I saw, because it is not consistent with anything I have ever seen before.

Whatever those triangles were, they were not clouds. They were defying nature. My sister was on the phone with me the whole time I experienced it.

Once I started to realize what they were, I pulled out my camera - I tried pushing a button to record but it would not record. I may have been too shaky and in shock to take my eyes off of it and get my phone recording, though - I wish I was able to capture evidence so I wouldn’t feel so crazy.

06/29/23 5:45 PM

UFO Shape: triangle

Lasted: 2 minutes


O'Fallon, MO

Full Report Text:

Star-like light hovered in place, moved in zig zags and circular motions, flew away at dawn. At 3AM, I went out to lay in the grass and smoke a cigarette. I watched something star-like hover in place at first, but then it started to zig zag, it also moved in circular motions.

I watched it until 5AM, at which point it started to fly away fast in a straight line.

06/17/23 3:44 AM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: almost 2 hours


Defiance, MO

Full Report Text:

Slowly flying towards ground, did a forward roll then disappeared into trees. -Looked like a flying car -headlights -horizontal shape -red lights -was heading into trees -did a roll.

06/12/23 10:56 PM

UFO Shape: circle



Smithville, MO

Full Report Text:

Bright white orb moving southwest with a white tail and green flares. Bright white orb moving from Northeast to Southwest for 5-8 seconds. The tail was white with green coming off the object as it flew through the sky.

No indication of meteors or comets in the area.

06/12/23 9:15 PM

UFO Shape: orb

Lasted: 5-8 seconds


Independence, MO

Full Report Text:

Light travels north in a straight line, disappears twice in it's path and shoots straight down to the ground in a bright light 9:37 pm, sun has set, clear sky. A light travels into my view, my chair is facing north I'm looking to the left, (west) I see Venus and more south a light travels into my view heading north. I thought it was a satellite but it was slightly faster or lower then what I normally see from satellites.

It was a light blue color or white. The intensity of the light changed as it moved north. I saw it go completely dark or invisible before it lit back up further along in the sky.

I stood up to follow it's path and tried finding it with binoculars but it went dark for the 2nd time. I'm facing straight north, standing and looking for movement in the dark sky and I see a very bright streak of light shoot straight down to the ground. It looked like 2 parallel white lights beaming straight down and a red light that was more dim than the two parallel white lights, the red light was on the right side of the 2 white lights.

I honestly gasped and thought a plane had gone down at a very fast speed and for a moment expected to see or hear an explosion. No sound other than normal chirps and birds. If I was forced to give a prosaic explanation it was an odd satellite that was lower and faster than others plus a meteor falling from the sky.

I can't get a prosaic explanation to fit into what I saw. I think it was one object moving north, changing in visibility, then got to it's location and shot straight down. I felt frozen for 5 mins looking at the sky trying to figure out what I saw and what I should do.

I felt compelled to report the sighting, it was not a trick of the light or something I think I saw. I know I saw it, I was amazed and shocked.

06/03/23 9:37 PM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 30 secs - 45 secs


Missouri UFO Sightings By Shape

This is a standardized set of shapes a UFO report can be filed under.

Shape / Appearance Sightings % Of Total
Light 552 reported sightings 20.05% of all reports
Triangle 310 reported sightings 11.26% of all reports
Circle 219 reported sightings 7.95% of all reports
Unknown 197 reported sightings 7.16% of all reports
Fireball 187 reported sightings 6.79% of all reports
Other 182 reported sightings 6.61% of all reports
Sphere 174 reported sightings 6.32% of all reports
Disk 155 reported sightings 5.63% of all reports
Oval 94 reported sightings 3.41% of all reports
Cigar 78 reported sightings 2.83% of all reports
Changing 72 reported sightings 2.62% of all reports
Formation 62 reported sightings 2.25% of all reports
Cylinder 62 reported sightings 2.25% of all reports
Rectangle 52 reported sightings 1.89% of all reports
Chevron 45 reported sightings 1.63% of all reports
Diamond 42 reported sightings 1.53% of all reports
Flash 37 reported sightings 1.34% of all reports
Teardrop 23 reported sightings 0.84% of all reports
Egg 11 reported sightings 0.40% of all reports
Orb 9 reported sightings 0.33% of all reports
Cone 8 reported sightings 0.29% of all reports
Cross 6 reported sightings 0.22% of all reports
Star 5 reported sightings 0.18% of all reports
Delta 3 reported sightings 0.11% of all reports

Missouri UFO Sightings By Month

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the month the sighting occured in.

