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All Reported UFO Sightings in Idaho

This page aggregates and analyzes all UFO sighting reports made in Idaho.

How many UFO sightings have there been in Idaho?

  • There have been 1,330 officially reported UFO sightings in Idaho from 1973 to 2023.
  • Idaho ranks #32 in the list of states with the most reported UFO sightings in the USA.
  • Adjusted for population size, Idaho ranks #7 on the list of states with the most reported UFO sightings, with an average of 1.60 reports per 100,000 residents.

Idaho Cities with the most UFO Sightings

Rank City Reported Sightings
1 Boise, ID 330 UFO Reports
2 Nampa, ID 83 UFO Reports
3 Meridian, ID 58 UFO Reports
4 Twin falls, ID 52 UFO Reports
5 Idaho Falls, ID 50 UFO Reports

Idaho UFO Sightings Analysis

We analyzed all 1,330 UFO sighting reports in Idaho to identify possible patterns and gain insight into the phenomenon:

20 Most Recent UFO Sightings in Idaho

These Idaho UFO reports are presented as they were submitted other than paragraph breaks added for easier readability where necessary. You can click the 'Report' link to view the original report along with any photos that may have been submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

Boise, ID

Full Report Text:

Two red star sized objects traveled from one lighting fill storm cell through clear star filled area and back into another cell. Went outside to watch a lightning storm go by. I saw a red star shaped object travel out of a lightning filled storm cell into clear skies for 5 seconds and then it went into another cell.

Seconds later another red object followed in the same direction. Traveling south to north.

09/07/23 9:30 PM

UFO Shape: star

Lasted: 5 seconds


Oakley, ID

Full Report Text:

Venus rising.

09/03/23 6:08 AM

UFO Shape: orb

Lasted: 8min


Lewiston, ID

Full Report Text:

Did not see in person, security footage picked it up. Slow moving oval shape light with tails crossing sky . Did not see in person, security footage picked it up.

One slow moving oval shape light with tails crossing the western sky over Lewiston Idaho. When zoomed in on the object, you can see it pulsating. Never disappeared during the recording.

Did not appear to move in a straight line the entire time. Original video is on security system that I installed at my place of employment.

08/31/23 10:07 PM

UFO Shape: oval

Lasted: 2 min


Kooskia, ID

Full Report Text:

Strange object in the sky I'm a hobbiest photographer. I had my camera set up on a tri pod and was doing what is called photo bracketing. I took a series of 4 shots at different shutter speeds.

The four photos were taken within seconds of each other. It wasnt until I got home and was processing the photos that I came across something odd in only one of the photos. At first it appeared that my camera lens was dirty, but when I zoomed in on the photo I found something very strange in the left hand side along with all the other clutter in the photo.

Everyone who has seen the photo so far agree that its very strange.

08/05/23 4:30 PM

UFO Shape: unknown

Lasted: 0


Boise, ID

Full Report Text:

V shaped formation very silent V shaped formation moving south to north, low altitude, silver/whitish look to the craft. When passing over head everything went silent. Have a water pump that is running near by and then as they passed over it was like a cone of silence passed over us as well.

Witnessed clearly by myself and my wife. This is the second time we have seen a similar formation and the same “silent” effect as it passed overhead.

07/05/23 11:20 PM

UFO Shape: formation

Lasted: 30 seconds


Lava Hot Springs, ID

Full Report Text:

I saw a cluster of metallic orbs that were 10 plus in numbers and two individual metallic orbs. My girlfriend, my seven year old daughter, and myself were staying at my friends cabin in Lava Hot Springs Idaho. During the afternoon after my daughter and I got back from a four wheeler ride to go fishing and we went inside because a lightning storm had come over us.

My daughter and I went to the balcony to observe the storm and when the clouds had passed over us to the East my daughter pointed out a very strange looking group of flying objects that were very close to the edge of the storm. At first I thought it might be a flock of birds but after seeing how far away these objects were given that they were hovering just above the next mountain range over it became clear to me that these objects would have to be extremely large to be viewed from such a distance. When I looked at the cluster of objects with a pair of binoculars they looked metallic when the sunlight would hit them just right.

