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All Reported UFO Sightings in Hawaii

This page aggregates and analyzes all UFO sighting reports made in Hawaii.

How many UFO sightings have there been in Hawaii?

  • There have been 658 officially reported UFO sightings in Hawaii from 1969 to 2023.
  • Hawaii ranks #43 in the list of states with the most reported UFO sightings in the USA.
  • Adjusted for population size, Hawaii ranks #17 on the list of states with the most reported UFO sightings, with an average of 0.91 reports per 100,000 residents.

Hawaii Cities with the most UFO Sightings

Rank City Reported Sightings
1 Honolulu, HI 135 UFO Reports
2 Lahaina, HI 27 UFO Reports
3 Kihei, HI 22 UFO Reports
4 Ewa Beach, HI 17 UFO Reports
5 Kaneohe, HI 15 UFO Reports

Hawaii UFO Sightings Analysis

We analyzed all 658 UFO sighting reports in Hawaii to identify possible patterns and gain insight into the phenomenon:

20 Most Recent UFO Sightings in Hawaii

These Hawaii UFO reports are presented as they were submitted other than paragraph breaks added for easier readability where necessary. You can click the 'Report' link to view the original report along with any photos that may have been submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

Honolulu, HI

Full Report Text:

High altitude white star moves across the sky and vanishes Coordinates of observation position is 21.26614° N, 157.81542° W A white, star-like object moved across the bright night sky in a NNW direction about 45 degrees.

Altitude was at least 30K feet. It moved like a jet until it disappeared right before my eyes. The Northern sky was bright and clear.

The Big Dipper was in the field of view and situated to the left of the moving object. The duration of this sighting was 5-10 seconds.

07/29/23 9:07 PM

UFO Shape: star

Lasted: 10 seconds


Kailua Kona, HI

Full Report Text:

Dark sphere crossed highway ahead of me, turned right and quickly disappeared I am a 67-year old woman residing in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. This morning at roughly 10:20 AM (give or take a couple of minutes), I was stopped at a traffic light on Hawaii 19 at the intersection of Kealakehe Parkway. It was a clear day, blue sky all around.

Waiting for the light to change, just looking out the car window, I saw a dark-colored sphere in the sky moving quickly from East to West. My initial impression was that it was not a plane, wrong size/shape. Then I thought of drones, but it was moving way too fast to be a drone.

The sphere passed across the highway and then turned right, heading North. It suddenly shrank from view, reduced to a pin-point size and very quickly disappeared. I have never seen a plane or other flying object disappear so very quickly.

Here in Kona, I live at an elevation of 1,500 feet above Kona International Airport, so I’m very familiar with seeing all sorts of commercial planes, military planes, private planes and helicopters. This resembled none of those. Also, in this area we never see aircraft flying east to west, as Mount Hualalai rises 8,00 feet from the ocean to the east.

I would estimate the total time from noticing it until it disappeared was 3 seconds, at most 4 seconds. Most of that time was the initial movement I saw, from East to West, before it turned north and rapidly disappeared.

07/14/23 10:20 AM

UFO Shape: sphere

Lasted: 3 to 4 seconds


Oahu, HI

Full Report Text:

Two very bright lights. Circled shape at first, but changed. Extremely fast, as if their chasing one another.

Disappears into mid air. It’s Sunday morning. It’s Father’s Day.

Surprised my dad with breakfast and coffee. Proceeded to wash my clothes and get ready for the new work week. I proceed to the back area of our house where our washers and driers are located.

I open the back door, it’s a beautiful morning. Before actually putting my clothes into the washer I stopped to admire what was such a beautiful clear morning. The skies were blue, the clouds were so white, there’s a slight breeze so the clouds moved.

I live in Pauoa Valley, looking at punchbowl crater admiring the beautiful greenery all around me. The birds chirping. Perfect O’ahu weather.

As I’m staring into the sky, Watching the clouds blow. It’s about 8:33 a.m I see what appears to be two extremely bright lights zooming fast in the air, as if they were chasing each other.

Dancing around each other. It would disappear into mid air, and reappear at a higher or lower altitude. As I continued to watch this happen, my phone was in the house, it would take me 15 seconds from the back door to grab it.

I didn’t want to leave. I felt if I left to grab my phone even for only 15 seconds, what I saw/witnessed would disappear. I ran in the house, I grabbed my phone, before recording I visually located the objects, immediately I see the lights proceeded, dancing around one another and zooming in mid air disappearing again.

