Last updated on April 1, 2024

All Reported UFO Sightings in Maine

This page aggregates and analyzes all UFO sighting reports made in Maine.

How many UFO sightings have there been in Maine?

  • There have been 1,173 officially reported UFO sightings in Maine from 1969 to 2023.
  • Maine ranks #36 in the list of states with the most reported UFO sightings in the USA.
  • Adjusted for population size, Maine ranks #9 on the list of states with the most reported UFO sightings, with an average of 1.58 reports per 100,000 residents.

Maine Cities with the most UFO Sightings

Rank City Reported Sightings
1 Portland, ME 42 UFO Reports
2 Bangor, ME 33 UFO Reports
3 Augusta, ME 21 UFO Reports
4 Lewiston, ME 21 UFO Reports
5 Scarborough, ME 21 UFO Reports

Maine UFO Sightings Analysis

We analyzed all 1,173 UFO sighting reports in Maine to identify possible patterns and gain insight into the phenomenon:

20 Most Recent UFO Sightings in Maine

These Maine UFO reports are presented as they were submitted other than paragraph breaks added for easier readability where necessary. You can click the 'Report' link to view the original report along with any photos that may have been submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

orono, ME

Full Report Text:

what did I just capture ? while I was listening to my song soul buzzin , something told me to stop and record this heat lightning , then when I was going to stop I see this yellow stream of light shoot 2 feet away from me and even makes a sound vanish 20 feet in front of me about 8 feet off ground.

09/08/23 3:00 AM

UFO Shape: orb

Lasted: one second


Ellsworth, ME

Full Report Text:

2 adult men saw 2 bright objects, each appearing similar to but larger than full moon Looking to the north from parking lot, at about 45 degree angle inclination off horizon, two large moonlike bright round objects, same color and shape as full moon but larger, about the same brigthtness as full moon on a clear night, were seen blinking at each other at same altitude. (Objects separated by apparent distance of 5 measured between thumb and forefinger at arm's length).

Estimated distance several miles? Not sure. The two objects did not appear to be connected but seemed to be blinking to one another possibly in communication or coordinated somehow. One witness was frightened and went indoors immediately after seeing the objects.

The other witness watched the objects for several minutes. A separate object was seen in the sky during this sighting, it was a LifeFlight helicopter according to the witness who had stayed to watch. After the LifeFlight helicopter left the area toward the west, the two large round blinking objects soon blinked out and did not reappear.

There was no sound associated with the blinking large objects although the LifeFlight helicopter had made normal helicopter sounds. Moon was not in the sky at time of sighting, had set around 3 pm and was due to rise after 11 pm. Witness is 62 years of age, does not drink alcohol.

He did not have his glasses with him, but could see the round objects quite easily because of their brightness and large round shape. He thought it appeared like "two full moons" even though he knew it was not that, and even though the moon would have been in the southern sky so he knew that was impossible. He doesn't believe he had any problem of "double vision.


09/07/23 9:15 PM

UFO Shape: orb

Lasted: Several minutes


Kittery, ME

Full Report Text:

Caught the object in the photo without seeing it Pro-Photographer that enjoys taking pics of the sky and cloud formations. I saw a "Mask" and took a pic. I did it again just to have 2.

No one was with me at the time. I didn't see the object myself, until I put them on the laptop. First pic it is there and it is gone in the second pic.

Visiting in Kittery Maine when they were taken.

09/06/23 3:00 PM

UFO Shape: disk

Lasted: unknown


Unsure, ME

Full Report Text:

The craft made no noise and disappeared after we looked away. The craft was first noticed by one of the people I was with. We had driven to a state park I forgot the name of.

It was something along the lines of “fairy beach” or “fairy road”. “Fairy beach” could have been the name of the beach we were on when we saw it. When I first saw it I thought it was a plane or a kite or maybe a balloon, however, it wasn’t making any noise and it was rotating the opposite direction of me and to my 11 o’clock (end over end and side over side), aka front left.

It was rotating quite slowly and it was a shiny silver chrome color. Light seemed to be reflecting off of it but the light didn’t extend beyond the border of the object itself. The light was constant without even a slight flicker or pulse.

I looked away to ask if someone could take a picture of it and when I did it caused them to look away too. We didn’t get a picture because one of their phones had died and the other had a broken camera. That, I believe, is why none of us saw it disappear until it was gone which I pointed out to the others.