There were no wings, no navigation lights, and no propulsion equipment. These were indeed metallic orbs I was looking at. The group of objects hovered and fluttered in a very random pattern.

I called my girlfriend over, she was inside working on her laptop at the time. I didn't say anything to her about what I thought I was looking at, I handed her the binoculars and told her to look at the objects. She seemed pretty stunned when she observed them, she saw very clearly that these objects could not be explained by any conventional explanation.

They stayed there for quite some time, maybe 15-20 minutes give or take. The objects eventually started heading North East until they were beyond my vision from the view point I was standing at. In the video I noticed that there were also multiple rogue UAPs flying around.

The first one can be seen starting at the 0.29 mark, when it comes out of the clouds and moves quite fast in a Z pattern descending towards the ground. This object eventually went bellow the tree line and out of site, it's possible it could have made a landing somewhere in the valley.

At the 0.46 mark you can see another rogue UAP come in from the right side of the camera and it ascends for a little while until it starts to level out and fly straight heading towards the cluster of UAPs that can be seen off and on throughout the entire 59 second video. I stopped filming the video because I did not know how well my camera was picking up the objects and wanted to get a good look at them before they disappeared.

Now after watching this video on a widescreen monitor and a stretched out 1x1 aspect ratio or a full screen stretch (this video was filmed in portrait mode so proper adjustments need to be made to see everything) I noticed that there was way more happening than I had initially observed. I truly do feel like me and my family witnessed something very incredible and out of this world. I put a dropbox link below to ensure the full resolution of the video can be seen.

This will be my second encounter with UAP's and this is the first time I have observed them in broad daylight. I do hope that someone will look at this video very thoroughly, thank you for your time. https://www.

07/03/23 12:20 PM

UFO Shape: orb

Lasted: 15-20 minutes


, ID

Full Report Text:

Entered our vision from right to left-North to South. Perhaps 1000 ' altitude above ground 1/4 mile to West of our house. bright orange Bright orange circular shape like beach ball with fringe of yellow .

Approximately 40 m p h for 30 seconds. Sped up to disappearing point of light to S E. in cloud bank over Sal Mountain.

No sound.

06/19/23 10:20 PM

UFO Shape: changing

Lasted: about 45 seconds


Kuna, ID

Full Report Text:

V shaped craft with 5-7 diffused lights. Directly overhead, flying low, traveling from west to east. Silent and fast We were in the backyard at my cousin’s, celebrating his birthday.

I wandered away from the porch to look at the stars. I was looking straight up, facing the southern sky and noticed a very faint, bluish white light. It looked as if someone was pointing a flashlight through fog, but the sky was clear of any clouds.

As my eyes focused and adjusted, I saw more of the same lights. They were all in a V formation like the way geese fly. The lights appeared to fall in and out of sync ever so slightly, which made me think it might have been multiple craft.

This all took place within a matter of seconds. I was stunned and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The only thing I could do was mutter an expletive to myself.

As it passed over the house, out of my line of sight, I ran to the opposite end of the backyard to see if I could follow it again, but it was gone. I returned to the group and told them what I saw.

06/10/23 11:30 PM

UFO Shape: chevron

Lasted: 5-10 seconds


Boise, ID

Full Report Text:

While sitting outside my wife and I noticed 7 lights in a v shape moving west to east, totally silent. The lights appeared to be at an altitude that was very similar to what I local airplanes on approach to the Boise airport. The moon was bright despite being a half moon.

The night was calm and there weren’t many clouds. It was a great night for star gazing. At first I thought it was a satellite but then noticed other lights as it came into view.

It went almost directly overhead which is how I could see the v shape but again no sound. The night was strangely quiet. Lights were white and all appeared to be part of the same craft.

05/27/23 11:45 PM

UFO Shape: formation

Lasted: Approximately 30 seconds


Hope, ID

Full Report Text:

A cigar shaped very illuminated yellow white and iridescent light ship traveling rapidly to the south west, coming out of the north. Cigar shaped heavily illuminated light ship traveling at a high rate of speed, coming out of the north heading southwest, over Lake Pend Oreille.