As if they were playing around with one another. Kinda like tag, but these objects were flying at speeds I can’t even explain. These lights were bright.

I started recording I got it on video for 1:08 seconds. I couldn’t believe in what I was seeing. I stopped recording and called my mother to run down the stairs and come to the back as fast as she could, I needed a witness.

My mother got to me in seconds. My father proceeded to follow my mother thinking something was wrong because I called frantic. I did not want to seem like I was crazy, or just wondering if my eyes were playing tricks on me.

I pointed it out to my parents in the sky, and they witnessed it with me for a minute or a little more. These objects were flying extremely fast. It looked circular shaped but when zooming through the sky, and the lights it almost looked like one may have been triangular shaped and the other circular.

There was a shadow, like a dark ring around the object. Myself along with my parents were able to witness what happened this morning. I am reaching out in hopes someone will take the time to review my video and help me justify what we all experienced.

Thank you for your time.

06/18/23 8:33 AM

UFO Shape: changing

Lasted: 4-6 minutes


Pearl Harbor, HI

Full Report Text:

Watching fireworks, something hovers and Flys. Please watch all the way to the end. Watching fireworks go off and out of nowhere something hovers from the left side of the screen and zooms away.

04/06/23 9:32 PM

UFO Shape: unknown

Lasted: Seconds


Honolulu, HI

Full Report Text:

While standing on the Waikiki walkway which extends onto water around after sundown we saw 5 blue orbs. Walking down the dark walkway extended into the ocean we immediately noted 5 blue orb like objects flying almost what looked to be in a formation. No sound was heard.

Seems to be fairly distant. Intially thought they were stars but noted they were all rapidly moving away from the island and westward as the first 2 slowly dimmed as if they were flying away from the island. What also caught our attention what the 3rd and 4th objects rapidly dropped and regained altitude and approached each other while following the first 2 and the 5th following behind without changes in its altitude.

Initially none of them changed their flight allttiude and seemed to go straight across the sky. The colour a light blue for all 5 and very bright and gradually dimmed as they made their way southwest. We saw multiple aircraft taking off and landing from Honolulu airport- they all had beacons and very bright lights when approaching the airport or taking off, none of which looked like these objects.

These objects did not flicker like flares.

04/01/23 7:30 PM

UFO Shape: unknown

Lasted: 2-3mins


Kailua, HI

Full Report Text:

Unexpected red ( reflecting voggy atmosphere) object in photo Taking pics of Orion about 2 hours after sunset. Noticed Sirius was sparkling like a diamond below. Took picture.

Then magnified to see how close i could bring the star. Noticed then the red object( reflecting red from volcanic haze in atmosphere?) I thought it odd and unrecognizable to me.then heard about Chinese surveillance and thought if might be that kind of object.

Anyway, thought i would send it to you considering the hoopla in our skies lately.

01/23/23 8:13 PM

UFO Shape: egg

Lasted: N/A



Full Report Text:

A brilliant small circle of light, high in the sky, no sound, travelled from the South Shore near Honolulu to the Northeast Oahu The object traveled steadily in the above direction, slowing down a few times; it turned red when flying out of view. This was unlike any of us (my wife and I) had ever seen a plane look like or behave.

01/11/23 7:10 PM

UFO Shape: sphere

Lasted: 3 minutes


Poi pu, HI

Full Report Text:

Saw UFO after taking photo of the sunset I saw this object after I took a photograph of a sunset outdoors in Kauai. It is a live photograph, so touch the photograph, and you’ll see the object move quickly around. Enlarge it and look at the detail of it and it sure looks like a foreign object!.

01/01/23 6:05 PM

UFO Shape: circle

Lasted: 1 min


Waialua, HI

Full Report Text:

Numerous greenish twinkling stars in a swarm slowing drifting over ocean. Saw group of starlike things 20 plus twinkling and drifting together high in night sky. Not stars though.

All twinkled same greenish color. Too high in sky to photograph . Then they disappeared all at same time,.

01/01/23 12:30 AM

UFO Shape: formation

Lasted: 5 minutes



Full Report Text:

Mothership, shield and orbiting streaky and white spheres While stargazing from 3am till after sunrise and a perfectly clear Hawaiian sky - A very large ship inside a flaming shield came in from the East and west bound from the Pacific ocean. It was a banana shaped dark ship inside a radiant flaming shield and outside the shield two white spheres created streaks while orbiting the ship. Hilo seems to turn into a Ufo racetrack.