The entire time the craft made no noise and I trust that we wouldn’t have seen it if one of the others hadn’t looked that direction for 30 seconds longer. I don’t think it could have been much more than one thousand feet in the air.

09/05/23 6:30 AM

UFO Shape: unknown

Lasted: 30 seconds ish


Phippsburg, ME

Full Report Text:

20+ Objects were single file at about 10 degrees going UP Went to the ocean to see this blue moon and my daughter was photographing it and as i sat there i was looking around to the north and see the dipper and said hey thats the big dipper that she didnt know of as i explained that its always in the north THEN we see objects coming up single file slowly as fast as a plane would go then disappear after 1 minute each in veiw all in single there was a tree in the way from where we were but we could see them about the same place as the bottom left of the dipper star.I SAID QUICK GET THEM ON YOUR CAMERA OR PHONE,,after fumbling around decided to just get them and used the phone to record.Then there was a guy that was walking that just got done fishing said wow what was that.

weird.yea i think my daughter got them on her phone.i got his name and where he was from but dam cant re it either daughter or me.


08/30/23 9:26 PM

UFO Shape: formation

Lasted: 5 minutes


Waterville, ME

Full Report Text:

Glowing and moved up but not side to side - thought it may be a hot air balloon but didn’t look like one and was too high and night time Saw circular object glowing a few thousand feet above our house. Grabbed my telephoto lense and shot the attached picture. Object continued to rise.

To the naked eye I thought it may be a hot air balloon, but it was extremely high and it was getting dark out. Once I took the picture, I was able to zoom in and see that it didn’t resemble a hot air balloon. After about 20 minutes it was too high to see.

08/26/23 7:39 PM

UFO Shape: circle

Lasted: 10-15 minutes


Auburn, ME

Full Report Text:

Orb hovering above the moon, slow descent straight down, hovered, then disappeared Large enough to look like a planet, we saw an orb hovering above and slightly to the right of the moon. Seemed ‘normal’ for a couple minutes until it started a steady descent straight down, halfway to the horizon line. It then stopped, hovered, in one place, reducing size for about 30 seconds before it disappeared.

No visible trail. No wavering. Movement seemed direct and with intent.

Very odd indeed.

08/23/23 7:15 PM

UFO Shape: orb

Lasted: 2-3 minutes


Searsport, ME

Full Report Text:

Hovered and moved The craft had a bright white light I thought it was a star when I looked out the window of my door but noticed it was way to close it did not make a sound but as it flew over my house it made a turn to go parallel to my home as it passed over my property and flashing lights on both side flying very low to the ground close enough to make out the bottom of it where there where less bright lights around the object. As I said it did not make a sound if it was a plan you would here the engines that low to the ground or a helicopter would have been loud but it could have been a stealth helicopter military grade but why would they be observing me. They hovered for 2 minutes just above the tree tops looking straight at me and when I went to the window it took off in about a minute and a half flew straight at me turning to avoid my home.

08/19/23 11:18 PM

UFO Shape: triangle

Lasted: 2 to 3 minutes


Milford, ME

Full Report Text:

high in the sky traveling east to south a silvery object moving rapidly in trying to compare high flying jets with visible wings 40,000 feet?more?no wings or tail or jetstream,exhaust.

08/12/23 3:00 PM

UFO Shape: oval

Lasted: 20 seconds


Palmyra, ME

Full Report Text:

I observed a light traveling in elliptical and straight formation I got up early in hopes to see the meteor shower. It was a clear night partial moon. I didn't see any meteors, but saw a couple satellites and 2 jets passing over.

When I spotted what I thought was another moving satelite, it did a u turn and did several elipses. Occasialy it would move back and forth. It didn't move out of perhaps I'm guessing a 1/4 to 1/2 a degree.

It was the same brightness and size as the satellites I observed earlier. I judged the speed of its movement to be approximately as that of the other satellites. I observed this for about 30 minutes.

08/05/23 4:15 AM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 30 min


Union, ME

Full Report Text:

A square light in the sky, which disappeared, reappeared, and disappeared. I was watching the demolition derby at the Union Fair, when I noticed a light in the sky out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and saw an apparently silent square (though it was more of what Google tells me is a squircle) of bright white light moving slowly across the sky.

I glanced back to the derby, and then looked up again. The object was gone, but then reappeared. I looked back at the derby again, and when I checked again, the object was gone.