05/25/23 7:56 PM

UFO Shape: cigar

Lasted: 10 seconds


Meridian, ID

Full Report Text:

I saw three white dots in the sky dance around each other before parting ways outside my window I'm adding a photo of the window I saw it out of and the position of the dots I saw (I drew in example of the dots). I was finishing up my last email of the day for work when I looked out my window and noticed 3 circular white dots in the sky. They were apart from one another and then came near each other and began to dance around one another.

This lasted 5 seconds and after that, they stood still for 2 seconds before parting ways. Two of the dots went east and one went west. The one that went west I followed for around 13 seconds in the sky until it was out of scene from my window.

03/15/23 4:10 PM

UFO Shape: circle

Lasted: 20 seconds


Garden City, ID

Full Report Text:

Saw what appeared to be a Aireal object just hovering in the sky not moving I went outside to get my plants. And I looked up in the sky and saw some kind of aerial object just hovering in the sky with numerous lights on it. The object may be circular but it was dark outside so I could not see.

NUFORC Note: Jupiter and Venus.

03/01/23 7:38 PM

UFO Shape: circle

Lasted: UFO?


Meridian, ID

Full Report Text:

I saw a shimmering object stationary in the sky at a fairly low altitude. Way too large to be a drone. And the light was very brilliant I was awake at approximately 3:13am (I looked at the clock) and entered the darkened dressing area of my primary bedroom.

Light was coming through the muted privacy window over my bath tub. It was so bright that I thought it must be a full moon because a full moon in a clear sky will shed light into that window. I looked outside through the blinds in my bathroom - which is part of the dressing area - and saw a bright, shimmering object sitting just above the tree line of my neighbors very high pine trees.

I believe the object was much higher than the tree tops, yet from my vantage point, it was just above their trees. I looked away to be sure I was seeing something and looked back outside, and I was then certain I was seeing a bright object with a shimmering light; not a flat light. I studied it for a moment and observed that it was a oval/cylinder shaped object, and the surface appeared to have square shapes on it.

The light was quite brilliant. I looked away and looked back at the object a few times.and it was still there.

At 3am, I didn't want to go outside by myself and attempt to photograph this object. And I figured I could not be the only person who saw it. Even at 3:15am or so, I thought there must be a few people on the road that would see it.

This location is right off a busy road; Eagle Road in Meridian, Idaho. I concluded I'd read about it in the news or on the "Nextdoor" neighborhood app. No one has reported a sighting.

I looked at the moon this morning at 6:30am; not a full moon. A half moon. I know what I saw.

Very, very odd. I've never seen anything like it. Address below is post office address not home address where sighting took place.

Phone number is an old land line, as I don't want my cell number published. If needed, I can be reached via email and will then give my phone number.

02/13/23 3:13 AM

UFO Shape: cylinder

Lasted: Approximately 3 minutes


Hagerman, ID

Full Report Text:

Looked like a chain of lights in sky then each one went out in order from back to front reminded me of flares The objects looked like small balls in a straight line. It appeared they were moving towards the ground in a row. There was six objects really bright white lights then they began to dim and each one went out and disappeared in order from rear to front.

I observed them first then called my family out to see them. I am a veteran and served in the army field artillery and military police. The objects reminded me of flares from mortars but the location of them is not close to the military training area.

02/12/23 8:50 PM

UFO Shape: formation

Lasted: About 20 seconds


Troy, ID

Full Report Text:

Red, green & white flashing lights too far away to determine shape Took the dogs out for last call & the moon was gorgeous so started looking around. At first I thought it was a plane but it did not change location much from my original observation until the final one. I watch other planes with their red & white lights but this included green too.

The majority of the time is had lights but on a couple of occasions it was not visible, I did not see a cloud but it could have been. At one point, what I thought was a plane, headed straight towards it but appeared to go past it - I could not see how - above, below, thru? I have been checking to see if Starlink has something like that hanging around but have not found anything yet. It was too far away to get a photo, sigh.

