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All Reported UFO Sightings in Utah

This page aggregates and analyzes all UFO sighting reports made in Utah.

How many UFO sightings have there been in Utah?

  • There have been 1,488 officially reported UFO sightings in Utah from 1969 to 2023.
  • Utah ranks #29 in the list of states with the most reported UFO sightings in the USA.
  • Adjusted for population size, Utah ranks #14 on the list of states with the most reported UFO sightings, with an average of 1.05 reports per 100,000 residents.

Utah Cities with the most UFO Sightings

Rank City Reported Sightings
1 Salt Lake City, UT 249 UFO Reports
2 Saint George, UT 67 UFO Reports
3 Ogden, UT 55 UFO Reports
4 Sandy, UT 52 UFO Reports
5 Orem, UT 49 UFO Reports

Utah UFO Sightings Analysis

We analyzed all 1,488 UFO sighting reports in Utah to identify possible patterns and gain insight into the phenomenon:

20 Most Recent UFO Sightings in Utah

These Utah UFO reports are presented as they were submitted other than paragraph breaks added for easier readability where necessary. You can click the 'Report' link to view the original report along with any photos that may have been submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

Cedar city, UT

Full Report Text:

They come into view as the circle around, sometimes in pairs Every night, they are flying around three peaks. One has been close, once on video it left. They disabled my fuel truck twice, and I have seen two beings on the ground with me.

They are large, and fast. Every night you guys can go out on highway 56, or be north of there and see them now at 11:30 PM. I'm not at the same job site, that I had the close encounter of the 3rd kind.

I will warn you, you will have flu like symptoms if they get close to you, and would not suggest being alone after dark west of cedar city after dark.these guys can run on all fours.

09/06/23 11:45 PM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 30 minutes


Payson, UT

Full Report Text:

White Tic-tac shaped object hovering stationary over foothills near Payson, Utah. Driving south on I-15, I saw a smooth, Tic-tac shaped object about the size of a helicopter. This object had no propellers, wings, engines, tethers, or any other identifiable features.

It was smooth white with two flat spots on the bottom at each end. It hovered in place, unmoving just about 100 feet above the nearest foothill peak. It did not move the entire time it was within my sight.

09/05/23 7:00 PM

UFO Shape: cylinder

Lasted: 2 minutes


Salt Lake City, UT

Full Report Text:

Orange orb that was slowly moving and then disappeared My girlfriend and I were sitting at a pool when I jokingly said hey look a ufo thinking it was a plane. It was orange though, no flashing of green or red lights like a plane or a drone. It was traveling slowly then seemed to stop and hover after 25 seconds, hovered for 5 and then just disappeared in the clear sky.

09/04/23 8:52 PM

UFO Shape: orb

Lasted: 30 seconds


Salt Lake City, UT

Full Report Text:

Cube was hovering not moving for 2-3 minutes White colored cube. Hovering for 2-3 minutes. Motionless in the sky probably 1000 ft up or so.

Then it just vanished.

08/31/23 12:50 PM

UFO Shape: cube

Lasted: About 2-3 minutes


Cedar City, UT

Full Report Text:

Fueling equipment at the BZI project, I watched ufo's flying around above 3 peaks. Something was there with me. Fueling at the BZI project west of cedar, I seen lights to the north, I started recording, something ran in front of my truck, flashing my headlights, I turned to record it, I seen the bright lights, and the first UFO.

it was going south to north, then faded. I watched one after the other, coming left to right, then right to left. I got video of some of them, but editing here at home, my video was cut and not uploaded.

The last time I seen them, I was in my truck, they pulled my electrical, and partially disabled my fuel pump. This time, as I was out of my truck, what was on the ground with me did no harm.

08/28/23 12:40 AM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 15 minutes


Ogden, UT

Full Report Text:

Still plate like object looked white/light grey Initially thought it was a plane at first glance but the object shape made me second look. Object was still solid and super flat and large. Couldn’t believe my eyes.

I was driving and trees covered the area for like 15-20 seconds and once I reached the freeway there was a streak of light smoke going up. The only thing my son was able to get a picture of. A small plane later flew by the area and I know for certain that the object was huge and not a plane.

Picture taken 5-10 minutes after it disappeared.

