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All Reported UFO Sightings in Tualatin, Oregon

This page aggregates and analyzes all UFO sighting reports made in Tualatin, Oregon.

How many UFO sightings have there been in Tualatin, Oregon?

  • There have been 14 officially reported UFO sightings in Tualatin from 2000 to 2022.
  • Tualatin ranks #45 on the list of cities with the most reported UFO sightings in Oregon.

Other Oregon Cities with Reported UFO Sightings

Rank City Number of Reports
1 Portland, OR 614 UFO Reports
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3 Eugene, OR 169 UFO Reports
4 Beaverton, OR 96 UFO Reports
5 Bend, OR 84 UFO Reports

Tualatin, Oregon UFO Sightings Analysis

We analyzed all 14 UFO sighting reports in Tualatin, Oregon to identify possible patterns and gain insight into the phenomenon:

20 Most Recent UFO Sightings in Tualatin, Oregon

These Tualatin, Oregon UFO reports are presented as they were submitted other than paragraph breaks added for easier readability where necessary. You can click the 'Report' link to view the original report along with any photos that may have been submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

Tualatin, OR

Full Report Text:

After New Years Eve firework display, I saw up to 5-6 Amber pulsating UAP’s hovering and then moving East to west, before vanishing. Location: Seen from Tualatin, OR Approx 23-26 miles south of PDX Airport Timeframe & Details Midnight - big fireworks going on from some house below me. Then at video #1 12:07 (i'm facing straight to the East and the fireworks were fairly low in the sky - just above the houses below me).

Decided to go out and take a video of what my friend was missing out on, to show her in am). Went out and ended up only seeing and filming the very last firework. Clicked the phone off, and then I saw a strange large amber glow up and over a little to the right.

opened the phone and snapped a pic. (I wanted to video but opened in camera mode and snapped a pic instead. 12:08 - picture.

What I saw was a lot bigger visually than what the camera shows. hurried and went to video, because it looked so different from anything I've seen in the sky. It seemed to be hovering - like a helicopter would, in my mind, like it was watching the fireworks.

for some reason, i waved haha. then noticed it was now moving. that's when my nerves started freaking out.

12:08 - 1st video of object- while filming, i could tell it was slowly moving in my direction, not at me, but straight from East to west. I went to move to get a better angle to video, and my sandal was frozen to the ground, so after pulling a few times, I moved and started filming again. 12:09 - Continuing the filming of the 1st object I saw.

(seemingly to slowly move West/SW and possibly climbing.) Notes: 1. While watching the video back, I noticed that there was a lower object shown at the end of the video, but didn't notice it then, because when I looked back to my left, to walk back to my back door, i saw 2 more coming from same direction as first, and they were also moving very slowly.

2. From the time I started videoing the first one, in my mind, I kept repeating, I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared. I was so filled with fear.

After waving and noticing the first one slowly moving somewhat in my direction, I couldn't get the image of it coming over my house and then all the other scary thoughts that go with that were running through my head. If any of them would've come towards my house, I wouldn't have been able to continue to video. I felt that scared! 3.

Because it was so cold and my nerves were on high edge, I was shaking a lot and videos were not steady. *the object's movements were very slow and steady. 4.

There was what seemed like a bright, big, close star or possible satellite?? from viewing that, it can help see the movement of the objects as it/they pass in front of it. 5. It was clear - with some possible haze - I couldn't tell for sure.

but I could see the constellation Orion (so small compared to "bright star' low in the south sky, which was up and further over to the west from where all the objects seemed to just blink out. At first, I thought they faded into a possible haze I couldn’t see, but really it was as if they blinked in and out a few times then just vanished. 6.

Weather - Cold/freezing, but no precipitation or wind that i noticed. 7. I can send a video of typical air traffic and a map of where I am, in comparison to PDX airport.

Pattern of most air traffic I see, follows I5 direction, going South to North, to the airport or north to south, away. 12:10-Video of next 2 objects and notice a third separate one in the frame. I try to turn my phone sideways - you can still track them from the steady bright white light.

12:11 Continued filming of those 3 objects, but starting with my phone sideways. talking to myself - saying that it was as if they were watching the fireworks. the movements of two objects traveling together, seemed so weird to me.

Like they are separate, and doing a little dance together. 12:12 - moving to try and capture them as they moved away West, then they just seemed to flicker out.) 12:12 - tried to focus on bright white spot, to see if I could find them again.

nope 12:13 - Then Saw one more coming from my left (East). I think I whispered something like "Don't scare me, Oh my God, there's another one", and I was so scared, i stopped filming sky, and started walking to my back door to go inside. Then lifted my phone to continue to film the object, while standing next to my door.

*The objects did not make any sound that I could hear. At all. (And I can often hear flight traffic from planes and helicopters).

Went inside, and my heart was pounding out of my chest. seemed like my fear senses were on overdrive. I was so scared that I ran up to where my friend was staying and said in a loud voice, Sheryl, Sheryl, I think I just saw ufo's - Sheryl.

She didn't respond, so I didn't want wake her. so I called my friend in MT (12:28), who I was talking with a little after 11- Sharing the videos and writing "Dude, it was closer than the picture shows, like my heart is still racing. I was so scared to be out there, like I even backed up close to the door, missing some of it, I was literally that scared.

" Could not go to sleep - so worried that I'd have little visitors in my room. started texting with my sister in Mt, around 3 who happened to just respond to my earlier happy new years text. I was so grateful to be texting with her, because I was still so scared and couldn't fall asleep.

I ended up only sleeping maybe 1/2 after her text, when i then woke and ended up not being able to fall back asleep. Details I shared with her. *They were a lot closer than what my camera could catch.

*So scared my heart didn't stop beating hard for at least 1/2 hour. *Seemed like they were just pulsating. no flicking on and off light patterns, like typical aircrafts at night.

*No other color (white,red,green, etc) other than Amber-like glow - kind of pulsating. I'd say I'd compare it to staring at a part of a candle flame. *"Moving going from east to west and I swear they seemed to be hovering around my area, before slowly moving off.

I was so scared. and then they just disappeared one after the other. After moving towards West, They just kind of flickered out of sight.

*Hard to tell, but it definitely seemed like some sort of vehicle - bigger than a helicopter. appeared to be between a circle and triangle, maybe Triangle with more rounded corners . possibly the amber light was deeper in color in the area under the edges.

The whole bottom was this candle amber like and didn't seem like it stayed solid - color in movement like a candle would or pulsating somehow. *Seemed like they were watching the fireworks. Moved a lot steadier than what my camera captured.

they kind of sometimes flicked in and out. It was so scary and amazing at the same time. The first couple seemed to literally be hovering for a while, before slowly traveling to the west.

*My cat was so freaked out that I found her hiding under my bed. could be because of the fireworks, but when i finally got her out from under there, she stayed on my chest for at least an hour. (usually just sleeps on the end of my bed), and when she got up, she still laid close by my side.

She was acting off all night and very skittish. I did not sleep - so scared. I wish my phone could’ve captured what my eyes saw.

1/1 11:20am Text with My uncle who is retired, but flew fighter jets, then flew for other sec of govt, then i think around 30 yrs commercial. What I wrote to him, and then his response. "I saw them hovering then moving slowly to the right, They were so much closer and larger than what seems in this video.