02/11/23 12:03 AM

UFO Shape: other

Lasted: 25-30 minutes


Ashton, ID

Full Report Text:

Strange white lights on main part, green laser pointer like lights scanning the ground. now other planes have came in Strange lights flying fairly low hovering green two green laser points pointing down other planes have came in looks like to investigate it.

02/08/23 9:03 PM

UFO Shape: other

Lasted: 1 hr and still happeing


Middleton, ID

Full Report Text:

Seemed odd Object in sky was white round like with black markings that resembled blocks or ladder looking close to the shape of an air balloon looking at it I first thought a balloon with streamers but after I pulled off road for better look I thought if it were a balloon and streamers it wouldn’t look this big ‘ it was big that’s when I noticed the black markings more prominent it seemed to be stationary or slightly floating I tried two different numbers to report this they told me to use this form.

02/02/23 5:00 PM

UFO Shape: circle

Lasted: 2-3 min


Moscow, ID

Full Report Text:

I observed the light when walking and as I watched it it made very precise vertical and horizontal moves While walking and looking at the moon to the east of the admin building myself and my friend Yasiman saw a very bright brilliant light at first I did not think anything about it until I saw it move vertical and horizontal very precise and very quick. I was listening for the fam noise of drone and did not hear anything , the Moscow -Pullman regional Airport is about 7-9 miles away to the north west of this location. The video I am submitting is about a minute after initial sighting (the light is not the reflection that is moving sporadically) and as I walk toward the west and stop then you will see it move vertical and then it moves horizontally as I follow it east back into the trees (which you will see it through the trees for a brief second.

We walked east after the video and the light was no where to be seen when we got to an area that had a large clearing . I am a masters of architecture student at UI as is my friend Yasiman Dadras. We had just completed our final review for our studio architecture class.

12/09/22 5:28 PM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: Total - 3 minutes


Hayden, ID

Full Report Text:

This sound woke me up, and I hurried outside and eventually took my boots off to quickly videotape this. This sound woke me up, and I hurried outside and eventually took my socks off in the snow to quickly videotape this. I was on my upstairs deck and barely got this footage.

11/17/22 11:24 AM

UFO Shape: unknown



Coeur d Alene, ID

Full Report Text:

Dark Triangle with Large Round White Circles at Corners Out on back deck looking at Mars and the Moon. Sitting there 5 min. I see something to my left coming from the North at high speed, just zipped right over our house and was gone.

At first I thought a commercial drone but no navigation lights and ZERO sound. ZERO sound. A Triangle with rounded corners, gun metal gray or black, undercarriage large white circles near each corner but not illuminated.

The white circles looked like a dome bathroom light that wasn't lit. Size, I am unsure of due to lack of depth perception at night. If it was 100 ft up it would have been 2ft across, if 500 ft.

would probably have been the size of a large Uhaul truck, 1000 ft. an 18 wheeler truck/trailer. I immediately came back into the house as it gave me the hibbies.

11/12/22 9:40 PM

UFO Shape: triangle

Lasted: 30 Seconds


Idaho UFO Sightings By Shape

This is a standardized set of shapes a UFO report can be filed under.

Shape / Appearance Sightings % Of Total
Light 316 reported sightings 23.76% of all reports
Circle 140 reported sightings 10.53% of all reports
Triangle 109 reported sightings 8.20% of all reports
Unknown 91 reported sightings 6.84% of all reports
Other 84 reported sightings 6.32% of all reports
Fireball 79 reported sightings 5.94% of all reports
Sphere 72 reported sightings 5.41% of all reports
Disk 67 reported sightings 5.04% of all reports
Formation 51 reported sightings 3.83% of all reports
Oval 41 reported sightings 3.08% of all reports
Changing 33 reported sightings 2.48% of all reports
Cigar 31 reported sightings 2.33% of all reports
Flash 26 reported sightings 1.95% of all reports
Chevron 17 reported sightings 1.28% of all reports
Cylinder 15 reported sightings 1.13% of all reports
Rectangle 15 reported sightings 1.13% of all reports
Diamond 15 reported sightings 1.13% of all reports
Cone 8 reported sightings 0.60% of all reports
Teardrop 7 reported sightings 0.53% of all reports
Egg 6 reported sightings 0.45% of all reports
Cross 5 reported sightings 0.38% of all reports
Orb 2 reported sightings 0.15% of all reports

Idaho UFO Sightings By Month

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the month the sighting occured in.