08/17/23 12:14 PM

UFO Shape: circle

Lasted: 10 seconds


Moab, UT

Full Report Text:

Triangle shape, multiple points of light high rate of speed. Viewed twice, once north to south, then south to north Myself and one other, watching the night sky, saw a triangle object with multiple points of illumination travel above the rim in a path parallel with the horizon at a high rate of speed silently. Although we had differing perceptions on distance between us and the object, I would have to guess it was within 3 miles, if not 1 mile from our location.

Other party said it was closer. The rim view allowed judgement for distance traveled which I would guess to be about 3-5 miles. It covered this space in the span of about 4 seconds.

After getting first sight on the object I was quickly shocked and surprised, stood up and pointed and followed with my finger tracing it along the horizon, saying holy @&$? Look at that. My knees buckled a bit and, partner said I see it I see it, and it was gone. The object seemed to travel in a way like it was tied to a string from the front and pulled along.

Effortlessly and without resistance. Around second 4, the whole shape flickered dimly and was out of sight. We sat and talked about it discussing exactly what each of us saw and how it was nothing like we had seen in the night sky before.

It made us both feel uneasy for some reason. We continued to look in the direction of the object as we sat and talked about it more, and about 5-10 minutes later it came back from the direction we saw it originally, this time about 1.5 speed.

Lost sight of it when it passed behind a tree in the foreground. Did not see it come out the other side. Dogs started barking, car alarm in a parking lot between us and the object started chirping.

At this point the one I was with wanted to go inside. I sat staring for a minute, listening, and I suppose thankfully, nothing more happened. Very unusual, very real.

08/16/23 12:00 AM

UFO Shape: chevron

Lasted: 4 seconds


Saint George, UT

Full Report Text:

Large craft, roughly the size of an SUV. No wings or propellers. While making deliveries on River Road, I saw what I thought was a drone in the sky.

It was large, roughly the size of an SUV, and hovering between 70 to 120 feet in the sky over a department store. I pulled over to watch it, but didn't think to take pictures because it had red flashing indicator lights on it, which I took to mean it was following FAA regulations. It began to suddenly drift toward the east hill, moving at maybe 30mph.

I began driving again but couldn't find it on the other side. It didn't make any sound, and the more I thought of it in retrospect, it bothered me how big it was. I've never seen a drone that large, and though it was dark, I made out no wings or hoops that might have held propellers.

It was shaped like an oval, but it had sharp edges along the front and back, almost like a car. In addition to the red light that seemed to flash every few seconds, there was a white indicator light as well, but I don't recall the frequency with which it flashed. I called the police station later that morning and they didn't cite any other reports.

I know it wasn't a plane or a helicopter. And I'm yet to see a drone that's more than 15 feet long.

08/15/23 3:00 AM

UFO Shape: oval

Lasted: 1 minute


Springville, UT

Full Report Text:

Viewed stealth craft in night sky My son and I were viewing meteor showers the night of 8/13/23. At appx 11pm we both saw a craft moving north to south at a high speed. It flew along the east side of town.

We estimated 1500 to 2500 ft high altitude. It appeared to be tracking another aircraft. We observed it moving over Springville, at which time visibility and detail of craft improved long enough to see that it was clearly a stealth craft of human origin, but flew silently and without visible propulsion.

I was able to see it clearly for several seconds. It resembled the stealth bomber (B52?), however with a much larger fuselage and shorter wings. It had no visible signs or markings.

It continued over Spanish Fork, where it suddenly made about 10 circular loops (maybe .25 to .5 mile diameter loops) at extremely high speed.

we calculated that each loop lasted appx 1 to 1.5 seconds. After the 10th loop, it shot due south over the southern mountain ranges at an incomprehensible speed and disappeared.

My 24 yr old son, a UVU college student, witnessed the event. Neither of us has ever seen unidentifiable objects in the sky, and have always been skeptical of such things. However, there is no doubt we saw a stealth craft, human origin, and of incredible speed and movement that defied traditional, known or disclosed technology.

Proximity to Hill AFB just 70 miles north of our home is also a consideration as craft seemed to be military in nature.