I noticed them after watching a firework in the sky for New Year Eve. I look a little to the right and bam saw the hovering and then moving slowly to the west. He asked if the white dot was a plane - No, I think it was a low bright star (but looked bigger and closer than other stars and Orion that i could see in the sky.

maybe it was close bright satalight? White dot - no movement, has slight sparkle)- you can use it to see how slow they're moving and how they move past it. Honestly as they moved to the west and maybe a little higher, they just vanished. First I saw one, then 2 with a sep one.

then another came from the left as they disappeared in the west sky, more came. I think I saw 5-6. No red white or green lights, no flashing, just this pulsating glow.

For as close as they were, no sound. in one of the videos you can see that i was so scared my phone went to my feet walking towards my back door, because I was going to run into the house, but then I shot the phone back into the sky to capture the last UAP. From the videos it sent him, he said that he saw no landing lights, so flashing on off patterns, no white or red lights.

I then sent him video of airplanes at night - flying their typical north south pattern to pdx. Said it's nothing that he can recognize or explain, and recommended that I file a report.

01/01/22 12:07 AM

UFO Shape: other

Lasted: 6ish minutes for all them


Tualatin, OR

Full Report Text:

I was with my friend as she was driving through Tualatin, when we both noticed these 2 hovering lights in the sky below the clouds that resembled head lights and a 3rd light that was lower in the sky that was slowly moving closer to the ground. My friend a I watched them for about 2-3 mins as we were driving. We then saw 2 of the 3 lights again in Newberg and watched them again for about 10 minutes (however long it takes to travel through Newberg to Dundee) After leaving Newberg we could no longer see the lights.

01/03/20 5:37 PM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 20 minutes


Tualatin, OR

Full Report Text:

Fairly big, pure white, circular object with colors trailing after it, very fast. It was a pretty big, much bigger than a star. It was circular shape and was completely white with faint colors trailing after it.

(The colors were a mix of purple, pink, blue, and green. Maybe a little bit of yellow or orange.) It appeared out of thin air and was moving in a straight line for around 2-3 seconds.

Maybe 4 seconds but I doubt it. It disappeared after a few moments.

08/31/18 8:40 PM

UFO Shape: circle

Lasted: 2-3 seconds


Tualatin, OR

Full Report Text:

Reddish sphere in the southeastern sky, nearest to Altair, motionless, then suddenly went dark. Looked up, as spouse and I were returning to our house after a walk in the late dusk (9:40pm), to see a reddish sphere in the southeastern sky, nearest to Altair in the Summer Triangle. It was still, not moving for a few seconds (which caught my eye, because usually planes with red lights move, and the lights flash), then it moved ever slightly, then held still for a few seconds, then went dark suddenly.

We watched for several minutes and never saw it reappear. No sounds, no other lights or movement detected. Because it was dusk, we only saw a reddish light.

It didn't appear to our naked eye that there was more than one light.

07/18/17 9:40 PM

UFO Shape: sphere

Lasted: 7 seconds


Tualatin, OR

Full Report Text:

Triangle pattern of 7 or 9 round lights moving slowly from east to west - electronic, pulsing machine sound Triangle pattern of large, round reddish-pink lights with intermittent yellow/green edges flying slowly east to west. Either 7 or 9 lights - didn't look like "light bulbs" - more like light shining out of round holes in bottom of craft. Pulsing, slightly electronic machine sound.

I am a 55 year old, college educated, moderately conservative female.

11/20/15 8:30 PM

UFO Shape: triangle

Lasted: 20 seconds


Tualatin, OR

Full Report Text:

Light sphere above odd shaped clouds My husband and I noticed some strange looking clouds during our walk. I took multiple photos of the clouds that were in a strange shape around the sun, one cloud had rainbow colors all around it. then I noticed in the first two photos a light sphere was above 1 of the clouds, with a diamond shape right next to it, then in the second photo, the light sphere had moved higher.

We hadn't noticed the light sphere when I took the photos. then the clouds began to move swiftly , perhaps the wind, but their shapes continued to look odd and very defined lines on edges of clouds. I took several more photos, of the odd looking clouds, but without any more UFOs.

11/25/11 3:00 PM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 3-5 min


Tualatin, OR

Full Report Text:

2 Star looking objects observed in Tualatin, OR UFO sighting in Tualatin OR on 5/17/08, in the afternoon sometime…3:00 ish or so? After exiting a store in the Tualatin area, I was walking to my car in the parking lot and a very bright light in the northern sky caught my eye. It was a warm sunny day with only a few vapor trails in the sky – no real clouds. I then noticed two bright star-like lights in the sky, to the north of the parking lot area.

They appeared to be high in the sky, but slightly lower than jets would normally fly. They were moving very strangely at right angles and seemingly together. The lights were bright white and very bright.

I observed their movements for what seemed like 5 minutes or so and I then noticed an older couple leaning over their SUV and the man was looking through binoculars in the direction of the UFO’s. I went over to the couple and we watched the lights for about 10 minutes or so more. He said he could see fluorescent green lights on the lower half of the oval object.

He stated that it appeared to have a metal appearance. He said “those are NOT airplanes!” Then one of the lights went behind the large vapor trail and we lost sight of it, while one of the lights proceeded to move to the right side of the vapor trail. Then we lost sight of that one too.

We then noticed about 5 jets heading from different directions all going in the same direction/location and at about the same height in the sky of where we saw the lighted objects. Strange….

05/17/08 3:00 PM

UFO Shape: oval

Lasted: 10 - 15 min


Tualatin, OR

Full Report Text:

Two Pairs of Stationary Lights over Tualatin seen near a Helicopter This event occurred on Wednesday, January 9, 2008 at approximately 7:03 a.m. I was driving N on 65th Avenue at the crest of the rise which coincides with Frobase Road.

It was still quite dark (sunrise that day was at 7:50 a.m.), but it was the first dry morning in some time.

The view at this point in my daily commute is one of the best views I get. I can see west to the foothills, east to Mt. Hood, and north to Mt.

St. Helens on an ultra-clear, summer morning. But on this dark winter morning, I was happy to be able to see the city lights so brightly.

These lights reflecting up at the flat thin clouds gave them a rosy glow. I would estimate the level of the clouds to be about 600’-plus. I base this on the elevation of the road at this point, (topographic map on-line gave elevations between 450’ and 500’) plus about 100-150 ft.

of clear skies above me. The road behind me was clear of cars, so I topped the rise at about 35-40 mph and let the car coast. I immediately notice, just a bit east and above my line-of-sight, four distinct sets of lights grouped in a small amount of airspace, and note that the rest of the skyline is empty.

This immediately makes me think “news copters”, and something must be going on near the I-205, which I will cross over in a couple more minutes down the road. My initial number of four includes a small airplane, furthest on the right, (quickly apparent by motion and lights flashing, gradually moves south out of my view), then two stationary pairs of lights in the middle, and finally, a helicopter, furthest on the left. The helicopter is easily identified by its motion and the main light (plus red and green flashing lights as I get closer).

My assumption is now, “Three News Helicopters” and my thought regarding the two stationary, level “helicopters” is, “Damn, those two guys are GOOD.” It looked like the helicopter on the left was arcing around, or towards, the two others, at about the same altitude as they were. The movements of the helicopter emphasized to me how dead-set the other two were by comparison.