The object resembles a giant Stardestroyer as an analogy. I estimate the size to be 500-1500m. It is BIG.

To big to hide anywhere but underwater or, nearest, behind the moon. It flew towards space at the end and that means the Ufo garage is the solar system? The shield was irradiant and showed rainbow blobs. The upperside flamed.

The lower part of the shield did not.from my point of view The blobs in the shield seemed to react to the suns rays during sunrise with spectral colors but also the white spherical drones seemed to influence the shield. Ship and drones seemed to be of a different tech or tech-level.

The spheres seemed to be of a higher tech level. The ship stopped on top of the Saddle pass between Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea and on top of the US Army Base located there at Saddleroad. Altitude of the now thumbsized ship was an estimated 20-30000f.

It stood there hanging above both mountain peaks for ten minutes and then slowly progressed west and up. It was 1/4 the luminosity of the full moon and I could still see it well after sunrise. There are a lot of personnel up there.

There might be a lot of witnesses. Conjectures: Why was I shown this? Does ET monitor my internet? (Now Narcism off ;-) -Alien sightseeing of an activating volcano? Is this ship related to the flaming yellow and silver cylinder we seen a couple of days prior, flying South to North? Is this event related to the black sphere closely following a black cross which friends and I saw two years ago.300m away and 300m up Is this related to the silver sphere popping out of the water several years ago or the black dart followed by two F22 over Mauis valley? -Are ship and drones the same entity? -Ship and drones are two different alien factions? -Did I witness a battle between two alien factions? -Is the black banana ours? Did I witness a battle between ancient alien drones and a US-ship? -White spheres have been witnessed over the cities of Basel and Nuremberg in 1561 and 1566 .

battling crosses. ( I re-translated the old pamphlet correctly and its available on demand. -Is this a show of force? -An alien political statement? -If yes - Who was targeted to see this event? -Did the ship pickup personell? -Did the drones cause the flaming of the shield? -Did the drones force the ship up into the upper Strato- and Mesosphere? -At least 4 airport radars must have picked up the ship.

- Other options? Caveat: I study singularities and geodesics for 45 years. Am aero-space-engineering a partial spacelift which also solves our climate catastrophe. After seeing this display of drones interacting with the ships shield.

I might have an idea how those things work and my current equation is progressing and starts with V_s. I am still awed by what I've seen or was purposedly shown and I am analyzing the event as thoroughly as possible. Maybe a warp drive or partial warp drive is now a distinct near term possibility for humanity.

We truly live in most interesting times! Sincerest.

10/09/22 4:00 AM

UFO Shape: formation

Lasted: 30 minutes


Pearl city, HI

Full Report Text:

Moving across the sky above pearl city hawaii Saw several ships in the sky moving and saw a cluster of electrical beings in my backyard and in house.

09/16/22 11:30 PM

UFO Shape: cylinder

Lasted: Thirty minutes


Pearl City, HI

Full Report Text:

Saw the crafts moving across sky. Saw electrical images inside the house and outside the house. Cluster of lights and shadows moving around house.

Saw the cluster of lights floating up towards the sky. They communicate telepathically and I hate hearing them. They always threaten me with their words and fowl language!!! Drained the car battery and the tv died.

Saw them doing experiment on my cat then she died and they laughed!.

09/09/22 1:09 AM

UFO Shape: star

Lasted: Several minutes and years


Honolulu, HI

Full Report Text:

Meteor sized dot, north to south at similar speed of a meteor. Orange, bright dot. Almost as fine as a laser pointer.

Flew from due north to south very fast, similar to meteor speeds. There was no tail or debris coming apart. After covering 3/4 of my field of view.

it vanished. No bright breakups as most meteors display. Traveling much faster than ISS or other large satellite.

08/05/22 9:30 PM

UFO Shape: circle

Lasted: 4 seconds


Honolulu, HI

Full Report Text:

Was a disk shape with a blue ring on the center with a metal gray looking color around the rest The object was a disk like shape and almost completely flat on both sides. There was a glowing blue ring in the middle but it was kinda hard to see. There were Two unidentified flying objects in the sky right about 1:50 pm here in hawaii.

There were 3 whiteness’s. Two of my friends and myself. We were all outside for a early 4th of july celebration because we had guests.

Whilst everyone was inside we were playing hide and seek. When i found both of my friends which were in the same spot they said they saw something weird in the sky so we went to get a closer look as this was just about a few seconds before i caught my friends and we all see 2 disk shaped ufos in the sky. they were decently distant at this point but you could still make out crucial details to identify the unknown object.