08/13/23 11:00 PM

UFO Shape: triangle

Lasted: 20 seconds


Heber, UT

Full Report Text:

I saw reflective object in the north sky that seemed to stay in a fixed position, silverish gray, odd shape. Looking to the North from my back yard, I saw one high-altitude reflective object that caught my attention while talking on the phone. It stayed in a fixed position and seemed to be rotating or I could see what looked like a shimmer, or flash the color was silverish gray.

I live close to the Heber Valley Airport and could see and hear smaller planes at the same time, lower altitude and closer to my house - I do not believe this object was a Jet or Plane. I should have stopped talking and tried to take better photos, but my friend was joking and making fun of me seeing a UFO. I would say it lasted about 8 to 15 minutes.

I walked in the house ended my phone call and then went back outside, there was cloud cover by then and I could not find the object sadly I did not see it leave or get any other photos. It's hard to see the object in the attached photos, you have to zoom in and look to top of the frame. I added a snip also hope that helps.

08/12/23 12:45 PM

UFO Shape: changing

Lasted: 8 to 15 minutes


Enterprise, UT

Full Report Text:

Flashing green orb See pictures. These are 20 second exposures. These were resized to attach I do have large jpeg files and Nikon RAW files as well.

08/12/23 2:23 AM

UFO Shape: orb

Lasted: less then 20 seconds


Cedar City, UT

Full Report Text:

Lights resembling the movement if fireflies, centered around the star lowest in the sky, north of cedar. Continuing west to east. When first spotted after work from my driveway, lights resembling fireflies in the sky, were moving up, down, back and forth, only visible on the horizon around the planet that's 1/4 from northern horizon from Cedar city.

Once I reached my back porch, I grabbed my binoculars, and witnessed a steady stream of staggered formation glowing gold objects. The were only visible as they past above and below that area around the star. They had stopped their eradic movement, as 4 or five passed in formation, high and low, in a near continuous trajectory.

This went on for an hour. There was a small brake between the next group, but they kept their staggered formations high and low. One broke formation, and went high to low in a dropping maneuver, but quickly turned and joined the next passing formation.

I witnessed this through my binoculars, while on the phone with a friend who had just arrived home. He could not see them from the north side of cedar city. This was the meteor shower they have been talking about.

I seen them with tails, moving double the speed of these craft. Satellites, don't act like them, and as I watched them in the first, they are absolutely agile enough to mimic the movement of fireflies. This is my second such incident in a month, I work night in the field fueling equipment alone.

This time I had just arrived home with no issues until then. If they are gold flying soccer's, they are not coming as one gold craft, they are here in the hundreds. Nobody cares anymore, maybe you guys do, maybe you don't, but what is happening is an invasion.

Biden shouldn't have shot a few of them down, maybe things would be as they were.

08/11/23 2:30 AM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: One hour


Hanksville, UT

Full Report Text:

We were driving up thru Aurora UT on State Route 24 when I noticed a round orange ball of light bouncing above the tops of the trees. Me and a passenger were driving thru Aurora Utah on State Route 24 when I noticed a round orange basketball sized ball of light bouncing above the tops of the trees. I looked at what it was doing and at first I thought it was a mining equipment surveying the land.

Then I looked at it again and I thought, that is a UFO. That orange light kept bouncing around thru the trees for a long time. It didn’t bother us or try to follow us.

The orange ball split into 2 balls of light and they both kept to the north of us the whole way. I wasn’t afraid of it so I kept driving. We drove for about another 15 minutes when I noticed another craft following us.

This craft was diamond shaped with four really bright diamond shaped white lights on it. I tried to get away from it and that craft chased us thru State Route 24 for about an hour and then it disappeared. About another 2 hours passed and I noticed another craft to the south this one was twinkling like a star but its movement was faster than an airplane it zipped around in the sky and then flew off to the east.

When we started reaching the summit of that canyon above the tree line to the north west I saw a huge red UFO, the whole thing was round and it looked to be a flaming red hot round circle. We made it to Blanding Utah and we did not see any more other craft objects after we reached our destination. We did not take any great pictures of these objects worth sending to you but I do want to file a report about our experience driving thru Aurora Utah and Hanksville Utah on State Route 24.