The only distinguishing thing about the stationary lights was that they were round, white lights, set as a pair, side by side. The two objects were level with each other the entire time, and seemed to maintain the same distance from each other. I can only guesstimate: 50-75 yards? I could perceive no shape behind the lights.

The road drops down gently but steadily, so even with coasting, I had a clear view of the skyline for a maximum of 9-10 seconds before trees blocked the view. For the next couple of minutes I really didn’t think of it specifically, knowing that I would see the I-205 up ahead, and maybe figure out what was going on. By the time I actually came to the overpass and dipped down over the freeway, I was more concerned with something happening on the ground rather than in the sky.

There weren’t any bright lights apparent, but as I came up the hill to the Stop Sign at 65th and Sagert, I did look up into the sky again, knowing I could linger just a bit, since there still weren’t any cars coming up behind me. I really craned my head forward to look up as high as I could, and amazingly, I could make out a hazy pair of lights. But just as I really focused on it, the lights seemed to dim out, and the clouds obscured them completely.

So now my thought was, “S#*%!, What timing,… just in time to NOT see it!” But, just a few seconds later, as I was making my left turn onto Sagert, I figured I’d be able to see the other pair of lights if I looked back over by left shoulder, which I was absolutely right about. I could just make out the other pair of lights, and once again, just as I focused on it, the lights dimmed out quickly and clouds almost instantly obscured them. Right about now, I think, was when I sensed that things had changed.

As if the first one disappearing into the clouds wasn’t just bad timing after all. And I would have easily let the first one go, if seen only that once. But seeing the same scenario, repeated just a few seconds later, in a completely different direction, was hard to write off so easily.

It now felt purposeful. I told two people at work that day, and my husband later that night. I felt compelled to share my experience, but also compelled to make a diligent effort to eliminate obvious explanations.

Since this is my normal work route, it was easy to return during daylight hours and take photos of the surrounding area. I parked and took photos from the intersection looking in all directions. I then drove behind the medical buildings and power substation and took more photos toward the intersection.

I could find nothing in the vicinity that is the right shape of light fixture, and/or tall enough to be seen from the initial distance of almost two miles. I also came back with my husband when it was dark enough to distinguish whether there are any other permanent lights in that particular view from the top of the road. There were none we could see.

I would have reported this sooner, but the only person whose opinion I would be interested in hearing on this subject, happened to be on vacation until Monday. He quickly recommended this site as the best place to report what I saw. My background includes no special skills or training, but I’ve always been a sky-watcher.

I pay attention and take note. That’s my skill. Now, what I really want to know is: What did the helicopter and/or airplane pilot see? They were much closer than I was.

I look forward to your call.

01/09/08 7:03 AM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 2 Minutes


Tualatin, OR

Full Report Text:

lights dancing across sky on my walk home tonight i noticed a star moving somewhat suspiciously. i stopped to take a closer look at it thinking that it was a satalite, which would have been weird living so close to such a major city. after a short while i realized that it couldnt have been a satalite.

it would move forward slowly, then stop, then move again faster and slower each time. it only took about 2 minutes of observing this light in the sky that determined that nothing our military has taken responcability for. it would move faster then anything ive ever seen, then stop in a second, turn on a dime and as they would fly it seemed as if they were skipping across water.

(a term ive heard used to discribe how some UFOs fly in the past, seems to be proving somewhat true in my experience so far.) after noticing the first light i started to see more and more, all across the sky. they all looked like they were partoling a patch of sky.

i watched for about 40 more minutes and decided to come home and tell everyone my story. ((NUFORC Note: Stars?? PD)).

05/07/07 11:30 PM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 45 minutes


Tualatin, OR

Full Report Text:

saw UFO while walking home. Tualatin, Oregon. 9-25-06 as i was walking home from a friends and saw two planes flying close together.

i kept walking on and didnt think anything of it. a minute later i noticed this thing flying, it was headed north to portland, probably over I-5. it didnt make any sound and looked oval shaped.

hotdog style. it had like red lights that blinked and one white light in the back. it was probably 200 feet in the air and maybe 80 feet long.

it was hard to tell from the side of a hill i was on. i ran up to the highschool field to get a better look but by then it had flown over portland, a 30 minute drive. there was a jet that flew right by the UFO.

looked like it was trying to get a closer look. i ran to my friends house to try and show him but he didnt anwser. a plane shortly fallowed in the same direction.

((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no contact information. PD)).

09/25/06 11:00 PM

UFO Shape: oval

Lasted: 20 miinutes


Tualatin, OR

Full Report Text:

1 boomerang shaped, bright lighted object. I was driving and my friend and I saw something extremely bright in the sky that was not moving and looked lower then most planes.we drove closer to where my car was almost directly under it.

the thing was just hoovering in the sky with bright lights, but it looked different from what ive read from most people describe.the front part was round and looked almost like two strips of extremely white lights, and as we drove a lil past it (to get behind it), it looked to have some sort of two wings coming out of the end (not side wings like on a plane, it was very different looking.), at the end of the two wings were a tiny blue light, I would say its shape sort of resembled a boomerang.

so as we are sitting under this thing in the sky, my friend is yelling at me to drive because it is not moving.i take off and the object started going in the opposite wasnt jerky movements by any means.

then i make a u-turn and started following it again, and it started moving to the right, i cant turn directly right and see the object due to trees so i keep going straight.then the object stops moving again and hoovers in the we start getting closer, the object turns left, and starts going straight in the same direction i am facing but is moving faster.

then it turns off its white lights, all we can see are the two tiny blue lights and is disappears into the sky. I have no clue what this was but I am positive it was no plane, and nothing made in the united states.I dont understand how planes or any object of that matter that can hoover in the sky, move in opposite directions, and ive never seen anything so bright.

I normally dont believe in things like this thats why I am a little reluctant to tell this story.but its nothing I've ever witnessed before.

08/06/04 11:30 PM

UFO Shape: light

Lasted: 15 mins


Tualatin, OR

Full Report Text:

Oregon UFO sighting I was leaning against my car, talking to my friend when behind him I saw an oblong lookin shape surrounded by a bright red light travelling at a very high velocity parallel with the horizon. The object passed behind some trees then continued from behind the trees for about two seconds then vanished. It left no trail, made no noise, and moved extremely quickly.

By the time my friend turned around the object had vanished, but he saw that I was visibly shaken. I really hope someone else saw this one, cause it really freaked me out.

06/15/02 12:45 AM

UFO Shape: oval

Lasted: 4 seconds


Tualatin, OR

Full Report Text:

UFOs on The Night of The Shooting Stars three UFO sightings during the meteor shower of the other night: 3 light-orange neon-outlined triangles moving straight NE at 2:30a; one creamsicle-colored neon triangle gadding around like a moth near a lightbulb at 3:00a, and four similar-looking vehicles in a formation like the four-of-spades [without the stems] moving South to North @ 4:00a.

11/18/01 2:30 AM

UFO Shape: triangle

Lasted: 30 seconds


Tualatin, OR

Full Report Text:

Small silver disk shape far off, seen on a clear sunny afternoon for a few seconds, blinked out, did not reappear. Under a clear sky at around 4pm,I had stopped my westbound car in the left turn lane at Southwest 90th Court and Tualatin-Sherwood Highway, and while waiting for the signal to change, I observed a silvery disc shape in my line of sight behind the traffic signal moving southward at about 20 degrees above the horizon nearly due west of my location. The object was approximately the size of a pencil eraser held at arms length, and moved only 2 to 3 inches, using the same measure, when it appeared to blink out after only a short time and did not reappear while I was looking for it in the minute or so I waited before making my turn under the green light.