Month Sightings % Of Total
July 387 reported sightings 14.06% of all reports
June 300 reported sightings 10.90% of all reports
October 267 reported sightings 9.70% of all reports
August 242 reported sightings 8.79% of all reports
November 233 reported sightings 8.46% of all reports
September 231 reported sightings 8.39% of all reports
December 207 reported sightings 7.52% of all reports
May 193 reported sightings 7.01% of all reports
March 176 reported sightings 6.39% of all reports
April 175 reported sightings 6.36% of all reports
January 163 reported sightings 5.92% of all reports
February 132 reported sightings 4.79% of all reports

Missouri UFO Sightings By Weekday

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the day of the week the sighting occured on.

Weekday Sightings % Of Total
Saturday 479 reported sightings 17.40% of all reports
Friday 413 reported sightings 15.00% of all reports
Wednesday 387 reported sightings 14.06% of all reports
Sunday 371 reported sightings 13.48% of all reports
Tuesday 354 reported sightings 12.86% of all reports
Monday 354 reported sightings 12.86% of all reports
Thursday 348 reported sightings 12.64% of all reports

Missouri UFO Sightings By Date (Top 5)

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the date the sighting occured on, limited to the top 5 dates with the most sightings.

Date Sightings % Of Total
07/04/97 32 reported sightings 1.16% of all reports
07/04/10 11 reported sightings 0.40% of all reports
07/04/11 10 reported sightings 0.36% of all reports
12/09/17 10 reported sightings 0.36% of all reports
06/14/14 9 reported sightings 0.33% of all reports

Missouri UFO Sightings By Time

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the time of day the sighting occured during. We took logical 4 hour windows in order to split the day into early morning, morning, afternoon, evening, night, and late night buckets for this analysis.

Time Of Day Hours Sightings % Of Total
Night 20:00 - 23:59 1,294 reported sightings 47.00% of all reports
Evening 16:00 - 19:59 489 reported sightings 17.76% of all reports
Late night 00:00 - 03:59 406 reported sightings 14.75% of all reports
Early morning 04:00 - 07:59 204 reported sightings 7.41% of all reports
Afternoon 12:00 - 15:59 160 reported sightings 5.81% of all reports
Morning 08:00 - 11:59 153 reported sightings 5.56% of all reports

Years with Reported UFO Sightings in Missouri

These are running counts of how many UFO sighting reports are filed per year in Missouri.

Year Number of Reports View Reports
2023 47 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2023
2022 85 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2022
2021 80 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2021
2020 131 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2020
2019 127 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2019
2018 62 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2018
2017 112 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2017
2016 112 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2016
2015 101 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2015
2014 146 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2014
2013 114 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2013
2012 177 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2012
2011 140 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2011
2010 118 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2010
2009 91 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2009
2008 107 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2008
2007 113 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2007
2006 64 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2006
2005 76 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2005
2004 80 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2004
2003 64 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2003
2002 56 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2002
2001 70 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2001
2000 59 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 2000
1999 80 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1999
1998 37 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1998
1997 60 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1997
1996 22 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1996
1995 24 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1995
1994 11 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1994
1993 6 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1993
1992 4 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1992
1991 6 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1991
1990 3 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1990
1989 9 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1989
1988 9 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1988
1987 9 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1987
1986 3 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1986
1985 6 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1985
1984 7 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1984
1983 4 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1983
1982 4 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1982
1981 6 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1981
1980 8 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1980
1979 6 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1979
1978 10 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1978
1977 6 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1977
1976 7 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1976
1975 2 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1975
1974 6 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1974
1973 6 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1973
1972 3 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1972
1971 4 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1971
1970 4 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1970
1969 2 UFO Reports Missouri UFO Sightings in 1969

Cities with Reported UFO Sightings in Missouri

These are running counts of how many UFO sighting reports are filed per city in Missouri