Month Sightings % Of Total
July 172 reported sightings 12.93% of all reports
August 151 reported sightings 11.35% of all reports
September 125 reported sightings 9.40% of all reports
June 121 reported sightings 9.10% of all reports
May 113 reported sightings 8.50% of all reports
October 109 reported sightings 8.20% of all reports
April 105 reported sightings 7.89% of all reports
February 94 reported sightings 7.07% of all reports
November 87 reported sightings 6.54% of all reports
March 86 reported sightings 6.47% of all reports
December 80 reported sightings 6.02% of all reports
January 74 reported sightings 5.56% of all reports

Idaho UFO Sightings By Weekday

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the day of the week the sighting occured on.

Weekday Sightings % Of Total
Saturday 232 reported sightings 17.44% of all reports
Thursday 197 reported sightings 14.81% of all reports
Tuesday 188 reported sightings 14.14% of all reports
Wednesday 184 reported sightings 13.83% of all reports
Friday 175 reported sightings 13.16% of all reports
Sunday 173 reported sightings 13.01% of all reports
Monday 168 reported sightings 12.63% of all reports

Idaho UFO Sightings By Date (Top 5)

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the date the sighting occured on, limited to the top 5 dates with the most sightings.

Date Sightings % Of Total
05/19/20 7 reported sightings 0.53% of all reports
05/01/15 6 reported sightings 0.45% of all reports
02/23/15 5 reported sightings 0.38% of all reports
03/26/20 5 reported sightings 0.38% of all reports
08/08/20 5 reported sightings 0.38% of all reports

Idaho UFO Sightings By Time

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the time of day the sighting occured during. We took logical 4 hour windows in order to split the day into early morning, morning, afternoon, evening, night, and late night buckets for this analysis.

Time Of Day Hours Sightings % Of Total
Night 20:00 - 23:59 622 reported sightings 46.77% of all reports
Late night 00:00 - 03:59 244 reported sightings 18.35% of all reports
Evening 16:00 - 19:59 186 reported sightings 13.98% of all reports
Early morning 04:00 - 07:59 123 reported sightings 9.25% of all reports
Afternoon 12:00 - 15:59 71 reported sightings 5.34% of all reports
Morning 08:00 - 11:59 71 reported sightings 5.34% of all reports

Years with Reported UFO Sightings in Idaho

These are running counts of how many UFO sighting reports are filed per year in Idaho.

Year Number of Reports View Reports
2023 17 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2023
2022 47 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2022
2021 58 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2021
2020 128 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2020
2019 107 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2019
2018 46 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2018
2017 50 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2017
2016 75 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2016
2015 98 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2015
2014 89 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2014
2013 103 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2013
2012 57 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2012
2011 44 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2011
2010 32 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2010
2009 24 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2009
2008 26 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2008
2007 18 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2007
2006 36 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2006
2005 31 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2005
2004 22 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2004
2003 27 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2003
2002 20 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2002
2001 27 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2001
2000 19 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 2000
1999 23 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1999
1998 14 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1998
1997 7 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1997
1996 12 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1996
1995 10 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1995
1994 6 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1994
1993 1 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1993
1992 7 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1992
1991 5 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1991
1990 1 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1990
1989 4 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1989
1986 1 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1986
1984 2 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1984
1983 4 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1983
1982 1 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1982
1981 2 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1981
1980 2 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1980
1978 4 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1978
1977 2 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1977
1976 2 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1976
1975 3 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1975
1974 2 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1974
1973 1 UFO Reports Idaho UFO Sightings in 1973