I looked back, observing the sky but it was gone. Throughout the remainder of the demolition derby, I'd look back up, but I never saw it again.

07/30/23 7:45 PM

UFO Shape: cube

Lasted: One Minute


Lebanon, ME

Full Report Text:

At campground bright white disk tipped on its side and was moving slow for a few s Sitting in an open field area at campground. Bright white disk above us flew around and hovered for a few minutes, it then tipped on its side and flew off and disappeared. It had a mist like look to it on the bottom and on top it had looked like a layer or two on its top.

It made a swishing sound and low vibration in the air around it.

06/15/23 10:00 PM

UFO Shape: disk

Lasted: 10 minutes


Sullivan, ME

Full Report Text:

We saw some very strange activity over three day period We were on a deck for a few different evenings and saw something moving across the sky and we all froze no one said a word and it had a red glow as it went by at eye level. Then these were captured from cell phone in the next two days very strange.

05/28/23 9:30 PM

UFO Shape: changing

Lasted: Several minutes


Rockwood, ME

Full Report Text:

Taking picture of Venus and Crescent moon As I was taking my picture of Venus and the moon the object caught my eye and while I focused on it the object it simply disappeared. I was on the camp deck there were no windows or screens, and the night sky was clear. Though I could see it, the object did not appear to have any illumination.

When I downloaded my camera to my computer, I noticed the object was in the frame.

05/21/23 9:18 PM

UFO Shape: circle

Lasted: few seconds


Bowdoinham, ME

Full Report Text:

Saw what I assumed was a formation of aircraft lit up flying West to East Saw contrails behind the clouds and then a formation of what I thought looked like aircraft flying West to East. It took about 40-60 seconds to cross the sky where I was before I lost sight. I do have trees on both sides of where I was sitting/standing.

They were lit up with what appeared to be soft white lights, don't remember seeing any other color lights. Almost looked like a caterpillar formation. Did not appear to me that they were that high in elevation.

Had my hot tub running so I did not hear any sound. Same line of flight that I saw a group of aircraft flying single file spaced out one or two to a slot, that was about 20 aircraft and was early morning earlier this spring. Again, I assume both of these instances were military aircraft.

05/19/23 9:50 PM

UFO Shape: formation

Lasted: 50-60 seconds


Bucksport, ME

Full Report Text:

Some soft engine noise slow moving @75 feet up from the bay headed east northeast inland. Three lights triangular positions. One flashing light, all lights were white.

Soft engine noise. Slow moving. Tilted some as it turned more northerly.

Low flying slow moving. Could be a drone but it was quite large maybe 20 feet across. Craft not visible in the dark but lights were fixed in triangular shape as it passed almost silently over Main street as I was looking toward the bay it was in front of me then it was to my left as it disappeared over the trees.

05/12/23 9:04 PM

UFO Shape: triangle

Lasted: 30 seconds


Presque Isle, ME

Full Report Text:

Video of planes contrails/chemtrails, little flash I was watching the airplanes and decided to video record them as there were very long, expanding contrails or chemtrails behind them. I can't recall if I reviewed the video before I got home or after, but I think it was before. I had thought I had seen a small flash or two of something near a contrail so I enlarged it and slowed down the video.

I have a Samsung S22 Ultra. That's when I saw a white triangular craft of some kind in the image. I have NO idea what it is, but I DO know its not a plane or star or cloud, etc.

05/06/23 10:27 AM

UFO Shape: triangle

Lasted: A second or two?


Temple, ME

Full Report Text:

A large blue light bobbing in the western sky with occasional random flashes of red. Blue object spotted bobbing in the western sky that occasionally and randomly flashed red.

04/11/23 9:34 PM

UFO Shape: sphere

Lasted: Ongoing


Skowhegan, ME

Full Report Text:

Built a high Tesla electromagnet device to attract "glowing orb" UFOs and succeeded I've been studying the "glowing orb" UFO sightings online for a bit, investigating things like why they make triangle formations, what they are, etc. I hypothesized that they could be floating alien space batteries, and decided to test that hypothesis. I created a circuit with 4/0 gauge wire and fishing magnets, with the intent of generating a high Tesla magnetic field and attracting them, if they were batteries.

It didn't work until recently, when I routed power to it through my computer. I had it running for 2 hours, then got up and noticed something in the sky that looked just like what I'd been researching. I quickly got out my phone and recorded the object.