City Number of Reports View Reports
St Louis 285 UFO Reports St Louis, Missouri UFO Sightings
Kansas City 179 UFO Reports Kansas City, Missouri UFO Sightings
Springfield 114 UFO Reports Springfield, Missouri UFO Sightings
Columbia 96 UFO Reports Columbia, Missouri UFO Sightings
Independence 62 UFO Reports Independence, Missouri UFO Sightings
Saint Charles 58 UFO Reports Saint Charles, Missouri UFO Sightings
Lees Summit 51 UFO Reports Lees Summit, Missouri UFO Sightings
OFallon 47 UFO Reports OFallon, Missouri UFO Sightings
Blue Springs 32 UFO Reports Blue Springs, Missouri UFO Sightings
Joplin 29 UFO Reports Joplin, Missouri UFO Sightings
Rolla 28 UFO Reports Rolla, Missouri UFO Sightings
Florissant 26 UFO Reports Florissant, Missouri UFO Sightings
Farmington 24 UFO Reports Farmington, Missouri UFO Sightings
Wentzville 24 UFO Reports Wentzville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Cape Girardeau 23 UFO Reports Cape Girardeau, Missouri UFO Sightings
Jefferson City 22 UFO Reports Jefferson City, Missouri UFO Sightings
Arnold 21 UFO Reports Arnold, Missouri UFO Sightings
Fenton 19 UFO Reports Fenton, Missouri UFO Sightings
Chesterfield 17 UFO Reports Chesterfield, Missouri UFO Sightings
Saint Joseph 17 UFO Reports Saint Joseph, Missouri UFO Sightings
Branson 17 UFO Reports Branson, Missouri UFO Sightings
Holts Summit 17 UFO Reports Holts Summit, Missouri UFO Sightings
Belton 16 UFO Reports Belton, Missouri UFO Sightings
Ashgrove 16 UFO Reports Ashgrove, Missouri UFO Sightings
Warrensburg 16 UFO Reports Warrensburg, Missouri UFO Sightings
Imperial 16 UFO Reports Imperial, Missouri UFO Sightings
Butler 16 UFO Reports Butler, Missouri UFO Sightings
Clinton 15 UFO Reports Clinton, Missouri UFO Sightings
Raymore 15 UFO Reports Raymore, Missouri UFO Sightings
Warsaw 14 UFO Reports Warsaw, Missouri UFO Sightings
Salem 13 UFO Reports Salem, Missouri UFO Sightings
Liberty 13 UFO Reports Liberty, Missouri UFO Sightings
Osage beach 13 UFO Reports Osage beach, Missouri UFO Sightings
Fulton 13 UFO Reports Fulton, Missouri UFO Sightings
Bolivar 12 UFO Reports Bolivar, Missouri UFO Sightings
Ozark 12 UFO Reports Ozark, Missouri UFO Sightings
Ballwin 12 UFO Reports Ballwin, Missouri UFO Sightings
Marshall 12 UFO Reports Marshall, Missouri UFO Sightings
Grandview 12 UFO Reports Grandview, Missouri UFO Sightings
Sedalia 12 UFO Reports Sedalia, Missouri UFO Sightings
Union 12 UFO Reports Union, Missouri UFO Sightings
Troy 11 UFO Reports Troy, Missouri UFO Sightings
Festus 11 UFO Reports Festus, Missouri UFO Sightings
Washington 10 UFO Reports Washington, Missouri UFO Sightings
Neosho 10 UFO Reports Neosho, Missouri UFO Sightings
Nevada 10 UFO Reports Nevada, Missouri UFO Sightings
Bridgeton 9 UFO Reports Bridgeton, Missouri UFO Sightings
Camdenton 9 UFO Reports Camdenton, Missouri UFO Sightings
Hillsboro 9 UFO Reports Hillsboro, Missouri UFO Sightings
Piedmont 9 UFO Reports Piedmont, Missouri UFO Sightings
Hazelwood 9 UFO Reports Hazelwood, Missouri UFO Sightings
Ashland 9 UFO Reports Ashland, Missouri UFO Sightings
Smithville 9 UFO Reports Smithville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Kirksville 9 UFO Reports Kirksville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Gainesville 8 UFO Reports Gainesville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Harrisonville 8 UFO Reports Harrisonville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Sikeston 8 UFO Reports Sikeston, Missouri UFO Sightings