Cities with Reported UFO Sightings in Idaho

These are running counts of how many UFO sighting reports are filed per city in Idaho

City Number of Reports View Reports
Boise 330 UFO Reports Boise, Idaho UFO Sightings
Nampa 83 UFO Reports Nampa, Idaho UFO Sightings
Meridian 58 UFO Reports Meridian, Idaho UFO Sightings
Twin falls 52 UFO Reports Twin falls, Idaho UFO Sightings
Idaho Falls 50 UFO Reports Idaho Falls, Idaho UFO Sightings
Coeur dAlene 46 UFO Reports Coeur dAlene, Idaho UFO Sightings
Pocatello 29 UFO Reports Pocatello, Idaho UFO Sightings
Caldwell 29 UFO Reports Caldwell, Idaho UFO Sightings
Sandpoint 28 UFO Reports Sandpoint, Idaho UFO Sightings
Post Falls 27 UFO Reports Post Falls, Idaho UFO Sightings
Mountain Home 24 UFO Reports Mountain Home, Idaho UFO Sightings
Kuna 23 UFO Reports Kuna, Idaho UFO Sightings
Lewiston 21 UFO Reports Lewiston, Idaho UFO Sightings
Hayden 20 UFO Reports Hayden, Idaho UFO Sightings
Moscow 15 UFO Reports Moscow, Idaho UFO Sightings
Emmett 13 UFO Reports Emmett, Idaho UFO Sightings
Eagle 12 UFO Reports Eagle, Idaho UFO Sightings
Jerome 12 UFO Reports Jerome, Idaho UFO Sightings
Rathdrum 12 UFO Reports Rathdrum, Idaho UFO Sightings
Rexburg 12 UFO Reports Rexburg, Idaho UFO Sightings
Weiser 10 UFO Reports Weiser, Idaho UFO Sightings
Star 9 UFO Reports Star, Idaho UFO Sightings
Garden City 9 UFO Reports Garden City, Idaho UFO Sightings
Blackfoot 9 UFO Reports Blackfoot, Idaho UFO Sightings
Payette 9 UFO Reports Payette, Idaho UFO Sightings
Hailey 9 UFO Reports Hailey, Idaho UFO Sightings
Middleton 9 UFO Reports Middleton, Idaho UFO Sightings
Buhl 8 UFO Reports Buhl, Idaho UFO Sightings
McCall 8 UFO Reports McCall, Idaho UFO Sightings
Burley 8 UFO Reports Burley, Idaho UFO Sightings
Ammon 7 UFO Reports Ammon, Idaho UFO Sightings
Spirit Lake 7 UFO Reports Spirit Lake, Idaho UFO Sightings
Grangeville 6 UFO Reports Grangeville, Idaho UFO Sightings
Worley 6 UFO Reports Worley, Idaho UFO Sightings
Ketchum 5 UFO Reports Ketchum, Idaho UFO Sightings
Bonners Ferry 5 UFO Reports Bonners Ferry, Idaho UFO Sightings
Wendell 5 UFO Reports Wendell, Idaho UFO Sightings
Saint Maries 5 UFO Reports Saint Maries, Idaho UFO Sightings
Eden 5 UFO Reports Eden, Idaho UFO Sightings
Challis 5 UFO Reports Challis, Idaho UFO Sightings
Victor 5 UFO Reports Victor, Idaho UFO Sightings
Kamiah 5 UFO Reports Kamiah, Idaho UFO Sightings
Plummer 5 UFO Reports Plummer, Idaho UFO Sightings
Rigby 5 UFO Reports Rigby, Idaho UFO Sightings
Riggins 4 UFO Reports Riggins, Idaho UFO Sightings
Filer 4 UFO Reports Filer, Idaho UFO Sightings
White Bird 4 UFO Reports White Bird, Idaho UFO Sightings
Cascade 4 UFO Reports Cascade, Idaho UFO Sightings
Idaho City 4 UFO Reports Idaho City, Idaho UFO Sightings