I am a 51 year old welder with more than six prior sightings, some in the tri-county (local) area, and others in Eastern Oregon dating back several years.

06/17/00 4:00 PM

UFO Shape: disk

Lasted: 3-5 seconds


Tualatin, Oregon UFO Sightings By Shape

This is a standardized set of shapes a UFO report can be filed under.

Shape / Appearance Sightings % Of Total
Light 5 reported sightings 35.71% of all reports
Oval 3 reported sightings 21.43% of all reports
Triangle 2 reported sightings 14.29% of all reports
Disk 1 reported sightings 7.14% of all reports
Sphere 1 reported sightings 7.14% of all reports
Circle 1 reported sightings 7.14% of all reports
Other 1 reported sightings 7.14% of all reports

Tualatin, Oregon UFO Sightings By Month

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the month the sighting occured in.

Month Sightings % Of Total
January 3 reported sightings 21.43% of all reports
November 3 reported sightings 21.43% of all reports
August 2 reported sightings 14.29% of all reports
May 2 reported sightings 14.29% of all reports
June 2 reported sightings 14.29% of all reports
September 1 reported sightings 7.14% of all reports
July 1 reported sightings 7.14% of all reports

Tualatin, Oregon UFO Sightings By Weekday

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the day of the week the sighting occured on.

Weekday Sightings % Of Total
Friday 5 reported sightings 35.71% of all reports
Saturday 4 reported sightings 28.57% of all reports
Monday 2 reported sightings 14.29% of all reports
Wednesday 1 reported sightings 7.14% of all reports
Tuesday 1 reported sightings 7.14% of all reports
Sunday 1 reported sightings 7.14% of all reports

Tualatin, Oregon UFO Sightings By Date (Top 5)

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the date the sighting occured on, limited to the top 5 dates with the most sightings.

Date Sightings % Of Total
05/07/07 1 reported sightings 7.14% of all reports
01/09/08 1 reported sightings 7.14% of all reports
11/25/11 1 reported sightings 7.14% of all reports
11/20/15 1 reported sightings 7.14% of all reports
01/03/20 1 reported sightings 7.14% of all reports

Tualatin, Oregon UFO Sightings By Time

This data point is an aggregation of all UFO reports by the time of day the sighting occured during. We took logical 4 hour windows in order to split the day into early morning, morning, afternoon, evening, night, and late night buckets for this analysis.

Time Of Day Hours Sightings % Of Total
Night 20:00 - 23:59 6 reported sightings 42.86% of all reports
Late night 00:00 - 03:59 3 reported sightings 21.43% of all reports
Afternoon 12:00 - 15:59 2 reported sightings 14.29% of all reports
Evening 16:00 - 19:59 2 reported sightings 14.29% of all reports
Early morning 04:00 - 07:59 1 reported sightings 7.14% of all reports

Years with Reported UFO Sightings in Tualatin, Oregon

These are running counts of how many UFO sighting reports are filed per year in Tualatin, Oregon.