Moberly 8 UFO Reports Moberly, Missouri UFO Sightings
Lebanon 8 UFO Reports Lebanon, Missouri UFO Sightings
Excelsior Springs 8 UFO Reports Excelsior Springs, Missouri UFO Sightings
Republic 8 UFO Reports Republic, Missouri UFO Sightings
Fort Leonard Wood 7 UFO Reports Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri UFO Sightings
Perryville 7 UFO Reports Perryville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Saint James 7 UFO Reports Saint James, Missouri UFO Sightings
Waynesville 7 UFO Reports Waynesville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Boonville 7 UFO Reports Boonville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Kearney 7 UFO Reports Kearney, Missouri UFO Sightings
Marshfield 7 UFO Reports Marshfield, Missouri UFO Sightings
Gladstone 7 UFO Reports Gladstone, Missouri UFO Sightings
Carrollton 7 UFO Reports Carrollton, Missouri UFO Sightings
California 7 UFO Reports California, Missouri UFO Sightings
Manchester 7 UFO Reports Manchester, Missouri UFO Sightings
Saint Robert 6 UFO Reports Saint Robert, Missouri UFO Sightings
Kirkwood 6 UFO Reports Kirkwood, Missouri UFO Sightings
Maryville 6 UFO Reports Maryville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Dixon 6 UFO Reports Dixon, Missouri UFO Sightings
Cameron 6 UFO Reports Cameron, Missouri UFO Sightings
High Ridge 6 UFO Reports High Ridge, Missouri UFO Sightings
Saint Clair 6 UFO Reports Saint Clair, Missouri UFO Sightings
Willow Springs 6 UFO Reports Willow Springs, Missouri UFO Sightings
Monroe City 6 UFO Reports Monroe City, Missouri UFO Sightings
Sullivan 6 UFO Reports Sullivan, Missouri UFO Sightings
West Plains 6 UFO Reports West Plains, Missouri UFO Sightings
Buffalo 6 UFO Reports Buffalo, Missouri UFO Sightings
Windsor 6 UFO Reports Windsor, Missouri UFO Sightings
Wright city 6 UFO Reports Wright city, Missouri UFO Sightings
Warrenton 6 UFO Reports Warrenton, Missouri UFO Sightings
Steelville 6 UFO Reports Steelville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Hermann 6 UFO Reports Hermann, Missouri UFO Sightings
Stockton 5 UFO Reports Stockton, Missouri UFO Sightings
De Soto 5 UFO Reports De Soto, Missouri UFO Sightings
Stover 5 UFO Reports Stover, Missouri UFO Sightings
Mount Vernon 5 UFO Reports Mount Vernon, Missouri UFO Sightings
Strafford 5 UFO Reports Strafford, Missouri UFO Sightings
Vienna 5 UFO Reports Vienna, Missouri UFO Sightings
Mountain Grove 5 UFO Reports Mountain Grove, Missouri UFO Sightings
Bonne Terre 5 UFO Reports Bonne Terre, Missouri UFO Sightings
Afton 5 UFO Reports Afton, Missouri UFO Sightings
Grain Valley 5 UFO Reports Grain Valley, Missouri UFO Sightings
Pleasant Hill 5 UFO Reports Pleasant Hill, Missouri UFO Sightings
Defiance 5 UFO Reports Defiance, Missouri UFO Sightings
Hartville 5 UFO Reports Hartville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Fredericktown 5 UFO Reports Fredericktown, Missouri UFO Sightings
Licking 5 UFO Reports Licking, Missouri UFO Sightings
Mexico 5 UFO Reports Mexico, Missouri UFO Sightings
Raytown 5 UFO Reports Raytown, Missouri UFO Sightings
Eldon 5 UFO Reports Eldon, Missouri UFO Sightings
Poplar Bluff 5 UFO Reports Poplar Bluff, Missouri UFO Sightings
Cuba 5 UFO Reports Cuba, Missouri UFO Sightings
Saint Louis County 5 UFO Reports Saint Louis County, Missouri UFO Sightings
Hannibal 5 UFO Reports Hannibal, Missouri UFO Sightings