Arco 4 UFO Reports Arco, Idaho UFO Sightings
Marsing 4 UFO Reports Marsing, Idaho UFO Sightings
Fruitland 4 UFO Reports Fruitland, Idaho UFO Sightings
Mountain Home AFB 4 UFO Reports Mountain Home AFB, Idaho UFO Sightings
Hagerman 4 UFO Reports Hagerman, Idaho UFO Sightings
Lava Hot Springs 4 UFO Reports Lava Hot Springs, Idaho UFO Sightings
Donnelly 4 UFO Reports Donnelly, Idaho UFO Sightings
American Falls 3 UFO Reports American Falls, Idaho UFO Sightings
Glenns Ferry 3 UFO Reports Glenns Ferry, Idaho UFO Sightings
Idaho 3 UFO Reports Idaho, Idaho UFO Sightings
Ririe 3 UFO Reports Ririe, Idaho UFO Sightings
Montpelier 3 UFO Reports Montpelier, Idaho UFO Sightings
Firth 3 UFO Reports Firth, Idaho UFO Sightings
Oakley 3 UFO Reports Oakley, Idaho UFO Sightings
Troy 3 UFO Reports Troy, Idaho UFO Sightings
Bruneau 3 UFO Reports Bruneau, Idaho UFO Sightings
Stanley 3 UFO Reports Stanley, Idaho UFO Sightings
Priest Lake 3 UFO Reports Priest Lake, Idaho UFO Sightings
Couer dAlene 3 UFO Reports Couer dAlene, Idaho UFO Sightings
Chubbuck 3 UFO Reports Chubbuck, Idaho UFO Sightings
Athol 3 UFO Reports Athol, Idaho UFO Sightings
Orofino 3 UFO Reports Orofino, Idaho UFO Sightings
Dalton Gardens 3 UFO Reports Dalton Gardens, Idaho UFO Sightings
Bellevue 3 UFO Reports Bellevue, Idaho UFO Sightings
Melba 3 UFO Reports Melba, Idaho UFO Sightings
Heyburn 3 UFO Reports Heyburn, Idaho UFO Sightings
Rupert 3 UFO Reports Rupert, Idaho UFO Sightings
Shelley 3 UFO Reports Shelley, Idaho UFO Sightings
Cambridge 3 UFO Reports Cambridge, Idaho UFO Sightings
Hope 3 UFO Reports Hope, Idaho UFO Sightings
Smiths Ferry 2 UFO Reports Smiths Ferry, Idaho UFO Sightings
Driggs 2 UFO Reports Driggs, Idaho UFO Sightings
Snake River 2 UFO Reports Snake River, Idaho UFO Sightings
Kimberly 2 UFO Reports Kimberly, Idaho UFO Sightings
MacKay 2 UFO Reports MacKay, Idaho UFO Sightings
Harrison 2 UFO Reports Harrison, Idaho UFO Sightings
Salmon 2 UFO Reports Salmon, Idaho UFO Sightings
Malad 2 UFO Reports Malad, Idaho UFO Sightings
Hauser Lake 2 UFO Reports Hauser Lake, Idaho UFO Sightings
Ashton 2 UFO Reports Ashton, Idaho UFO Sightings
Grand View 2 UFO Reports Grand View, Idaho UFO Sightings
Rogerson 2 UFO Reports Rogerson, Idaho UFO Sightings
Fort Hall 2 UFO Reports Fort Hall, Idaho UFO Sightings
Sand Point 2 UFO Reports Sand Point, Idaho UFO Sightings
Priest River 2 UFO Reports Priest River, Idaho UFO Sightings
Council 2 UFO Reports Council, Idaho UFO Sightings
May 2 UFO Reports May, Idaho UFO Sightings
Clayton 2 UFO Reports Clayton, Idaho UFO Sightings
Fairfield 2 UFO Reports Fairfield, Idaho UFO Sightings
Wallace 2 UFO Reports Wallace, Idaho UFO Sightings
Homedale 2 UFO Reports Homedale, Idaho UFO Sightings
Shoshone 2 UFO Reports Shoshone, Idaho UFO Sightings