All Oregon Cities with UFO Sightings

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City Number of Reports View Reports
Portland 614 UFO Reports Portland, Oregon UFO Sightings
Salem 179 UFO Reports Salem, Oregon UFO Sightings
Eugene 169 UFO Reports Eugene, Oregon UFO Sightings
Beaverton 96 UFO Reports Beaverton, Oregon UFO Sightings
Bend 84 UFO Reports Bend, Oregon UFO Sightings
Medford 77 UFO Reports Medford, Oregon UFO Sightings
Springfield 69 UFO Reports Springfield, Oregon UFO Sightings
Albany 66 UFO Reports Albany, Oregon UFO Sightings
Grants Pass 63 UFO Reports Grants Pass, Oregon UFO Sightings
Gresham 62 UFO Reports Gresham, Oregon UFO Sightings
Hillsboro 60 UFO Reports Hillsboro, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lincoln City 48 UFO Reports Lincoln City, Oregon UFO Sightings
Roseburg 47 UFO Reports Roseburg, Oregon UFO Sightings
Corvallis 45 UFO Reports Corvallis, Oregon UFO Sightings
Oregon City 41 UFO Reports Oregon City, Oregon UFO Sightings
Tigard 33 UFO Reports Tigard, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lake Oswego 33 UFO Reports Lake Oswego, Oregon UFO Sightings
McMinnville 31 UFO Reports McMinnville, Oregon UFO Sightings
Klamath Falls 31 UFO Reports Klamath Falls, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lebanon 30 UFO Reports Lebanon, Oregon UFO Sightings
Keizer 29 UFO Reports Keizer, Oregon UFO Sightings
Milwaukie 29 UFO Reports Milwaukie, Oregon UFO Sightings
Ashland 29 UFO Reports Ashland, Oregon UFO Sightings
Redmond 28 UFO Reports Redmond, Oregon UFO Sightings
Florence 28 UFO Reports Florence, Oregon UFO Sightings
Seaside 27 UFO Reports Seaside, Oregon UFO Sightings
Coos Bay 25 UFO Reports Coos Bay, Oregon UFO Sightings
Aloha 24 UFO Reports Aloha, Oregon UFO Sightings
Newberg 23 UFO Reports Newberg, Oregon UFO Sightings
Canby 22 UFO Reports Canby, Oregon UFO Sightings
Brookings 22 UFO Reports Brookings, Oregon UFO Sightings
La Grande 22 UFO Reports La Grande, Oregon UFO Sightings
Newport 22 UFO Reports Newport, Oregon UFO Sightings
Astoria 21 UFO Reports Astoria, Oregon UFO Sightings
Prineville 20 UFO Reports Prineville, Oregon UFO Sightings
Wilsonville 20 UFO Reports Wilsonville, Oregon UFO Sightings
The Dalles 20 UFO Reports The Dalles, Oregon UFO Sightings
Baker City 19 UFO Reports Baker City, Oregon UFO Sightings
Clackamas 16 UFO Reports Clackamas, Oregon UFO Sightings
Forest Grove 16 UFO Reports Forest Grove, Oregon UFO Sightings
Troutdale 16 UFO Reports Troutdale, Oregon UFO Sightings
Scappoose 15 UFO Reports Scappoose, Oregon UFO Sightings
Pendleton 15 UFO Reports Pendleton, Oregon UFO Sightings
Tualatin 14 UFO Reports Tualatin, Oregon UFO Sightings
Dallas 14 UFO Reports Dallas, Oregon UFO Sightings
Cottage Grove 14 UFO Reports Cottage Grove, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sutherlin 13 UFO Reports Sutherlin, Oregon UFO Sightings
Bandon 13 UFO Reports Bandon, Oregon UFO Sightings
Tillamook 13 UFO Reports Tillamook, Oregon UFO Sightings
North Bend 13 UFO Reports North Bend, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sherwood 12 UFO Reports Sherwood, Oregon UFO Sightings
Molalla 12 UFO Reports Molalla, Oregon UFO Sightings
Otis 12 UFO Reports Otis, Oregon UFO Sightings
Eagle Point 12 UFO Reports Eagle Point, Oregon UFO Sightings
Silverton 12 UFO Reports Silverton, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sandy 12 UFO Reports Sandy, Oregon UFO Sightings
Cornelius 12 UFO Reports Cornelius, Oregon UFO Sightings
Hermiston 11 UFO Reports Hermiston, Oregon UFO Sightings
Hood River 11 UFO Reports Hood River, Oregon UFO Sightings
Madras 11 UFO Reports Madras, Oregon UFO Sightings
Chiloquin 11 UFO Reports Chiloquin, Oregon UFO Sightings
Happy Valley 11 UFO Reports Happy Valley, Oregon UFO Sightings
Independence 10 UFO Reports Independence, Oregon UFO Sightings
Woodburn 10 UFO Reports Woodburn, Oregon UFO Sightings
La Pine 10 UFO Reports La Pine, Oregon UFO Sightings
Rogue River 10 UFO Reports Rogue River, Oregon UFO Sightings
North Plains 10 UFO Reports North Plains, Oregon UFO Sightings
West Linn 10 UFO Reports West Linn, Oregon UFO Sightings
Christmas Valley 10 UFO Reports Christmas Valley, Oregon UFO Sightings
Junction City 9 UFO Reports Junction City, Oregon UFO Sightings
Cannon Beach 9 UFO Reports Cannon Beach, Oregon UFO Sightings
Central Point 9 UFO Reports Central Point, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sisters 9 UFO Reports Sisters, Oregon UFO Sightings
Creswell 9 UFO Reports Creswell, Oregon UFO Sightings
Ontario 9 UFO Reports Ontario, Oregon UFO Sightings
Boring 8 UFO Reports Boring, Oregon UFO Sightings
Saint Helens 8 UFO Reports Saint Helens, Oregon UFO Sightings
Stayton 8 UFO Reports Stayton, Oregon UFO Sightings
Banks 8 UFO Reports Banks, Oregon UFO Sightings
Estacada 8 UFO Reports Estacada, Oregon UFO Sightings
Depoe Bay 8 UFO Reports Depoe Bay, Oregon UFO Sightings
Mulino 8 UFO Reports Mulino, Oregon UFO Sightings
Talent 8 UFO Reports Talent, Oregon UFO Sightings
Waldport 8 UFO Reports Waldport, Oregon UFO Sightings
Gold Beach 8 UFO Reports Gold Beach, Oregon UFO Sightings
Aurora 8 UFO Reports Aurora, Oregon UFO Sightings
Yachats 7 UFO Reports Yachats, Oregon UFO Sightings
White City 7 UFO Reports White City, Oregon UFO Sightings
Oakridge 7 UFO Reports Oakridge, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lakeview 7 UFO Reports Lakeview, Oregon UFO Sightings
Brownsville 7 UFO Reports Brownsville, Oregon UFO Sightings
Monmouth 7 UFO Reports Monmouth, Oregon UFO Sightings
Pacific City 7 UFO Reports Pacific City, Oregon UFO Sightings
Manzanita 7 UFO Reports Manzanita, Oregon UFO Sightings
Myrtle Creek 7 UFO Reports Myrtle Creek, Oregon UFO Sightings
Terrebonne 7 UFO Reports Terrebonne, Oregon UFO Sightings
Winston 7 UFO Reports Winston, Oregon UFO Sightings
Mount Hood 6 UFO Reports Mount Hood, Oregon UFO Sightings
Damascus 6 UFO Reports Damascus, Oregon UFO Sightings
Amity 6 UFO Reports Amity, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sweet Home 6 UFO Reports Sweet Home, Oregon UFO Sightings
Umatilla 6 UFO Reports Umatilla, Oregon UFO Sightings
Jacksonville 6 UFO Reports Jacksonville, Oregon UFO Sightings
Eagle Creek 6 UFO Reports Eagle Creek, Oregon UFO Sightings
Rockaway Beach 6 UFO Reports Rockaway Beach, Oregon UFO Sightings
John Day 6 UFO Reports John Day, Oregon UFO Sightings
Corbett 6 UFO Reports Corbett, Oregon UFO Sightings