It was green, looked like it could be triangular shaped just like other similar sightings of "glowing orbs", didn't make a sound, was fluctuating (not flashing, as per air traffic control regulations), and was just floating across the night sky. I'm including the video and a couple photos of my device setup in my report. You'll notice towards the end of the video, as the object moves away from my device, the fluctuation increases tremendously.

I believe that was my device tugging on it. The device likely dragged it off of its orbital path through space. I believe I have mostly proven that those "glowing orbs" are, in fact, advanced batteries, by luring one into my section of night sky via electromagnet device, and I also think they're triangular pyramids, not orbs.

It's a highly unprecedented discovery that I believe could be a revelation in the study of UFOs and alien life. If my device literally pulled alien tech close to my house, we may have just unraveled a huge UFO mystery. This is highly important to get out there.

I'm willing to give my name if you want it. I already posted my sighting to social media anyways, so people know it's me.

04/07/23 2:45 AM

UFO Shape: triangle

Lasted: About 1 min (1/2 min vid)


Barnard, ME

Full Report Text:

dont know what the hell it is

03/12/23 11:12 PM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 3 minutes


Maine UFO Sightings By Shape

This is a standardized set of shapes a UFO report can be filed under.

Shape / Appearance Sightings % Of Total
Light 273 reported sightings 23.27% of all reports
Circle 144 reported sightings 12.28% of all reports
Triangle 113 reported sightings 9.63% of all reports
Sphere 85 reported sightings 7.25% of all reports
Fireball 73 reported sightings 6.22% of all reports
Other 70 reported sightings 5.97% of all reports
Unknown 61 reported sightings 5.20% of all reports
Disk 60 reported sightings 5.12% of all reports
Oval 53 reported sightings 4.52% of all reports
Cigar 29 reported sightings 2.47% of all reports
Formation 28 reported sightings 2.39% of all reports
Changing 23 reported sightings 1.96% of all reports
Flash 22 reported sightings 1.88% of all reports
Diamond 20 reported sightings 1.71% of all reports
Cylinder 16 reported sightings 1.36% of all reports
Rectangle 13 reported sightings 1.11% of all reports
Cross 13 reported sightings 1.11% of all reports
Teardrop 11 reported sightings 0.94% of all reports
Chevron 8 reported sightings 0.68% of all reports
Egg 6 reported sightings 0.51% of all reports
Orb 5 reported sightings 0.43% of all reports
Star 3 reported sightings 0.26% of all reports

Maine UFO Sightings By Month

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the month the sighting occured in.

Month Sightings % Of Total
August 199 reported sightings 16.97% of all reports
September 136 reported sightings 11.59% of all reports
July 120 reported sightings 10.23% of all reports
October 93 reported sightings 7.93% of all reports
June 91 reported sightings 7.76% of all reports
November 91 reported sightings 7.76% of all reports
January 78 reported sightings 6.65% of all reports
April 73 reported sightings 6.22% of all reports
March 72 reported sightings 6.14% of all reports
December 72 reported sightings 6.14% of all reports
May 66 reported sightings 5.63% of all reports
February 54 reported sightings 4.60% of all reports

Maine UFO Sightings By Weekday

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the day of the week the sighting occured on.

Weekday Sightings % Of Total
Saturday 212 reported sightings 18.07% of all reports
Friday 210 reported sightings 17.90% of all reports
Sunday 167 reported sightings 14.24% of all reports
Wednesday 158 reported sightings 13.47% of all reports
Tuesday 152 reported sightings 12.96% of all reports
Monday 125 reported sightings 10.66% of all reports
Thursday 121 reported sightings 10.32% of all reports

Maine UFO Sightings By Date (Top 5)

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the date the sighting occured on, limited to the top 5 dates with the most sightings.

Date Sightings % Of Total
08/07/12 6 reported sightings 0.51% of all reports
09/19/09 6 reported sightings 0.51% of all reports
05/24/19 5 reported sightings 0.43% of all reports
09/22/13 5 reported sightings 0.43% of all reports
08/19/22 5 reported sightings 0.43% of all reports

Maine UFO Sightings By Time

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the time of day the sighting occured during. We took logical 4 hour windows in order to split the day into early morning, morning, afternoon, evening, night, and late night buckets for this analysis.