08/10/23 1:30 AM

UFO Shape: other

Lasted: 4 hours


Taylorsville, UT

Full Report Text:

Crescent / Boomerang Shaped object I walked outside to try to view a thunderstorm that was to the north, just east of the Great Salt Lake. Told my mother who was standing outside with me that there was supposed to be a meteor shower soon. We watched the skies for roughly 3-4 minutes before she headed back inside.

I looked up and in the dark, I could make out a craft of some type but could not determine what type of craft it was, as it had no lights on it and it moved silently. It seemed to weave into/behind the clouds, trailing/moving the clouds slightly as it moved through them and and I lost sight of it very quickly, it almost appeared to cloak itself as it moved south west. This object was too large to be a bird based on the size of it near the clouds, it also moved in such a way that would not possible for a bird in the strong winds while ascending.

The best way to describe the shape is an amalgam of a crescent, a boomerang and a V in one shape. One single object with what appeared to be sections on the body which I imagine is where lights or some sort of multi-point propulsion system would go underneath. This thing was exceptionally stealthy, I would not have noticed it had I not been looking in that area of the sky for a small window of time.

This may be unrelated but roughly 40 minutes later, I noticed a large/heavy helicopter that did not show up on flight radar flew low over my house in the direction the craft was heading. I'm familiar with medical transport helicopters, news helicopters and police helicopters, this was none of those. I testify that I am of reasonably sound mind and was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol during this event.

08/04/23 10:00 PM

UFO Shape: other

Lasted: 10 seconds


Monroe, UT

Full Report Text:

Midday witness of a white, figure 8 shaped UFO that maneuvered in an unconventional way. I was flying my drone just north of Monroe Ut. I had sent the command for the drone to return and land.

As I was watching the drone, now directly overhead, an object flew northbound into my field of view. At first I though it could be a plane or a bird, however, the two "wings" were round and white in color. I continued to observe the object as it proceeded north.

The speed was still equivalent to a plane or low flying bird, but the two round "wings" still made no sense. The object/s appeared hazy or diffused. As I observed the object it made a tight U-turn at an estimated speed of 2 to 3 times faster than it's straight line speed.

The object did not bank as it turned. The two round "discs" stayed together as it turned. The object continued travelling south at the same speed as it's previous northbound speed for 7 or 8 seconds, then accelerated immediately and left at an astonishing speed in a SSE direction.

I watched the object as it sped away until it was out of sight. My entire observation lasted approximately 20 seconds. The two discs (possibly orbs) stayed in the same side by side configuration during the entire time that I observed it.

I was not able to photograph the object, but I have completed a map with the object path of flight.

08/04/23 12:03 PM

UFO Shape: other

Lasted: 20 seconds


Cedar City, UT

Full Report Text:

Two headlights that were not blinking, hovering across the railroad track. It turned red when I stopped to video it. Driving on a dirt road to one of my job sites, I seen two lights like headlights shining at me on the other side of my equipment I fuel at night.

Once I got to my equipment, I got my phone out to record, the object turned red, and stated to move north west. I videoed the object until a helicopter passed over me in my fuel truck. I felt safe to get out then, so I started my truck up, engaged my PTO fuel pump, reved my truck to 1200 RPMS and got out.

My truck has an idle shut off, so when the PTO is engaged, the truck will not shut down. As I was out, Taking numbers from the equipment, my truck shut down. I was in shock, this has only happened one time before in deep snow.

The electrical plug, was pulled off due to ice, this time, I hadn't drove over anything that could have ripped that plug off! The hair on my head stood up, I was not alone, and now, my work lights were off. I walked around my truck, looked under it to see the wire hanging as if something pulled it off to get me in the dark alone. I plugged it in, started my truck up, only to see three helicopters flying around where the craft was hovering.

They are not here for peace and love, they tried to possibly contact me, attack, or abduct me. I had a armed encounter with a flying saucer when I was 14, 1989, hunting elk above deer creek. These whistle blowers, have not been on the ground in the daylight, having their saucer in their cross hairs, I have.

They are not going to stop now. I can not fuel at night armed, it is against company policy. My truck has strobe lights, and bright halogen work lights, they know my location nightly.

The feds may need to watch me fir a few weeks from a distance at night. PS they are on the ground now, I feel they are not just watching us, they are here for more this time.