Robertsville 5 UFO Reports Robertsville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Maryland Heights 5 UFO Reports Maryland Heights, Missouri UFO Sightings
House Springs 5 UFO Reports House Springs, Missouri UFO Sightings
Versailles 4 UFO Reports Versailles, Missouri UFO Sightings
Harrisburg 4 UFO Reports Harrisburg, Missouri UFO Sightings
Oak Grove 4 UFO Reports Oak Grove, Missouri UFO Sightings
Willard 4 UFO Reports Willard, Missouri UFO Sightings
Saint Ann 4 UFO Reports Saint Ann, Missouri UFO Sightings
Missouri 4 UFO Reports Missouri, Missouri UFO Sightings
Oakville 4 UFO Reports Oakville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Trenton 4 UFO Reports Trenton, Missouri UFO Sightings
Lake Springs 4 UFO Reports Lake Springs, Missouri UFO Sightings
Long lane 4 UFO Reports Long lane, Missouri UFO Sightings
Villa Ridge 4 UFO Reports Villa Ridge, Missouri UFO Sightings
Richmond 4 UFO Reports Richmond, Missouri UFO Sightings
Doniphan 4 UFO Reports Doniphan, Missouri UFO Sightings
Granby 4 UFO Reports Granby, Missouri UFO Sightings
Nixa 4 UFO Reports Nixa, Missouri UFO Sightings
Pevely 4 UFO Reports Pevely, Missouri UFO Sightings
Montreal 4 UFO Reports Montreal, Missouri UFO Sightings
Lanagan 4 UFO Reports Lanagan, Missouri UFO Sightings
Millersburg 4 UFO Reports Millersburg, Missouri UFO Sightings
Desoto 4 UFO Reports Desoto, Missouri UFO Sightings
Kingsville 4 UFO Reports Kingsville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Cabool 4 UFO Reports Cabool, Missouri UFO Sightings
Auxvasse 4 UFO Reports Auxvasse, Missouri UFO Sightings
Lesterville 4 UFO Reports Lesterville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Dexter 4 UFO Reports Dexter, Missouri UFO Sightings
Tipton 4 UFO Reports Tipton, Missouri UFO Sightings
Centralia 4 UFO Reports Centralia, Missouri UFO Sightings
Potosi 4 UFO Reports Potosi, Missouri UFO Sightings
Brentwood 4 UFO Reports Brentwood, Missouri UFO Sightings
Preston 3 UFO Reports Preston, Missouri UFO Sightings
Jackson 3 UFO Reports Jackson, Missouri UFO Sightings
Lohman 3 UFO Reports Lohman, Missouri UFO Sightings
Camden Point 3 UFO Reports Camden Point, Missouri UFO Sightings
Overland 3 UFO Reports Overland, Missouri UFO Sightings
New Haven 3 UFO Reports New Haven, Missouri UFO Sightings
Carthage 3 UFO Reports Carthage, Missouri UFO Sightings
Peculiar 3 UFO Reports Peculiar, Missouri UFO Sightings
Bismarck 3 UFO Reports Bismarck, Missouri UFO Sightings
Jasper 3 UFO Reports Jasper, Missouri UFO Sightings
Owensville 3 UFO Reports Owensville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Rich Hill 3 UFO Reports Rich Hill, Missouri UFO Sightings
Maplewood 3 UFO Reports Maplewood, Missouri UFO Sightings
Higginsville 3 UFO Reports Higginsville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Charleston 3 UFO Reports Charleston, Missouri UFO Sightings
Platte City 3 UFO Reports Platte City, Missouri UFO Sightings
Creve Coeur 3 UFO Reports Creve Coeur, Missouri UFO Sightings
Garden City 3 UFO Reports Garden City, Missouri UFO Sightings
Marble Hill 3 UFO Reports Marble Hill, Missouri UFO Sightings
Cassville 3 UFO Reports Cassville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Brookfield 3 UFO Reports Brookfield, Missouri UFO Sightings
Rockaway Beach 3 UFO Reports Rockaway Beach, Missouri UFO Sightings
Pacific 3 UFO Reports Pacific, Missouri UFO Sightings
Lake St Louis 3 UFO Reports Lake St Louis, Missouri UFO Sightings
Mountain View 3 UFO Reports Mountain View, Missouri UFO Sightings