Time Of Day Hours Sightings % Of Total
Night 20:00 - 23:59 585 reported sightings 49.87% of all reports
Evening 16:00 - 19:59 226 reported sightings 19.27% of all reports
Late night 00:00 - 03:59 174 reported sightings 14.83% of all reports
Afternoon 12:00 - 15:59 60 reported sightings 5.12% of all reports
Early morning 04:00 - 07:59 59 reported sightings 5.03% of all reports
Morning 08:00 - 11:59 41 reported sightings 3.50% of all reports

Years with Reported UFO Sightings in Maine

These are running counts of how many UFO sighting reports are filed per year in Maine.

Year Number of Reports View Reports
2023 23 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2023
2022 41 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2022
2021 32 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2021
2020 76 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2020
2019 56 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2019
2018 27 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2018
2017 36 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2017
2016 70 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2016
2015 58 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2015
2014 52 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2014
2013 82 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2013
2012 103 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2012
2011 42 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2011
2010 29 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2010
2009 42 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2009
2008 28 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2008
2007 28 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2007
2006 21 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2006
2005 25 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2005
2004 17 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2004
2003 36 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2003
2002 30 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2002
2001 21 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2001
2000 21 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 2000
1999 16 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1999
1998 18 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1998
1997 10 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1997
1996 7 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1996
1995 19 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1995
1994 8 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1994
1993 3 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1993
1992 6 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1992
1991 2 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1991
1990 3 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1990
1989 4 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1989
1988 4 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1988
1987 3 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1987
1986 1 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1986
1984 4 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1984
1982 2 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1982
1981 1 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1981
1980 4 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1980
1979 4 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1979
1978 3 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1978
1977 2 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1977
1976 6 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1976
1975 4 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1975
1974 6 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1974
1973 4 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1973
1972 2 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1972
1971 2 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1971
1969 1 UFO Reports Maine UFO Sightings in 1969

Cities with Reported UFO Sightings in Maine

These are running counts of how many UFO sighting reports are filed per city in Maine