07/29/23 1:30 AM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 30 minutes


Saint George, UT

Full Report Text:

Flashing red, green and white lights Flashing lights that changed colors. We watched it for about 40 min. It only moved slightly while we were watching.

We looked at it through binoculars and it did not appear to be anything we had ever seen before.

07/02/23 9:30 PM

UFO Shape: disk

Lasted: 45 min or so


Sandy, UT

Full Report Text:

There where two black things high up. One looked on fire, other one had glare but wouldn't say lights. moved slowly There where two total they where both black, one looked like it was on fire and the air smelled like fire.

The other looked like it glared like when light hits a mirror. They were too high to be drones but moved slow and no sound. It was like they hovered but yet floated at same time but kept same height and came at different times.

The first one came around and passed by and second one came about 30 minutes later it was different had movements that where twisting but not like anything I have seen fast movement but yet slow moving. I tried to get a picture but my phone wouldn't focus that high up. No trail like you see with jets and a plane passed after it went by in another direction that you can heat planes anytime they go by.

This was silent.

06/22/23 8:00 PM

UFO Shape: cube

Lasted: 30 minutes or so


Moab, UT

Full Report Text:

We were backpacking in the desert in the needles district of Canyonlands Me and someone else had been at our campsite in Canyonlands for a couple of hours and it had been dark for around one hour. We were taking pictures of the stars (with all headlamps and flashlights out) around 10 feet from our tent. We both saw a bright orange light through thin tree branches, we looked at it for a few seconds and decided to get a better look because we were both intrigued.

We moved around the tree and it was gone. We went back to the same spot we saw it but it was gone. The light from our point of view was a half inch in diameter but we had no idea how far away it was.

We went to bed. The next morning, we tried to find where it came from. Behind our campsite (where the light came from) was a small canyon that was impassable due to giant rocks.

Our best bet on where the light came from was whether it was 15 or so feet from us or a couple of miles or more on top of a rock formation around a hundred feet tall, definitely not possible for a human to get to or probably all ground animals. It was at Chesler Park in Canyonlands.

06/12/23 10:00 PM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 20 seconds


Liberty, UT

Full Report Text:

I was recording lightning and played it back and saw something fly through the lightning as it flashed.

05/25/23 7:26 PM

UFO Shape: cigar

Lasted: 1 second


Utah UFO Sightings By Shape

This is a standardized set of shapes a UFO report can be filed under.

Shape / Appearance Sightings % Of Total
Light 316 reported sightings 21.24% of all reports
Circle 163 reported sightings 10.95% of all reports
Triangle 135 reported sightings 9.07% of all reports
Unknown 98 reported sightings 6.59% of all reports
Disk 98 reported sightings 6.59% of all reports
Sphere 93 reported sightings 6.25% of all reports
Other 91 reported sightings 6.12% of all reports
Fireball 85 reported sightings 5.71% of all reports
Formation 68 reported sightings 4.57% of all reports
Oval 54 reported sightings 3.63% of all reports
Changing 52 reported sightings 3.49% of all reports
Cigar 33 reported sightings 2.22% of all reports
Flash 28 reported sightings 1.88% of all reports
Chevron 22 reported sightings 1.48% of all reports
Cylinder 20 reported sightings 1.34% of all reports
Rectangle 19 reported sightings 1.28% of all reports
Diamond 17 reported sightings 1.14% of all reports
Teardrop 17 reported sightings 1.14% of all reports
Egg 12 reported sightings 0.81% of all reports
Cone 10 reported sightings 0.67% of all reports
Orb 3 reported sightings 0.20% of all reports
Cross 3 reported sightings 0.20% of all reports
Cube 2 reported sightings 0.13% of all reports

Utah UFO Sightings By Month

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the month the sighting occured in.

Month Sightings % Of Total
August 203 reported sightings 13.64% of all reports
July 159 reported sightings 10.69% of all reports
June 126 reported sightings 8.47% of all reports
September 125 reported sightings 8.40% of all reports
April 121 reported sightings 8.13% of all reports
October 119 reported sightings 8.00% of all reports
May 113 reported sightings 7.59% of all reports
January 105 reported sightings 7.06% of all reports
March 103 reported sightings 6.92% of all reports
December 101 reported sightings 6.79% of all reports
November 98 reported sightings 6.59% of all reports
February 91 reported sightings 6.12% of all reports

Utah UFO Sightings By Weekday

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the day of the week the sighting occured on.