The object left a trail that was almost like one of a airplanes trail but it was kind of a greenish color but not very pigmented green more like a really really light green. There was a very light blue color around both of the ufos. Almost like a force field that was visible to the naked eye.

In the drawing i have provided, that was the only detail we were able to see other that the unidentified flying object being almost flat on both parallel sides to the ground and sky. The drawing provided is the closest i was able to draw out the detail.

07/02/22 1:50 PM

UFO Shape: disk

Lasted: 1-2 minutes


, HI

Full Report Text:

We were on a beach in Hawaii taking photos and this image appeared on my camera for a split second and was gone Honestly we were simply hanging out at the beach and taking pictures and this object appeared for a split second when I took the picture. Immediately prior to it I was videoing and did not see it at all.

06/14/22 5:40 PM

UFO Shape: diamond



Kihei, HI

Full Report Text:

A orange diamond shape caught my eye and I pulled over to film, I then noticed it changed to disk shape. Another on opposite side of hw While drive south on Vetrans hwy, at 8:40pm on 4/21/22, I noticed a diamond shape floating nearby the roadside may easily 100-150 in the air. I pulled over to investigate and started filming on my phone.

By then it was no longer diamond shaped but rather a disk emitting bright white and green lights. The I noticed there was another one on the opposite side of the road. There was no sound coming from them and the were hovering then one started moving very slowly northbound a At that point, I lost track of the other one, it appeared to have left the area.

I know what I saw and they were not planes or helicopters. I was so excited I was shaking.

04/21/22 8:35 PM

UFO Shape: disk

Lasted: 10 tp 15 minutes


Wahiawa, HI

Full Report Text:

A stationary blinking light amongst the stars On Wednesday March 30th, while star and satellite gazing, my wife, grandchild and I witnessed a bright stationary blink approximately every 12-15 secs. I captured live footage with my iPhone, it's grainy yet still very visible. I went back out the following 3 days and could not locate the blinking light.

I provided detailed coordinates of my location and of the anomaly. I'm very anxious and curious to have expert analyzation. Video details: The first blink is very faint due to thin clouds, it's located in the upper left corner of the video, approx 12 secs later the second blink will appear more towards the center and more visible, the final blink will appear in the center and is the clearest of all.

Please keep in mind I was using my iPhone to record, the anomaly was stationary.

03/30/22 8:14 PM

UFO Shape:

Lasted: 47 seconds


Honolulu, HI

Full Report Text:

Two bright oval objects, appear to be lined up, stationary, lights are ring-shaped. First sighted by my fiancé at his job across town. He called me, and my son and I can see it too.

Objects are straight up and a little to the southwest.

03/09/22 6:55 AM

UFO Shape: oval

Lasted: Ongoing (at 7:05am)


honolulu, HI

Full Report Text:

3 orbs floating stationary above Oahu, seen on the eastside of kailua and later on over Honolulu/ala moana 3 high stationary atmospheric orbs were witnessed high above honolulu and in some reports in kailua. approximately really high 20k feet up? This was in the morning and i used used my friends digital binoculars and iphone zoomed in to take a photo. news media also reported the same thing but they "investigated" into it and supposedly it was a"weather ballon" created by aerostar raven technolgies.

i googled the company and the website looked pretty phony. none of the balloons looked like what i saw on the website as there were other reports from hundreds of other people around the island. what was weird was the air traffic suddenly stopped.

usually there is a constant flow of commerical airplanes coming and going on the south shore of oahu as the Airport is really close by. dont think it was a weather balloon by any means. check the photo and you decide.

the orb looked like it was made of glass and had like glowing wiring on the inside. no occupants were seen as well. not sure how large it was but i would say it was kind of huge considering it was really high up in the airspace, not moving.

and at that altitude, it should be really windy. i call BS on "weather balloon". how could the media dare tell us that now? also, this wasnt the first time i saw a UAP in the same area as well.

03/07/22 7:00 AM

UFO Shape: orb

Lasted: couple days


Honolulu, HI

Full Report Text:

I saw a glimmer in the sky and looked up to see a white object stationary I noticed that at that remained stationary as the stratospheric clouds seemed to zoom by the object.

03/06/22 6:10 PM

UFO Shape: circle

Lasted: Approximately 40 minutes


Hawaii UFO Sightings By Shape

This is a standardized set of shapes a UFO report can be filed under.