City Number of Reports View Reports
Portland 42 UFO Reports Portland, Maine UFO Sightings
Bangor 33 UFO Reports Bangor, Maine UFO Sightings
Augusta 21 UFO Reports Augusta, Maine UFO Sightings
Lewiston 21 UFO Reports Lewiston, Maine UFO Sightings
Scarborough 21 UFO Reports Scarborough, Maine UFO Sightings
Waterville 17 UFO Reports Waterville, Maine UFO Sightings
York 17 UFO Reports York, Maine UFO Sightings
Gorham 16 UFO Reports Gorham, Maine UFO Sightings
Brunswick 15 UFO Reports Brunswick, Maine UFO Sightings
Auburn 14 UFO Reports Auburn, Maine UFO Sightings
Ellsworth 13 UFO Reports Ellsworth, Maine UFO Sightings
Bridgton 12 UFO Reports Bridgton, Maine UFO Sightings
Kittery 12 UFO Reports Kittery, Maine UFO Sightings
Wells 11 UFO Reports Wells, Maine UFO Sightings
South Berwick 10 UFO Reports South Berwick, Maine UFO Sightings
Kennebunk 10 UFO Reports Kennebunk, Maine UFO Sightings
Biddeford 10 UFO Reports Biddeford, Maine UFO Sightings
Old Orchard Beach 10 UFO Reports Old Orchard Beach, Maine UFO Sightings
Windham 10 UFO Reports Windham, Maine UFO Sightings
Westbrook 9 UFO Reports Westbrook, Maine UFO Sightings
Sanford 9 UFO Reports Sanford, Maine UFO Sightings
Yarmouth 9 UFO Reports Yarmouth, Maine UFO Sightings
Winslow 9 UFO Reports Winslow, Maine UFO Sightings
Bar Harbor 9 UFO Reports Bar Harbor, Maine UFO Sightings
Orono 8 UFO Reports Orono, Maine UFO Sightings
Poland 8 UFO Reports Poland, Maine UFO Sightings
Farmington 8 UFO Reports Farmington, Maine UFO Sightings
Turner 8 UFO Reports Turner, Maine UFO Sightings
South Portland 8 UFO Reports South Portland, Maine UFO Sightings
Saco 8 UFO Reports Saco, Maine UFO Sightings
Richmond 7 UFO Reports Richmond, Maine UFO Sightings
Freeport 7 UFO Reports Freeport, Maine UFO Sightings
Skowhegan 7 UFO Reports Skowhegan, Maine UFO Sightings
Belfast 7 UFO Reports Belfast, Maine UFO Sightings
Presque Isle 7 UFO Reports Presque Isle, Maine UFO Sightings
Vassalboro 7 UFO Reports Vassalboro, Maine UFO Sightings
Holden 7 UFO Reports Holden, Maine UFO Sightings
Bucksport 7 UFO Reports Bucksport, Maine UFO Sightings
Pittsfield 7 UFO Reports Pittsfield, Maine UFO Sightings
Falmouth 6 UFO Reports Falmouth, Maine UFO Sightings
Naples 6 UFO Reports Naples, Maine UFO Sightings
Orrington 6 UFO Reports Orrington, Maine UFO Sightings
Lisbon 6 UFO Reports Lisbon, Maine UFO Sightings
Bath 6 UFO Reports Bath, Maine UFO Sightings
Rockland 6 UFO Reports Rockland, Maine UFO Sightings
Greene 6 UFO Reports Greene, Maine UFO Sightings
Old Town 6 UFO Reports Old Town, Maine UFO Sightings
Caribou 6 UFO Reports Caribou, Maine UFO Sightings
Sabattus 6 UFO Reports Sabattus, Maine UFO Sightings
Newport 6 UFO Reports Newport, Maine UFO Sightings
Lincolnville 5 UFO Reports Lincolnville, Maine UFO Sightings
York Beach 5 UFO Reports York Beach, Maine UFO Sightings
Casco 5 UFO Reports Casco, Maine UFO Sightings
Waterboro 5 UFO Reports Waterboro, Maine UFO Sightings
Eddington 5 UFO Reports Eddington, Maine UFO Sightings
Camden 5 UFO Reports Camden, Maine UFO Sightings
Berwick 5 UFO Reports Berwick, Maine UFO Sightings
Millinocket 5 UFO Reports Millinocket, Maine UFO Sightings
New Gloucester 5 UFO Reports New Gloucester, Maine UFO Sightings
North Berwick 5 UFO Reports North Berwick, Maine UFO Sightings
Litchfield 5 UFO Reports Litchfield, Maine UFO Sightings
Cape Elizabeth 5 UFO Reports Cape Elizabeth, Maine UFO Sightings
Kennebunkport 5 UFO Reports Kennebunkport, Maine UFO Sightings
Harrison 5 UFO Reports Harrison, Maine UFO Sightings
New Sharon 5 UFO Reports New Sharon, Maine UFO Sightings
Gray 5 UFO Reports Gray, Maine UFO Sightings
Deer Isle 5 UFO Reports Deer Isle, Maine UFO Sightings
Rumford 5 UFO Reports Rumford, Maine UFO Sightings