Milton-Freewater 6 UFO Reports Milton-Freewater, Oregon UFO Sightings
Culver 5 UFO Reports Culver, Oregon UFO Sightings
Oregon 5 UFO Reports Oregon, Oregon UFO Sightings
Westfir 5 UFO Reports Westfir, Oregon UFO Sightings
Philomath 5 UFO Reports Philomath, Oregon UFO Sightings
Pilot Rock 5 UFO Reports Pilot Rock, Oregon UFO Sightings
Knappa 5 UFO Reports Knappa, Oregon UFO Sightings
Warrenton 5 UFO Reports Warrenton, Oregon UFO Sightings
Gaston 5 UFO Reports Gaston, Oregon UFO Sightings
Burns 5 UFO Reports Burns, Oregon UFO Sightings
Gates 5 UFO Reports Gates, Oregon UFO Sightings
Carlton 5 UFO Reports Carlton, Oregon UFO Sightings
Myrtle Point 5 UFO Reports Myrtle Point, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sunriver 5 UFO Reports Sunriver, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sheridan 4 UFO Reports Sheridan, Oregon UFO Sightings
Clatskanie 4 UFO Reports Clatskanie, Oregon UFO Sightings
Nehalem 4 UFO Reports Nehalem, Oregon UFO Sightings
Gladstone 4 UFO Reports Gladstone, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lakeside 4 UFO Reports Lakeside, Oregon UFO Sightings
Adair Village 4 UFO Reports Adair Village, Oregon UFO Sightings
Vida 4 UFO Reports Vida, Oregon UFO Sightings
Brooks 4 UFO Reports Brooks, Oregon UFO Sightings
Detroit 4 UFO Reports Detroit, Oregon UFO Sightings
Merlin 4 UFO Reports Merlin, Oregon UFO Sightings
Dexter 4 UFO Reports Dexter, Oregon UFO Sightings
Summer Lake 4 UFO Reports Summer Lake, Oregon UFO Sightings
Hubbard 4 UFO Reports Hubbard, Oregon UFO Sightings
Port Orford 4 UFO Reports Port Orford, Oregon UFO Sightings
Aumsville 4 UFO Reports Aumsville, Oregon UFO Sightings
Gold Hill 4 UFO Reports Gold Hill, Oregon UFO Sightings
West Salem 3 UFO Reports West Salem, Oregon UFO Sightings
Cascade Locks 3 UFO Reports Cascade Locks, Oregon UFO Sightings
Elkton 3 UFO Reports Elkton, Oregon UFO Sightings
Grand Ronde 3 UFO Reports Grand Ronde, Oregon UFO Sightings
Scotts Mills 3 UFO Reports Scotts Mills, Oregon UFO Sightings
South Beach 3 UFO Reports South Beach, Oregon UFO Sightings
Warm Springs 3 UFO Reports Warm Springs, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lorane 3 UFO Reports Lorane, Oregon UFO Sightings
Applegate 3 UFO Reports Applegate, Oregon UFO Sightings
Yamhill 3 UFO Reports Yamhill, Oregon UFO Sightings
Riley 3 UFO Reports Riley, Oregon UFO Sightings
Canyonville 3 UFO Reports Canyonville, Oregon UFO Sightings
Ukiah 3 UFO Reports Ukiah, Oregon UFO Sightings
Irrigon 3 UFO Reports Irrigon, Oregon UFO Sightings
Willamina 3 UFO Reports Willamina, Oregon UFO Sightings
Oceanside 3 UFO Reports Oceanside, Oregon UFO Sightings
Prospect 3 UFO Reports Prospect, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sublimity 3 UFO Reports Sublimity, Oregon UFO Sightings
Cape Mears 3 UFO Reports Cape Mears, Oregon UFO Sightings
Glide 3 UFO Reports Glide, Oregon UFO Sightings
Murphy 3 UFO Reports Murphy, Oregon UFO Sightings
Monroe 3 UFO Reports Monroe, Oregon UFO Sightings
Trail 3 UFO Reports Trail, Oregon UFO Sightings
Diamond Lake 3 UFO Reports Diamond Lake, Oregon UFO Sightings
Coquille 3 UFO Reports Coquille, Oregon UFO Sightings
Fall Creek 3 UFO Reports Fall Creek, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lafayette 3 UFO Reports Lafayette, Oregon UFO Sightings
Beaver Creek 3 UFO Reports Beaver Creek, Oregon UFO Sightings
Maupin 3 UFO Reports Maupin, Oregon UFO Sightings
Beavercreek 3 UFO Reports Beavercreek, Oregon UFO Sightings
Alsea 3 UFO Reports Alsea, Oregon UFO Sightings
Joseph 3 UFO Reports Joseph, Oregon UFO Sightings
Reedsport 3 UFO Reports Reedsport, Oregon UFO Sightings
Troy 2 UFO Reports Troy, Oregon UFO Sightings
Mckenzie Bridge 2 UFO Reports Mckenzie Bridge, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sodaville 2 UFO Reports Sodaville, Oregon UFO Sightings
Powell Butte 2 UFO Reports Powell Butte, Oregon UFO Sightings
Brightwood 2 UFO Reports Brightwood, Oregon UFO Sightings
Dufur 2 UFO Reports Dufur, Oregon UFO Sightings
Turner 2 UFO Reports Turner, Oregon UFO Sightings
Cave Junction 2 UFO Reports Cave Junction, Oregon UFO Sightings
Veneta 2 UFO Reports Veneta, Oregon UFO Sightings
McNary 2 UFO Reports McNary, Oregon UFO Sightings
Powers 2 UFO Reports Powers, Oregon UFO Sightings
Riddle 2 UFO Reports Riddle, Oregon UFO Sightings
Dayton 2 UFO Reports Dayton, Oregon UFO Sightings
Seal Rock 2 UFO Reports Seal Rock, Oregon UFO Sightings
Cloverdale 2 UFO Reports Cloverdale, Oregon UFO Sightings
Vernonia 2 UFO Reports Vernonia, Oregon UFO Sightings
Dundee 2 UFO Reports Dundee, Oregon UFO Sightings
Siletz 2 UFO Reports Siletz, Oregon UFO Sightings
Warren 2 UFO Reports Warren, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lost Lake 2 UFO Reports Lost Lake, Oregon UFO Sightings
Wilderville 2 UFO Reports Wilderville, Oregon UFO Sightings
Arlington 2 UFO Reports Arlington, Oregon UFO Sightings
Talbot 2 UFO Reports Talbot, Oregon UFO Sightings
Southern Oregon 2 UFO Reports Southern Oregon, Oregon UFO Sightings
Obrien 2 UFO Reports Obrien, Oregon UFO Sightings
Selma 2 UFO Reports Selma, Oregon UFO Sightings
Colton 2 UFO Reports Colton, Oregon UFO Sightings
Silver Lake 2 UFO Reports Silver Lake, Oregon UFO Sightings
Rockaway 2 UFO Reports Rockaway, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lyons 2 UFO Reports Lyons, Oregon UFO Sightings
Pleasant Hill 2 UFO Reports Pleasant Hill, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sprague River 2 UFO Reports Sprague River, Oregon UFO Sightings
Garibaldi 2 UFO Reports Garibaldi, Oregon UFO Sightings
Fairview 2 UFO Reports Fairview, Oregon UFO Sightings
Toledo 2 UFO Reports Toledo, Oregon UFO Sightings
Charleston 2 UFO Reports Charleston, Oregon UFO Sightings
Athena 2 UFO Reports Athena, Oregon UFO Sightings
Beatty 2 UFO Reports Beatty, Oregon UFO Sightings
Welches 2 UFO Reports Welches, Oregon UFO Sightings
Union 2 UFO Reports Union, Oregon UFO Sightings
Alfalfa 2 UFO Reports Alfalfa, Oregon UFO Sightings
Shady Cove 2 UFO Reports Shady Cove, Oregon UFO Sightings
Mill City 2 UFO Reports Mill City, Oregon UFO Sightings
Redland 2 UFO Reports Redland, Oregon UFO Sightings
Vale 2 UFO Reports Vale, Oregon UFO Sightings
Jordan Valley 2 UFO Reports Jordan Valley, Oregon UFO Sightings
Millican 2 UFO Reports Millican, Oregon UFO Sightings
Burns Junction 2 UFO Reports Burns Junction, Oregon UFO Sightings