Catawissa 3 UFO Reports Catawissa, Missouri UFO Sightings
Sarcoxie 3 UFO Reports Sarcoxie, Missouri UFO Sightings
Brookline Station 3 UFO Reports Brookline Station, Missouri UFO Sightings
Palmyra 3 UFO Reports Palmyra, Missouri UFO Sightings
Savannah 3 UFO Reports Savannah, Missouri UFO Sightings
Des Peres 3 UFO Reports Des Peres, Missouri UFO Sightings
Scott City 3 UFO Reports Scott City, Missouri UFO Sightings
Eureka 3 UFO Reports Eureka, Missouri UFO Sightings
Holden 3 UFO Reports Holden, Missouri UFO Sightings
Lincoln 3 UFO Reports Lincoln, Missouri UFO Sightings
Park Hills 3 UFO Reports Park Hills, Missouri UFO Sightings
Kimberling City 3 UFO Reports Kimberling City, Missouri UFO Sightings
Everton 3 UFO Reports Everton, Missouri UFO Sightings
Hollister 3 UFO Reports Hollister, Missouri UFO Sightings
Westboro 3 UFO Reports Westboro, Missouri UFO Sightings
Berkeley 3 UFO Reports Berkeley, Missouri UFO Sightings
Sunrise Beach 3 UFO Reports Sunrise Beach, Missouri UFO Sightings
Saint Louis area 3 UFO Reports Saint Louis area, Missouri UFO Sightings
Weston 3 UFO Reports Weston, Missouri UFO Sightings
University City 3 UFO Reports University City, Missouri UFO Sightings
Herculaneum 3 UFO Reports Herculaneum, Missouri UFO Sightings
Van Buren 3 UFO Reports Van Buren, Missouri UFO Sightings
Malden 3 UFO Reports Malden, Missouri UFO Sightings
Ellisville 3 UFO Reports Ellisville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Fair Grove 3 UFO Reports Fair Grove, Missouri UFO Sightings
Kirbyville 3 UFO Reports Kirbyville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Forsyth 3 UFO Reports Forsyth, Missouri UFO Sightings
Carterville 3 UFO Reports Carterville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Claycomo 2 UFO Reports Claycomo, Missouri UFO Sightings
Wildwood 2 UFO Reports Wildwood, Missouri UFO Sightings
East Prairie 2 UFO Reports East Prairie, Missouri UFO Sightings
Green Ridge 2 UFO Reports Green Ridge, Missouri UFO Sightings
Lake Ozark 2 UFO Reports Lake Ozark, Missouri UFO Sightings
Birch Tree 2 UFO Reports Birch Tree, Missouri UFO Sightings
Moscow Mills 2 UFO Reports Moscow Mills, Missouri UFO Sightings
Bois DArc 2 UFO Reports Bois DArc, Missouri UFO Sightings
Cottleville 2 UFO Reports Cottleville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Ellsinore 2 UFO Reports Ellsinore, Missouri UFO Sightings
Hermitage 2 UFO Reports Hermitage, Missouri UFO Sightings
Town and Country 2 UFO Reports Town and Country, Missouri UFO Sightings
Pittsville 2 UFO Reports Pittsville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Lone Jack 2 UFO Reports Lone Jack, Missouri UFO Sightings
Vichy 2 UFO Reports Vichy, Missouri UFO Sightings
Lake Saint Louis 2 UFO Reports Lake Saint Louis, Missouri UFO Sightings
Dederick 2 UFO Reports Dederick, Missouri UFO Sightings
Galena 2 UFO Reports Galena, Missouri UFO Sightings
Sibley 2 UFO Reports Sibley, Missouri UFO Sightings
Edgar Springs 2 UFO Reports Edgar Springs, Missouri UFO Sightings
Greenville 2 UFO Reports Greenville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Laurie 2 UFO Reports Laurie, Missouri UFO Sightings
Deepwater 2 UFO Reports Deepwater, Missouri UFO Sightings
Taylor 2 UFO Reports Taylor, Missouri UFO Sightings
Hartsburg 2 UFO Reports Hartsburg, Missouri UFO Sightings
Humansville 2 UFO Reports Humansville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Cherokee Pass 2 UFO Reports Cherokee Pass, Missouri UFO Sightings