Weekday Sightings % Of Total
Saturday 250 reported sightings 16.80% of all reports
Tuesday 224 reported sightings 15.05% of all reports
Thursday 216 reported sightings 14.52% of all reports
Friday 205 reported sightings 13.78% of all reports
Sunday 202 reported sightings 13.58% of all reports
Wednesday 200 reported sightings 13.44% of all reports
Monday 167 reported sightings 11.22% of all reports

Utah UFO Sightings By Date (Top 5)

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the date the sighting occured on, limited to the top 5 dates with the most sightings.

Date Sightings % Of Total
07/27/16 20 reported sightings 1.34% of all reports
03/05/20 7 reported sightings 0.47% of all reports
12/31/14 5 reported sightings 0.34% of all reports
11/07/15 5 reported sightings 0.34% of all reports
08/11/20 5 reported sightings 0.34% of all reports

Utah UFO Sightings By Time

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the time of day the sighting occured during. We took logical 4 hour windows in order to split the day into early morning, morning, afternoon, evening, night, and late night buckets for this analysis.

Time Of Day Hours Sightings % Of Total
Night 20:00 - 23:59 714 reported sightings 47.98% of all reports
Evening 16:00 - 19:59 228 reported sightings 15.32% of all reports
Late night 00:00 - 03:59 202 reported sightings 13.58% of all reports
Early morning 04:00 - 07:59 124 reported sightings 8.33% of all reports
Afternoon 12:00 - 15:59 115 reported sightings 7.73% of all reports
Morning 08:00 - 11:59 81 reported sightings 5.44% of all reports

Years with Reported UFO Sightings in Utah

These are running counts of how many UFO sighting reports are filed per year in Utah.

Year Number of Reports View Reports
2023 31 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2023
2022 42 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2022
2021 37 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2021
2020 109 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2020
2019 81 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2019
2018 60 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2018
2017 75 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2017
2016 92 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2016
2015 78 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2015
2014 79 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2014
2013 94 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2013
2012 112 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2012
2011 57 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2011
2010 41 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2010
2009 36 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2009
2008 29 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2008
2007 36 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2007
2006 19 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2006
2005 30 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2005
2004 25 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2004
2003 43 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2003
2002 44 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2002
2001 25 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2001
2000 35 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 2000
1999 32 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1999
1998 21 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1998
1997 23 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1997
1996 8 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1996
1995 15 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1995
1994 4 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1994
1993 2 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1993
1992 3 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1992
1991 1 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1991
1990 2 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1990
1989 3 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1989
1988 1 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1988
1987 2 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1987
1986 1 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1986
1985 2 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1985
1984 3 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1984
1983 1 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1983
1982 3 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1982
1981 2 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1981
1980 5 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1980
1979 2 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1979
1978 2 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1978
1977 1 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1977
1976 2 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1976
1975 2 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1975
1974 2 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1974
1973 4 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1973
1972 3 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1972
1970 1 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1970
1969 1 UFO Reports Utah UFO Sightings in 1969

Cities with Reported UFO Sightings in Utah

These are running counts of how many UFO sighting reports are filed per city in Utah