Woolwich 5 UFO Reports Woolwich, Maine UFO Sightings
Gardiner 5 UFO Reports Gardiner, Maine UFO Sightings
Solon 5 UFO Reports Solon, Maine UFO Sightings
Hampden 4 UFO Reports Hampden, Maine UFO Sightings
Clinton 4 UFO Reports Clinton, Maine UFO Sightings
Saint Agatha 4 UFO Reports Saint Agatha, Maine UFO Sightings
Sebago 4 UFO Reports Sebago, Maine UFO Sightings
Raymond 4 UFO Reports Raymond, Maine UFO Sightings
Eastport 4 UFO Reports Eastport, Maine UFO Sightings
Buxton 4 UFO Reports Buxton, Maine UFO Sightings
Norridgewock 4 UFO Reports Norridgewock, Maine UFO Sightings
Lebanon 4 UFO Reports Lebanon, Maine UFO Sightings
West Paris 4 UFO Reports West Paris, Maine UFO Sightings
Lisbon Falls 4 UFO Reports Lisbon Falls, Maine UFO Sightings
Houlton 4 UFO Reports Houlton, Maine UFO Sightings
Shapleigh 4 UFO Reports Shapleigh, Maine UFO Sightings
Ogunquit 4 UFO Reports Ogunquit, Maine UFO Sightings
Livermore Falls 4 UFO Reports Livermore Falls, Maine UFO Sightings
Maine 4 UFO Reports Maine, Maine UFO Sightings
Cape Neddick 4 UFO Reports Cape Neddick, Maine UFO Sightings
Oxford 4 UFO Reports Oxford, Maine UFO Sightings
Hermon 4 UFO Reports Hermon, Maine UFO Sightings
West Gardiner 4 UFO Reports West Gardiner, Maine UFO Sightings
Jefferson 4 UFO Reports Jefferson, Maine UFO Sightings
Bowdoinham 4 UFO Reports Bowdoinham, Maine UFO Sightings
Fairfield 4 UFO Reports Fairfield, Maine UFO Sightings
Warren 3 UFO Reports Warren, Maine UFO Sightings
Pittston 3 UFO Reports Pittston, Maine UFO Sightings
Lamoine 3 UFO Reports Lamoine, Maine UFO Sightings
Stockton Springs 3 UFO Reports Stockton Springs, Maine UFO Sightings
Oakland 3 UFO Reports Oakland, Maine UFO Sightings
Milford 3 UFO Reports Milford, Maine UFO Sightings
Leeds 3 UFO Reports Leeds, Maine UFO Sightings
Winthrop 3 UFO Reports Winthrop, Maine UFO Sightings
Franklin 3 UFO Reports Franklin, Maine UFO Sightings
Eliot 3 UFO Reports Eliot, Maine UFO Sightings
Saint George 3 UFO Reports Saint George, Maine UFO Sightings
Damariscotta 3 UFO Reports Damariscotta, Maine UFO Sightings
Bethel 3 UFO Reports Bethel, Maine UFO Sightings
Albion 3 UFO Reports Albion, Maine UFO Sightings
Charleston 3 UFO Reports Charleston, Maine UFO Sightings
Grand Isle 3 UFO Reports Grand Isle, Maine UFO Sightings
Madison 3 UFO Reports Madison, Maine UFO Sightings
Fort Fairfield 3 UFO Reports Fort Fairfield, Maine UFO Sightings
Unity 3 UFO Reports Unity, Maine UFO Sightings
Alfred 3 UFO Reports Alfred, Maine UFO Sightings
Hartford 3 UFO Reports Hartford, Maine UFO Sightings
Phillips 3 UFO Reports Phillips, Maine UFO Sightings
Limerick 3 UFO Reports Limerick, Maine UFO Sightings
Blue Hill 3 UFO Reports Blue Hill, Maine UFO Sightings
East Machias 3 UFO Reports East Machias, Maine UFO Sightings
Hartland 3 UFO Reports Hartland, Maine UFO Sightings
Phippsburg 3 UFO Reports Phippsburg, Maine UFO Sightings
Dexter 3 UFO Reports Dexter, Maine UFO Sightings
Greenville 3 UFO Reports Greenville, Maine UFO Sightings
Limestone 3 UFO Reports Limestone, Maine UFO Sightings
Boothbay Harbor 3 UFO Reports Boothbay Harbor, Maine UFO Sightings
Lovell 3 UFO Reports Lovell, Maine UFO Sightings
Exeter 3 UFO Reports Exeter, Maine UFO Sightings
Jay 3 UFO Reports Jay, Maine UFO Sightings
Guilford 3 UFO Reports Guilford, Maine UFO Sightings
Waldoboro 3 UFO Reports Waldoboro, Maine UFO Sightings
Palermo 3 UFO Reports Palermo, Maine UFO Sightings
Searsmont 3 UFO Reports Searsmont, Maine UFO Sightings
Topsham 3 UFO Reports Topsham, Maine UFO Sightings
Cumberland 3 UFO Reports Cumberland, Maine UFO Sightings
Searsport 3 UFO Reports Searsport, Maine UFO Sightings
Lyman 3 UFO Reports Lyman, Maine UFO Sightings