Shape / Appearance Sightings % Of Total
Light 178 reported sightings 27.05% of all reports
Circle 74 reported sightings 11.25% of all reports
Sphere 52 reported sightings 7.90% of all reports
Fireball 49 reported sightings 7.45% of all reports
Unknown 45 reported sightings 6.84% of all reports
Triangle 39 reported sightings 5.93% of all reports
Other 36 reported sightings 5.47% of all reports
Disk 30 reported sightings 4.56% of all reports
Oval 23 reported sightings 3.50% of all reports
Formation 22 reported sightings 3.34% of all reports
Flash 18 reported sightings 2.74% of all reports
Changing 13 reported sightings 1.98% of all reports
Rectangle 11 reported sightings 1.67% of all reports
Cigar 11 reported sightings 1.67% of all reports
Diamond 9 reported sightings 1.37% of all reports
Cylinder 7 reported sightings 1.06% of all reports
Egg 7 reported sightings 1.06% of all reports
Cone 5 reported sightings 0.76% of all reports
Chevron 5 reported sightings 0.76% of all reports
Cross 2 reported sightings 0.30% of all reports
Star 2 reported sightings 0.30% of all reports
Teardrop 2 reported sightings 0.30% of all reports

Hawaii UFO Sightings By Month

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the month the sighting occured in.

Month Sightings % Of Total
January 75 reported sightings 11.40% of all reports
December 73 reported sightings 11.09% of all reports
August 71 reported sightings 10.79% of all reports
October 59 reported sightings 8.97% of all reports
September 56 reported sightings 8.51% of all reports
July 55 reported sightings 8.36% of all reports
May 54 reported sightings 8.21% of all reports
June 49 reported sightings 7.45% of all reports
April 44 reported sightings 6.69% of all reports
February 42 reported sightings 6.38% of all reports
November 41 reported sightings 6.23% of all reports
March 31 reported sightings 4.71% of all reports

Hawaii UFO Sightings By Weekday

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the day of the week the sighting occured on.

Weekday Sightings % Of Total
Saturday 110 reported sightings 16.72% of all reports
Sunday 101 reported sightings 15.35% of all reports
Friday 95 reported sightings 14.44% of all reports
Monday 89 reported sightings 13.53% of all reports
Tuesday 88 reported sightings 13.37% of all reports
Thursday 84 reported sightings 12.77% of all reports
Wednesday 83 reported sightings 12.61% of all reports

Hawaii UFO Sightings By Date (Top 5)

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the date the sighting occured on, limited to the top 5 dates with the most sightings.

Date Sightings % Of Total
05/20/14 8 reported sightings 1.22% of all reports
10/24/20 7 reported sightings 1.06% of all reports
11/12/19 5 reported sightings 0.76% of all reports
12/01/00 5 reported sightings 0.76% of all reports
09/23/14 4 reported sightings 0.61% of all reports

Hawaii UFO Sightings By Time

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the time of day the sighting occured during. We took logical 4 hour windows in order to split the day into early morning, morning, afternoon, evening, night, and late night buckets for this analysis.

Time Of Day Hours Sightings % Of Total
Night 20:00 - 23:59 261 reported sightings 39.67% of all reports
Evening 16:00 - 19:59 150 reported sightings 22.80% of all reports
Late night 00:00 - 03:59 96 reported sightings 14.59% of all reports
Early morning 04:00 - 07:59 79 reported sightings 12.01% of all reports
Afternoon 12:00 - 15:59 32 reported sightings 4.86% of all reports
Morning 08:00 - 11:59 32 reported sightings 4.86% of all reports

Years with Reported UFO Sightings in Hawaii

These are running counts of how many UFO sighting reports are filed per year in Hawaii.

Year Number of Reports View Reports
2023 9 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2023
2022 18 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2022
2021 9 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2021
2020 47 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2020
2019 49 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2019
2018 12 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2018
2017 15 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2017
2016 29 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2016
2015 27 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2015
2014 71 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2014
2013 53 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2013
2012 36 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2012
2011 21 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2011
2010 30 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2010
2009 19 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2009
2008 18 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2008
2007 22 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2007
2006 10 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2006
2005 16 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2005
2004 18 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2004
2003 11 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2003
2002 15 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2002
2001 13 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2001
2000 13 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 2000
1999 9 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1999
1998 6 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1998
1997 6 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1997
1995 6 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1995
1994 4 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1994
1993 6 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1993
1992 2 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1992
1991 1 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1991
1990 2 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1990
1989 2 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1989
1986 1 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1986
1985 3 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1985
1984 1 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1984
1983 3 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1983
1980 2 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1980
1979 1 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1979
1978 1 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1978
1977 2 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1977
1973 3 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1973
1972 1 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1972
1971 1 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1971
1970 4 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1970
1969 2 UFO Reports Hawaii UFO Sightings in 1969