Gearhart 2 UFO Reports Gearhart, Oregon UFO Sightings
Paisley 2 UFO Reports Paisley, Oregon UFO Sightings
Crooked River Ranch 2 UFO Reports Crooked River Ranch, Oregon UFO Sightings
Mount Angel 2 UFO Reports Mount Angel, Oregon UFO Sightings
Stanfield 2 UFO Reports Stanfield, Oregon UFO Sightings
Drain 2 UFO Reports Drain, Oregon UFO Sightings
Scapoose 2 UFO Reports Scapoose, Oregon UFO Sightings
Baker 2 UFO Reports Baker, Oregon UFO Sightings
Butte Falls 2 UFO Reports Butte Falls, Oregon UFO Sightings
Tidewater 2 UFO Reports Tidewater, Oregon UFO Sightings
Gerber Reservoir 1 UFO Reports Gerber Reservoir, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lincoln Beach 1 UFO Reports Lincoln Beach, Oregon UFO Sightings
Parkdale 1 UFO Reports Parkdale, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sixes 1 UFO Reports Sixes, Oregon UFO Sightings
Idleyld Park 1 UFO Reports Idleyld Park, Oregon UFO Sightings
Mount Ashland 1 UFO Reports Mount Ashland, Oregon UFO Sightings
Rural 1 UFO Reports Rural, Oregon UFO Sightings
Alvadore 1 UFO Reports Alvadore, Oregon UFO Sightings
Vancouver 1 UFO Reports Vancouver, Oregon UFO Sightings
Government Camp 1 UFO Reports Government Camp, Oregon UFO Sightings
Portland City 1 UFO Reports Portland City, Oregon UFO Sightings
Starkey 1 UFO Reports Starkey, Oregon UFO Sightings
Drew 1 UFO Reports Drew, Oregon UFO Sightings
Wood Village 1 UFO Reports Wood Village, Oregon UFO Sightings
Nearest city glide 1 UFO Reports Nearest city glide, Oregon UFO Sightings
Northwest Medford 1 UFO Reports Northwest Medford, Oregon UFO Sightings
Corvalis 1 UFO Reports Corvalis, Oregon UFO Sightings
Wamic 1 UFO Reports Wamic, Oregon UFO Sightings
Hauser 1 UFO Reports Hauser, Oregon UFO Sightings
Milwaukee 1 UFO Reports Milwaukee, Oregon UFO Sightings
Rhododendron 1 UFO Reports Rhododendron, Oregon UFO Sightings
Camp Sherman 1 UFO Reports Camp Sherman, Oregon UFO Sightings
Folenburg 1 UFO Reports Folenburg, Oregon UFO Sightings
Gervais 1 UFO Reports Gervais, Oregon UFO Sightings
Cascade Range 1 UFO Reports Cascade Range, Oregon UFO Sightings
Alvord 1 UFO Reports Alvord, Oregon UFO Sightings
Vancouver & Portland 1 UFO Reports Vancouver & Portland, Oregon UFO Sightings
Nyssa 1 UFO Reports Nyssa, Oregon UFO Sightings
Wapinitia 1 UFO Reports Wapinitia, Oregon UFO Sightings
Hebo 1 UFO Reports Hebo, Oregon UFO Sightings
Richland 1 UFO Reports Richland, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sutherlin and Roseburg 1 UFO Reports Sutherlin and Roseburg, Oregon UFO Sightings
Emigrant Pass 1 UFO Reports Emigrant Pass, Oregon UFO Sightings
Forest Groce 1 UFO Reports Forest Groce, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lake View 1 UFO Reports Lake View, Oregon UFO Sightings
Gilchrist 1 UFO Reports Gilchrist, Oregon UFO Sightings
Little Valley 1 UFO Reports Little Valley, Oregon UFO Sightings
Birkenfeld 1 UFO Reports Birkenfeld, Oregon UFO Sightings
Westport 1 UFO Reports Westport, Oregon UFO Sightings
Ione 1 UFO Reports Ione, Oregon UFO Sightings
Mount Hood parkdale 1 UFO Reports Mount Hood parkdale, Oregon UFO Sightings
Saint Paul 1 UFO Reports Saint Paul, Oregon UFO Sightings
SE Portland 1 UFO Reports SE Portland, Oregon UFO Sightings
Clear Lake 1 UFO Reports Clear Lake, Oregon UFO Sightings
Steens Mountains 1 UFO Reports Steens Mountains, Oregon UFO Sightings
Duluth 1 UFO Reports Duluth, Oregon UFO Sightings
Kerby 1 UFO Reports Kerby, Oregon UFO Sightings
O Brien 1 UFO Reports O Brien, Oregon UFO Sightings
Oregon coastline 1 UFO Reports Oregon coastline, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sherwood Tigard 1 UFO Reports Sherwood Tigard, Oregon UFO Sightings
Hells Canyon 1 UFO Reports Hells Canyon, Oregon UFO Sightings
Mitchell 1 UFO Reports Mitchell, Oregon UFO Sightings
SW Portland 1 UFO Reports SW Portland, Oregon UFO Sightings
Tiller 1 UFO Reports Tiller, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lake View area 1 UFO Reports Lake View area, Oregon UFO Sightings
Tygh Valley 1 UFO Reports Tygh Valley, Oregon UFO Sightings
Phoenix 1 UFO Reports Phoenix, Oregon UFO Sightings
South Eugene 1 UFO Reports South Eugene, Oregon UFO Sightings
Blachly 1 UFO Reports Blachly, Oregon UFO Sightings
Iron Mountain 1 UFO Reports Iron Mountain, Oregon UFO Sightings
Mount Vernon 1 UFO Reports Mount Vernon, Oregon UFO Sightings
Neskowin 1 UFO Reports Neskowin, Oregon UFO Sightings
About 3 miles north of Monroe Oregon 1 UFO Reports About 3 miles north of Monroe Oregon, Oregon UFO Sightings
Cave Juntion 1 UFO Reports Cave Juntion, Oregon UFO Sightings
Oakland 1 UFO Reports Oakland, Oregon UFO Sightings
Grants Pass-Murphy area 1 UFO Reports Grants Pass-Murphy area, Oregon UFO Sightings
Prairie City 1 UFO Reports Prairie City, Oregon UFO Sightings
Stewart State Park 1 UFO Reports Stewart State Park, Oregon UFO Sightings
Brookings Harbor 1 UFO Reports Brookings Harbor, Oregon UFO Sightings
Orient 1 UFO Reports Orient, Oregon UFO Sightings
Barton 1 UFO Reports Barton, Oregon UFO Sightings
Cove 1 UFO Reports Cove, Oregon UFO Sightings
Heppner 1 UFO Reports Heppner, Oregon UFO Sightings
Moclips 1 UFO Reports Moclips, Oregon UFO Sightings
Eugen 1 UFO Reports Eugen, Oregon UFO Sightings
Tillicum Campground 1 UFO Reports Tillicum Campground, Oregon UFO Sightings
Fort Klamath 1 UFO Reports Fort Klamath, Oregon UFO Sightings
Gleneden 1 UFO Reports Gleneden, Oregon UFO Sightings
South Salem 1 UFO Reports South Salem, Oregon UFO Sightings
Black butte 1 UFO Reports Black butte, Oregon UFO Sightings
Dayville 1 UFO Reports Dayville, Oregon UFO Sightings
Mule Creek Canyon 1 UFO Reports Mule Creek Canyon, Oregon UFO Sightings
Netarts 1 UFO Reports Netarts, Oregon UFO Sightings
Salem oregon 1 UFO Reports Salem oregon, Oregon UFO Sightings
Central Point 1 UFO Reports Central Point, Oregon UFO Sightings
Coburg 1 UFO Reports Coburg, Oregon UFO Sightings
Grass Valley 1 UFO Reports Grass Valley, Oregon UFO Sightings
Medford and Murphy 1 UFO Reports Medford and Murphy, Oregon UFO Sightings
StHelens 1 UFO Reports StHelens, Oregon UFO Sightings
Dunes City 1 UFO Reports Dunes City, Oregon UFO Sightings
OSU Experiment station 1 UFO Reports OSU Experiment station, Oregon UFO Sightings
Silver city 1 UFO Reports Silver city, Oregon UFO Sightings
Barview 1 UFO Reports Barview, Oregon UFO Sightings
Cove Palisades 1 UFO Reports Cove Palisades, Oregon UFO Sightings
Ritter 1 UFO Reports Ritter, Oregon UFO Sightings