Williamsville 2 UFO Reports Williamsville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Greenwood 2 UFO Reports Greenwood, Missouri UFO Sightings
West Alton 2 UFO Reports West Alton, Missouri UFO Sightings
Rocky Mount 2 UFO Reports Rocky Mount, Missouri UFO Sightings
Huntsville 2 UFO Reports Huntsville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Buckner 2 UFO Reports Buckner, Missouri UFO Sightings
Koshkonong 2 UFO Reports Koshkonong, Missouri UFO Sightings
Cole Camp 2 UFO Reports Cole Camp, Missouri UFO Sightings
Louisiana 2 UFO Reports Louisiana, Missouri UFO Sightings
Boss 2 UFO Reports Boss, Missouri UFO Sightings
Crystal City 2 UFO Reports Crystal City, Missouri UFO Sightings
Gilman City 2 UFO Reports Gilman City, Missouri UFO Sightings
Thayer 2 UFO Reports Thayer, Missouri UFO Sightings
Kennett 2 UFO Reports Kennett, Missouri UFO Sightings
Cedar Hill 2 UFO Reports Cedar Hill, Missouri UFO Sightings
Hayti 2 UFO Reports Hayti, Missouri UFO Sightings
Hurley 2 UFO Reports Hurley, Missouri UFO Sightings
Chillicothe 2 UFO Reports Chillicothe, Missouri UFO Sightings
Blairstown 2 UFO Reports Blairstown, Missouri UFO Sightings
Collins 2 UFO Reports Collins, Missouri UFO Sightings
French Village 2 UFO Reports French Village, Missouri UFO Sightings
Lowry City 2 UFO Reports Lowry City, Missouri UFO Sightings
Wappapello 2 UFO Reports Wappapello, Missouri UFO Sightings
Webster Groves 2 UFO Reports Webster Groves, Missouri UFO Sightings
Smithton 2 UFO Reports Smithton, Missouri UFO Sightings
Linn 2 UFO Reports Linn, Missouri UFO Sightings
Oran 2 UFO Reports Oran, Missouri UFO Sightings
Labadie 2 UFO Reports Labadie, Missouri UFO Sightings
Parkville 2 UFO Reports Parkville, Missouri UFO Sightings
North Kansas City 2 UFO Reports North Kansas City, Missouri UFO Sightings
Marthasville 2 UFO Reports Marthasville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Pierce City 2 UFO Reports Pierce City, Missouri UFO Sightings
Forestill 2 UFO Reports Forestill, Missouri UFO Sightings
Anderson 2 UFO Reports Anderson, Missouri UFO Sightings
Bernie 2 UFO Reports Bernie, Missouri UFO Sightings
Concordia 2 UFO Reports Concordia, Missouri UFO Sightings
Elkland 2 UFO Reports Elkland, Missouri UFO Sightings
Weldon Spring 2 UFO Reports Weldon Spring, Missouri UFO Sightings
Norwood 2 UFO Reports Norwood, Missouri UFO Sightings
Roach 2 UFO Reports Roach, Missouri UFO Sightings
Pilot Knob 2 UFO Reports Pilot Knob, Missouri UFO Sightings
Portageville 2 UFO Reports Portageville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Osceola 2 UFO Reports Osceola, Missouri UFO Sightings
Earth City 2 UFO Reports Earth City, Missouri UFO Sightings
Gray Summit 2 UFO Reports Gray Summit, Missouri UFO Sightings
Blue Eye 2 UFO Reports Blue Eye, Missouri UFO Sightings
New Bloomfield 2 UFO Reports New Bloomfield, Missouri UFO Sightings
Pineville 2 UFO Reports Pineville, Missouri UFO Sightings
Arcadia 2 UFO Reports Arcadia, Missouri UFO Sightings
Vandalia 2 UFO Reports Vandalia, Missouri UFO Sightings
Milo 2 UFO Reports Milo, Missouri UFO Sightings
Billings 2 UFO Reports Billings, Missouri UFO Sightings
Lathrop 2 UFO Reports Lathrop, Missouri UFO Sightings
New Florence 2 UFO Reports New Florence, Missouri UFO Sightings
Swiss 2 UFO Reports Swiss, Missouri UFO Sightings
Roby 2 UFO Reports Roby, Missouri UFO Sightings
Pittsburg 2 UFO Reports Pittsburg, Missouri UFO Sightings