Cities with Reported UFO Sightings in Hawaii

These are running counts of how many UFO sighting reports are filed per city in Hawaii

City Number of Reports View Reports
Honolulu 135 UFO Reports Honolulu, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Lahaina 27 UFO Reports Lahaina, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kihei 22 UFO Reports Kihei, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Ewa Beach 17 UFO Reports Ewa Beach, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kaneohe 15 UFO Reports Kaneohe, Hawaii UFO Sightings
HILO 15 UFO Reports HILO, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Maui 15 UFO Reports Maui, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Keaau 15 UFO Reports Keaau, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Waianae 14 UFO Reports Waianae, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kapaa 14 UFO Reports Kapaa, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kailua 12 UFO Reports Kailua, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Wahiawa 12 UFO Reports Wahiawa, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kahului 11 UFO Reports Kahului, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Lihue 11 UFO Reports Lihue, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Haleiwa 9 UFO Reports Haleiwa, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Mililani 9 UFO Reports Mililani, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Wailuku 9 UFO Reports Wailuku, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kailua Kona 8 UFO Reports Kailua Kona, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kapolei 8 UFO Reports Kapolei, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Makawao 7 UFO Reports Makawao, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kaanapali 7 UFO Reports Kaanapali, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Waimanalo 6 UFO Reports Waimanalo, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Waikiki 6 UFO Reports Waikiki, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Haiku 6 UFO Reports Haiku, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kilauea 5 UFO Reports Kilauea, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kaunakakai 5 UFO Reports Kaunakakai, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Hana 5 UFO Reports Hana, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Pearl Harbor 5 UFO Reports Pearl Harbor, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kailua-Kona 5 UFO Reports Kailua-Kona, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kona 5 UFO Reports Kona, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Aiea 5 UFO Reports Aiea, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Waikoloa 5 UFO Reports Waikoloa, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Poipu 5 UFO Reports Poipu, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Wailea 5 UFO Reports Wailea, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Oahu 5 UFO Reports Oahu, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Captain Cook 4 UFO Reports Captain Cook, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Pahoa 4 UFO Reports Pahoa, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Schofield Barracks 4 UFO Reports Schofield Barracks, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Pukalani 3 UFO Reports Pukalani, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kahuku 3 UFO Reports Kahuku, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Waipahu 3 UFO Reports Waipahu, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Pearl City 3 UFO Reports Pearl City, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Holualoa 3 UFO Reports Holualoa, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Lawai 3 UFO Reports Lawai, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Mokuleia 3 UFO Reports Mokuleia, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Anahola 3 UFO Reports Anahola, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kula 3 UFO Reports Kula, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kekaha 3 UFO Reports Kekaha, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Wailua 3 UFO Reports Wailua, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Ocean View 3 UFO Reports Ocean View, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Waialua 3 UFO Reports Waialua, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Haleakala 3 UFO Reports Haleakala, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Hawaii Kai 2 UFO Reports Hawaii Kai, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Haleakala National Park 2 UFO Reports Haleakala National Park, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kauai 2 UFO Reports Kauai, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Honoluu 2 UFO Reports Honoluu, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Waimea 2 UFO Reports Waimea, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Naalehu 2 UFO Reports Naalehu, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Nanakuli 2 UFO Reports Nanakuli, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Paia 2 UFO Reports Paia, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Laie 2 UFO Reports Laie, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Hanalei 2 UFO Reports Hanalei, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Napili 2 UFO Reports Napili, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kapaau 2 UFO Reports Kapaau, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Hanalei Bay 2 UFO Reports Hanalei Bay, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Honaunau 2 UFO Reports Honaunau, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Haena 2 UFO Reports Haena, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kaimuki 2 UFO Reports Kaimuki, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kapalua 2 UFO Reports Kapalua, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Honokaa 2 UFO Reports Honokaa, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kehei 2 UFO Reports Kehei, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Hakalau 2 UFO Reports Hakalau, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kahana 2 UFO Reports Kahana, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Kahana Beach 2 UFO Reports Kahana Beach, Hawaii UFO Sightings
Mount View 2 UFO Reports Mount View, Hawaii UFO Sightings