Cape Lookout 1 UFO Reports Cape Lookout, Oregon UFO Sightings
Timber 1 UFO Reports Timber, Oregon UFO Sightings
Fossil 1 UFO Reports Fossil, Oregon UFO Sightings
Gleneden Beach 1 UFO Reports Gleneden Beach, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lowell 1 UFO Reports Lowell, Oregon UFO Sightings
Pine Knoll Shores 1 UFO Reports Pine Knoll Shores, Oregon UFO Sightings
Blaine 1 UFO Reports Blaine, Oregon UFO Sightings
Salem-Portland 1 UFO Reports Salem-Portland, Oregon UFO Sightings
Adrian 1 UFO Reports Adrian, Oregon UFO Sightings
Central Paint 1 UFO Reports Central Paint, Oregon UFO Sightings
W Salem 1 UFO Reports W Salem, Oregon UFO Sightings
Green Acres 1 UFO Reports Green Acres, Oregon UFO Sightings
Mehama 1 UFO Reports Mehama, Oregon UFO Sightings
Prinville 1 UFO Reports Prinville, Oregon UFO Sightings
Strawberry lake 1 UFO Reports Strawberry lake, Oregon UFO Sightings
Brothers 1 UFO Reports Brothers, Oregon UFO Sightings
Franklin-Alvadore 1 UFO Reports Franklin-Alvadore, Oregon UFO Sightings
Langlois 1 UFO Reports Langlois, Oregon UFO Sightings
Bay City 1 UFO Reports Bay City, Oregon UFO Sightings
Crane 1 UFO Reports Crane, Oregon UFO Sightings
Wasco 1 UFO Reports Wasco, Oregon UFO Sightings
Mollala 1 UFO Reports Mollala, Oregon UFO Sightings
Cape Meares 1 UFO Reports Cape Meares, Oregon UFO Sightings
Eugene & Salem 1 UFO Reports Eugene & Salem, Oregon UFO Sightings
Timberline Lodge 1 UFO Reports Timberline Lodge, Oregon UFO Sightings
Umatilla National Forest 1 UFO Reports Umatilla National Forest, Oregon UFO Sightings
Glennwood 1 UFO Reports Glennwood, Oregon UFO Sightings
Blue Mountains 1 UFO Reports Blue Mountains, Oregon UFO Sightings
Williams 1 UFO Reports Williams, Oregon UFO Sightings
Jasper 1 UFO Reports Jasper, Oregon UFO Sightings
Multnomah Village 1 UFO Reports Multnomah Village, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sam’s Valley 1 UFO Reports Sam’s Valley, Oregon UFO Sightings
Selma-Coos Bay 1 UFO Reports Selma-Coos Bay, Oregon UFO Sightings
Columbia City 1 UFO Reports Columbia City, Oregon UFO Sightings
Wagontire 1 UFO Reports Wagontire, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lapine 1 UFO Reports Lapine, Oregon UFO Sightings
Owyhee River 1 UFO Reports Owyhee River, Oregon UFO Sightings
Bayview Jetty 1 UFO Reports Bayview Jetty, Oregon UFO Sightings
Crater Lake 1 UFO Reports Crater Lake, Oregon UFO Sightings
Washington County 1 UFO Reports Washington County, Oregon UFO Sightings
Tangent 1 UFO Reports Tangent, Oregon UFO Sightings
Umpqua Nat Forest 1 UFO Reports Umpqua Nat Forest, Oregon UFO Sightings
Polk County 1 UFO Reports Polk County, Oregon UFO Sightings
Springdfield 1 UFO Reports Springdfield, Oregon UFO Sightings
Blue River 1 UFO Reports Blue River, Oregon UFO Sightings
Jefferson 1 UFO Reports Jefferson, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sams Valley 1 UFO Reports Sams Valley, Oregon UFO Sightings
Albert Lake 1 UFO Reports Albert Lake, Oregon UFO Sightings
Ochoco National Forest 1 UFO Reports Ochoco National Forest, Oregon UFO Sightings
Seventh Mountain 1 UFO Reports Seventh Mountain, Oregon UFO Sightings
Gressham 1 UFO Reports Gressham, Oregon UFO Sightings
Merrill 1 UFO Reports Merrill, Oregon UFO Sightings
Rainier 1 UFO Reports Rainier, Oregon UFO Sightings
Buchanan 1 UFO Reports Buchanan, Oregon UFO Sightings
Eastern Oregon farmland baker valley 1 UFO Reports Eastern Oregon farmland baker valley, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lacomb 1 UFO Reports Lacomb, Oregon UFO Sightings
Simnasho 1 UFO Reports Simnasho, Oregon UFO Sightings
Crescent 1 UFO Reports Crescent, Oregon UFO Sightings
Cape Perpetua 1 UFO Reports Cape Perpetua, Oregon UFO Sightings
Cheshire 1 UFO Reports Cheshire, Oregon UFO Sightings
Bly Oregon 1 UFO Reports Bly Oregon, Oregon UFO Sightings
Wingville 1 UFO Reports Wingville, Oregon UFO Sightings
Oklahoma City 1 UFO Reports Oklahoma City, Oregon UFO Sightings
Wallowa 1 UFO Reports Wallowa, Oregon UFO Sightings
Halsey 1 UFO Reports Halsey, Oregon UFO Sightings
Summerville 1 UFO Reports Summerville, Oregon UFO Sightings
Edmond 1 UFO Reports Edmond, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lewisburg 1 UFO Reports Lewisburg, Oregon UFO Sightings
Pacific Ridge 1 UFO Reports Pacific Ridge, Oregon UFO Sightings
Wemme 1 UFO Reports Wemme, Oregon UFO Sightings
Idanha 1 UFO Reports Idanha, Oregon UFO Sightings
Mosier 1 UFO Reports Mosier, Oregon UFO Sightings
Trout Creek Recreation 1 UFO Reports Trout Creek Recreation, Oregon UFO Sightings
Portlamd 1 UFO Reports Portlamd, Oregon UFO Sightings
St Helens 1 UFO Reports St Helens, Oregon UFO Sightings
Boardman 1 UFO Reports Boardman, Oregon UFO Sightings
Dorena 1 UFO Reports Dorena, Oregon UFO Sightings
North Powder 1 UFO Reports North Powder, Oregon UFO Sightings
Santa Clara 1 UFO Reports Santa Clara, Oregon UFO Sightings
Olallie Lake 1 UFO Reports Olallie Lake, Oregon UFO Sightings
Shady Grove 1 UFO Reports Shady Grove, Oregon UFO Sightings
Wallula 1 UFO Reports Wallula, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sumpter 1 UFO Reports Sumpter, Oregon UFO Sightings
Eigene 1 UFO Reports Eigene, Oregon UFO Sightings
Falls City 1 UFO Reports Falls City, Oregon UFO Sightings
LaGrande 1 UFO Reports LaGrande, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lincoln City 1 UFO Reports Lincoln City, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sitka 1 UFO Reports Sitka, Oregon UFO Sightings
Idhna 1 UFO Reports Idhna, Oregon UFO Sightings
Ruch 1 UFO Reports Ruch, Oregon UFO Sightings
Carson City 1 UFO Reports Carson City, Oregon UFO Sightings
Valley Junction 1 UFO Reports Valley Junction, Oregon UFO Sightings
Goverment Camp 1 UFO Reports Goverment Camp, Oregon UFO Sightings
Maury Mountains 1 UFO Reports Maury Mountains, Oregon UFO Sightings
Bonanza 1 UFO Reports Bonanza, Oregon UFO Sightings
Wolf Creek drainage 1 UFO Reports Wolf Creek drainage, Oregon UFO Sightings
Near Portland 1 UFO Reports Near Portland, Oregon UFO Sightings
North Powder area 1 UFO Reports North Powder area, Oregon UFO Sightings
Sharps Creek 1 UFO Reports Sharps Creek, Oregon UFO Sightings
Walterville 1 UFO Reports Walterville, Oregon UFO Sightings
Hart Mountain 1 UFO Reports Hart Mountain, Oregon UFO Sightings
Elgin 1 UFO Reports Elgin, Oregon UFO Sightings
Lake Grove 1 UFO Reports Lake Grove, Oregon UFO Sightings