City Number of Reports View Reports
Salt Lake City 249 UFO Reports Salt Lake City, Utah UFO Sightings
Saint George 67 UFO Reports Saint George, Utah UFO Sightings
Ogden 55 UFO Reports Ogden, Utah UFO Sightings
Sandy 52 UFO Reports Sandy, Utah UFO Sightings
Orem 49 UFO Reports Orem, Utah UFO Sightings
Provo 40 UFO Reports Provo, Utah UFO Sightings
West Jordan 31 UFO Reports West Jordan, Utah UFO Sightings
Layton 29 UFO Reports Layton, Utah UFO Sightings
West Valley City 27 UFO Reports West Valley City, Utah UFO Sightings
Tooele 24 UFO Reports Tooele, Utah UFO Sightings
Cedar City 23 UFO Reports Cedar City, Utah UFO Sightings
Moab 21 UFO Reports Moab, Utah UFO Sightings
Vernal 20 UFO Reports Vernal, Utah UFO Sightings
Lehi 20 UFO Reports Lehi, Utah UFO Sightings
Park City 19 UFO Reports Park City, Utah UFO Sightings
Magna 18 UFO Reports Magna, Utah UFO Sightings
Logan 15 UFO Reports Logan, Utah UFO Sightings
Midvale 15 UFO Reports Midvale, Utah UFO Sightings
Kearns 15 UFO Reports Kearns, Utah UFO Sightings
Taylorsville 14 UFO Reports Taylorsville, Utah UFO Sightings
Murray 14 UFO Reports Murray, Utah UFO Sightings
Bountiful 14 UFO Reports Bountiful, Utah UFO Sightings
Draper 14 UFO Reports Draper, Utah UFO Sightings
Riverton 13 UFO Reports Riverton, Utah UFO Sightings
Clearfield 13 UFO Reports Clearfield, Utah UFO Sightings
South Jordan 12 UFO Reports South Jordan, Utah UFO Sightings
Roy 12 UFO Reports Roy, Utah UFO Sightings
Hurricane 12 UFO Reports Hurricane, Utah UFO Sightings
West Valley 12 UFO Reports West Valley, Utah UFO Sightings
American Fork 11 UFO Reports American Fork, Utah UFO Sightings
Eagle Mountain 11 UFO Reports Eagle Mountain, Utah UFO Sightings
Holladay 10 UFO Reports Holladay, Utah UFO Sightings
Wendover 10 UFO Reports Wendover, Utah UFO Sightings
Riverdale 10 UFO Reports Riverdale, Utah UFO Sightings
Green River 9 UFO Reports Green River, Utah UFO Sightings
Farmington 9 UFO Reports Farmington, Utah UFO Sightings
Kaysville 9 UFO Reports Kaysville, Utah UFO Sightings
North Ogden 8 UFO Reports North Ogden, Utah UFO Sightings
Price 8 UFO Reports Price, Utah UFO Sightings
Brigham City 8 UFO Reports Brigham City, Utah UFO Sightings
Utah 8 UFO Reports Utah, Utah UFO Sightings
Richfield 8 UFO Reports Richfield, Utah UFO Sightings
Spanish Fork 8 UFO Reports Spanish Fork, Utah UFO Sightings
Alpine 8 UFO Reports Alpine, Utah UFO Sightings
North Salt Lake 7 UFO Reports North Salt Lake, Utah UFO Sightings
Salem 7 UFO Reports Salem, Utah UFO Sightings
Heber City 7 UFO Reports Heber City, Utah UFO Sightings
Kanab 7 UFO Reports Kanab, Utah UFO Sightings
Monument Valley 7 UFO Reports Monument Valley, Utah UFO Sightings
Millcreek 6 UFO Reports Millcreek, Utah UFO Sightings
Herriman 6 UFO Reports Herriman, Utah UFO Sightings
Cottonwood Heights 6 UFO Reports Cottonwood Heights, Utah UFO Sightings
Lindon 6 UFO Reports Lindon, Utah UFO Sightings
Payson 6 UFO Reports Payson, Utah UFO Sightings
Delta 6 UFO Reports Delta, Utah UFO Sightings
Clinton 6 UFO Reports Clinton, Utah UFO Sightings
Salt Lake 6 UFO Reports Salt Lake, Utah UFO Sightings
Springdale 5 UFO Reports Springdale, Utah UFO Sightings
Highland 5 UFO Reports Highland, Utah UFO Sightings
Springville 5 UFO Reports Springville, Utah UFO Sightings
Washington 5 UFO Reports Washington, Utah UFO Sightings
Garden City 5 UFO Reports Garden City, Utah UFO Sightings
Saratoga Springs 5 UFO Reports Saratoga Springs, Utah UFO Sightings