Rangeley 2 UFO Reports Rangeley, Maine UFO Sightings
Brewer 2 UFO Reports Brewer, Maine UFO Sightings
Hollis 2 UFO Reports Hollis, Maine UFO Sightings
Winter harbor 2 UFO Reports Winter harbor, Maine UFO Sightings
Machias 2 UFO Reports Machias, Maine UFO Sightings
Trenton 2 UFO Reports Trenton, Maine UFO Sightings
Benton 2 UFO Reports Benton, Maine UFO Sightings
South China 2 UFO Reports South China, Maine UFO Sightings
Hancock 2 UFO Reports Hancock, Maine UFO Sightings
Mercer 2 UFO Reports Mercer, Maine UFO Sightings
Acton 2 UFO Reports Acton, Maine UFO Sightings
Washington 2 UFO Reports Washington, Maine UFO Sightings
Parsonsfield 2 UFO Reports Parsonsfield, Maine UFO Sightings
Ashland 2 UFO Reports Ashland, Maine UFO Sightings
Glenburn 2 UFO Reports Glenburn, Maine UFO Sightings
Farmingdale 2 UFO Reports Farmingdale, Maine UFO Sightings
Troy 2 UFO Reports Troy, Maine UFO Sightings
Winterport 2 UFO Reports Winterport, Maine UFO Sightings
Patten 2 UFO Reports Patten, Maine UFO Sightings
Hope 2 UFO Reports Hope, Maine UFO Sightings
Concord township 2 UFO Reports Concord township, Maine UFO Sightings
Macwahoc 2 UFO Reports Macwahoc, Maine UFO Sightings
Portage 2 UFO Reports Portage, Maine UFO Sightings
North Anson 2 UFO Reports North Anson, Maine UFO Sightings
South Paris 2 UFO Reports South Paris, Maine UFO Sightings
Harpswell 2 UFO Reports Harpswell, Maine UFO Sightings
Waterford 2 UFO Reports Waterford, Maine UFO Sightings
Bristol 2 UFO Reports Bristol, Maine UFO Sightings
Stonington 2 UFO Reports Stonington, Maine UFO Sightings
Canaan 2 UFO Reports Canaan, Maine UFO Sightings
Fayette 2 UFO Reports Fayette, Maine UFO Sightings
Union 2 UFO Reports Union, Maine UFO Sightings
Eagle Lake 2 UFO Reports Eagle Lake, Maine UFO Sightings
Minot 2 UFO Reports Minot, Maine UFO Sightings
Wiscasset 2 UFO Reports Wiscasset, Maine UFO Sightings
Pemaquid 2 UFO Reports Pemaquid, Maine UFO Sightings
Sullivan 2 UFO Reports Sullivan, Maine UFO Sightings
Sidney 2 UFO Reports Sidney, Maine UFO Sightings
Dayton 2 UFO Reports Dayton, Maine UFO Sightings
Southwest Harbor 2 UFO Reports Southwest Harbor, Maine UFO Sightings
Swanville 2 UFO Reports Swanville, Maine UFO Sightings
Bailey Island 2 UFO Reports Bailey Island, Maine UFO Sightings
Corinth 2 UFO Reports Corinth, Maine UFO Sightings
Kingfield 2 UFO Reports Kingfield, Maine UFO Sightings
Liberty 2 UFO Reports Liberty, Maine UFO Sightings
Springvale 2 UFO Reports Springvale, Maine UFO Sightings
Rockport 2 UFO Reports Rockport, Maine UFO Sightings
Fryeburg 2 UFO Reports Fryeburg, Maine UFO Sightings
Loring 2 UFO Reports Loring, Maine UFO Sightings
Cornish 2 UFO Reports Cornish, Maine UFO Sightings
Small Point 2 UFO Reports Small Point, Maine UFO Sightings
Manchester 2 UFO Reports Manchester, Maine UFO Sightings
Owls Head 2 UFO Reports Owls Head, Maine UFO Sightings
Standish 2 UFO Reports Standish, Maine UFO Sightings
Monson 2 UFO Reports Monson, Maine UFO Sightings
Rockwood 2 UFO Reports Rockwood, Maine UFO Sightings
Loring AFB 2 UFO Reports Loring AFB, Maine UFO Sightings
Brownville 2 UFO Reports Brownville, Maine UFO Sightings
Newburgh 2 UFO Reports Newburgh, Maine UFO Sightings
North Windham 2 UFO Reports North Windham, Maine UFO Sightings
Kittery Point 2 UFO Reports Kittery Point, Maine UFO Sightings
China 2 UFO Reports China, Maine UFO Sightings
Lubec 2 UFO Reports Lubec, Maine UFO Sightings
Dixmont 2 UFO Reports Dixmont, Maine UFO Sightings
Carmel 2 UFO Reports Carmel, Maine UFO Sightings
Prospect 2 UFO Reports Prospect, Maine UFO Sightings
Palmyra 2 UFO Reports Palmyra, Maine UFO Sightings
Clifton 2 UFO Reports Clifton, Maine UFO Sightings
Cumberland Center 2 UFO Reports Cumberland Center, Maine UFO Sightings