Pleasant Grove 4 UFO Reports Pleasant Grove, Utah UFO Sightings
Enterprise 4 UFO Reports Enterprise, Utah UFO Sightings
Roosevelt 4 UFO Reports Roosevelt, Utah UFO Sightings
Centerville 4 UFO Reports Centerville, Utah UFO Sightings
South Ogden 4 UFO Reports South Ogden, Utah UFO Sightings
Santa Clara 4 UFO Reports Santa Clara, Utah UFO Sightings
Fruitland 4 UFO Reports Fruitland, Utah UFO Sightings
Lake Powell 4 UFO Reports Lake Powell, Utah UFO Sightings
Arches National Park 4 UFO Reports Arches National Park, Utah UFO Sightings
Heber 4 UFO Reports Heber, Utah UFO Sightings
Nephi 4 UFO Reports Nephi, Utah UFO Sightings
Syracuse 4 UFO Reports Syracuse, Utah UFO Sightings
Monticello 4 UFO Reports Monticello, Utah UFO Sightings
Zion National Park 3 UFO Reports Zion National Park, Utah UFO Sightings
Bonneville Salt Flats 3 UFO Reports Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah UFO Sightings
Crescent Junction 3 UFO Reports Crescent Junction, Utah UFO Sightings
Ivins 3 UFO Reports Ivins, Utah UFO Sightings
Eureka 3 UFO Reports Eureka, Utah UFO Sightings
Perry 3 UFO Reports Perry, Utah UFO Sightings
Salina 3 UFO Reports Salina, Utah UFO Sightings
Monroe 3 UFO Reports Monroe, Utah UFO Sightings
Deweyville 3 UFO Reports Deweyville, Utah UFO Sightings
Beaver 3 UFO Reports Beaver, Utah UFO Sightings
Clive 3 UFO Reports Clive, Utah UFO Sightings
Milford 3 UFO Reports Milford, Utah UFO Sightings
Helper 3 UFO Reports Helper, Utah UFO Sightings
Bluffdale 3 UFO Reports Bluffdale, Utah UFO Sightings
Eden 2 UFO Reports Eden, Utah UFO Sightings
Levan 2 UFO Reports Levan, Utah UFO Sightings
Torrey 2 UFO Reports Torrey, Utah UFO Sightings
Cedar Hills 2 UFO Reports Cedar Hills, Utah UFO Sightings
Hyrum 2 UFO Reports Hyrum, Utah UFO Sightings
Tremonton 2 UFO Reports Tremonton, Utah UFO Sightings
Virgin 2 UFO Reports Virgin, Utah UFO Sightings
Duchesne 2 UFO Reports Duchesne, Utah UFO Sightings
Grantsville 2 UFO Reports Grantsville, Utah UFO Sightings
Teasdale 2 UFO Reports Teasdale, Utah UFO Sightings
Duck Creek Village 2 UFO Reports Duck Creek Village, Utah UFO Sightings
La Verkin 2 UFO Reports La Verkin, Utah UFO Sightings
Hanksville 2 UFO Reports Hanksville, Utah UFO Sightings
Thompson Springs 2 UFO Reports Thompson Springs, Utah UFO Sightings
Escalante 2 UFO Reports Escalante, Utah UFO Sightings
Dammeron Valley 2 UFO Reports Dammeron Valley, Utah UFO Sightings
Navajo Lake 2 UFO Reports Navajo Lake, Utah UFO Sightings
Dugway 2 UFO Reports Dugway, Utah UFO Sightings
Windover 2 UFO Reports Windover, Utah UFO Sightings
Santaquin 2 UFO Reports Santaquin, Utah UFO Sightings
Oakley 2 UFO Reports Oakley, Utah UFO Sightings
Delle 2 UFO Reports Delle, Utah UFO Sightings
Utah Valley 2 UFO Reports Utah Valley, Utah UFO Sightings
Cleveland 2 UFO Reports Cleveland, Utah UFO Sightings
Huntington 2 UFO Reports Huntington, Utah UFO Sightings
Kamas 2 UFO Reports Kamas, Utah UFO Sightings
Sunset 2 UFO Reports Sunset, Utah UFO Sightings
Mapleton 2 UFO Reports Mapleton, Utah UFO Sightings
Leeds 2 UFO Reports Leeds, Utah UFO Sightings
West Point 2 UFO Reports West Point, Utah UFO Sightings
New Harmony 2 UFO Reports New Harmony, Utah UFO Sightings
Spanish Fork Canyon 2 UFO Reports Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah UFO Sightings
Panguitch 2 UFO Reports Panguitch, Utah UFO Sightings
Woods Cross 2 UFO Reports Woods Cross, Utah UFO Sightings